Stores I Haven’t Shopped at in a While

Bows & Sequins shopping in NYC

Lately, I’ve been re-visiting a few of the stores I used to regularly shop at. And I have to say, I’ve been pretty impressed! My girlfriends and I got into a conversation at breakfast the other day about where to shop for things and it kind of got me thinking. Ever since online shopping has become the norm, and the world has become our oyster for being able to track down pretty much anything, the retailer options are almost endless! And that can be really, really overwhelming. When I’m shopping for something specific, I usually head to Nordstrom, Shopbop, and Revolve to look through their options. But when I feel like I can’t find what I’m looking for or don’t feeling like spending a million dollars, I get a little bit stuck. J.Crew is always a favorite. I usually have pretty good luck at Old Navy, Tuckernuck, and Express, too. But lately I’ve been re-discovering old favorites and switching it up a little bit! I pulled together a few of my favorite things from each store.

Hope this helps as you’re shopping for spring and summer! xo


I used to have a Gap right by my first office in NYC so I’d always pop in when I actually left the office for lunch. I don’t think I’ve shopped there since I moved to New York though! They currently have a lot of on-trend dresses and tops (off-the-shoulder, embroidery, etc), but a lot of great classics, too.

Banana Republic

I picked up a few pieces from Banana Republic last spring (see this post, this post, and this post!), but it wasn’t until I was in the Water Tower Mall the other day and saw a stunning dress in the window that pulled me in! I used to think of BR as primarily work wear, but they’ve got a lot of beautifully made pieces that look like they should cost 3x the price. Gorgeous draping, tailoring, and well-placed details. My wish list is a mile long!

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor was another one of my go-to’s for work wear when I lived in New York. Last spring, I purchased this dress and this dress and I wore them both COUNTLESS times. If your 9-5 is a more conservative office and your work wardrobe needs some updating, Ann Taylor has you covered right now. Lots of great foundational pieces!

American Eagle

Hear me out on this one… I hadn’t shopped at AE since college! It was one of the few stores the mall in my college town had, but I was always a fan of the way their jeans fit and would usually find a top or two that aligned with my aesthetic, too. Fast forward six years… I was searching for Coachella clothing (more on that to come!) and found myself at American Eagle and I was actually really surprised. Mind you, I was the only person over the age of 20 in the store (other than parents), but whatever! I got this gingham romper, this pair of jean shorts, and this pair of jean shorts. I was too overwhelmed by the store (it was a Saturday on Michigan Ave 😳), but now that I know my sizing, there are a few other things I’m thinking about ordering online! (For reference… I got a small in the romper, the medium was way too big. And I went with a 6 in the shorts since I didn’t want them to be too short or too tight.) Nothing you’d be able to wear to work, but if you’ve got outdoor concerts, street festivals, or backyard BBQs coming up this summer, there are some really fun pieces for great prices.


I used to shop at Madewell pretty often, but they kind of fell off my radar for a while. Last summer, I picked up this dress before Italy and absolutely loved it. Madewell tends to be hit or miss for me… Sometimes it’s too boho or too androgynous for me (admittedly, I’m more of a J.Crew girl), but sometimes I can find some great pieces that feel totally my style. (My trick for this… Don’t pay attention to how they have the piece styled on the models. That’s where I think people go wrong! Picture how you could wear it in your wardrobe and make it work for your own personal taste. And for whatever reason, sometimes seeing the pieces on Nordstrom helps me get a better feel for them.)

Any other stores you’ve rediscovered lately that I should check out?! Would love to hear where you’ve been finding great pieces for work or just for spring and summer weekends!

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  1. 4.4.17

    It’s always fun to reintroduce yourself to an old favorite store. Glad you had so much success in finding great pieces for spring!

  2. 4.4.17
    Rena said:

    Thanks for sharing! I must check these stores now 🙂
    xx Rena

    • 4.4.17
      Jessica said:

      I’m not sure about international shipping, but crossing my fingers for you! Thanks for commenting, as always. 🙂

  3. 4.4.17
    Caryn said:

    love this sort of content! I can’t always afford things from shopbop or revolve but hearing about old favorites that are cheaper options, yes yes yes!

    • 4.4.17
      Jessica said:

      Thanks Caryn! And I totally hear you… I have a post going live next week with all of my favorite budget friendly brands! Shopbop and Revolve surprisingly do carry a few affordable lines and those tend to be my go-to’s. It’s all about knowing where to look! xo

  4. 4.4.17
    Lindsey said:

    Another oldie but more recently a goodie – Abercrombie. Gone are the days of the graphic tee with their brand name blazed across the chest. Their dresses and jeans are worth checking out, as is their surprisingly cool athletic wear (but you have to dodge the branding on some of the athletic pieces).

    • 4.4.17
      Jessica said:

      Ooooh, I’ll have to check them out! I’ve seen some cute pieces on other blogs, but haven’t looked for myself yet. Thanks for the suggestion! xx

  5. 4.4.17
    Taylor said:

    Love these recommendations! It’s fun to see how stores we use to shop at have evolved.. I used to go to the AE in my mall so often the workers knew my name and even as a 15 year old I knew that might mean I have a shopping problem.. hah!

    Another one I would suggest checking out now is Abercrombie & Fitch! They have a lot of classic & on trend styles now, and almost everything is always on sale. I just ordered the cutest blue and white striped shirt dress the other week.

    • 4.4.17
      Jessica said:

      Haha, I definitely had some shopaholic tendencies in high school, too! I would hide shopping bags in the trunk of my car and bring them in after my parents had gone to bed… NOT OKAY!

      Thanks for the tip on A&F! I’ve seen a lot of fellow blogger friends shopping there recently and I need to give it a try. Blue and white wins me over every time!

  6. 4.4.17
    Lauren said:

    I’ve found myself in a shopping rut, too, and have been wanting to branch out! Gap and Banana Republic used to be my favorites and now I’m thinking I need to hit them up again! I love that cute cold shoulder top you linked to from BR!


  7. 4.4.17

    I want to thank you for the tips on where to buy. But first of all the most important thing is to compliment your black look. You look beautiful. Black is always elegant. The black skinny jeans with the bootie is amazing!

    Aline Brodbeck | My Instagram profile

  8. 4.4.17
    Olivia said:

    Have you seen any dresses that would work for a college graduation? I’m looking for something that won’t break the bank, but is classy looking.