Pretending It’s Spring with Pastels

Bows & Sequins styling white jeans for winter and spring.

It’s getting to be that time of winter where lightening up your wardrobe comes naturally. I’ve been trading my dark black and grey clothing for lighter shades of whites and pastels in hopes that spring shows up sooner rather than later! Though after this past weekend, saying “pretending it’s spring” definitely seems like a poor choice of words. It was in the high 60’s in Chicago this past weekend! In February! Truly magical, I could hardly believe it. I look my computer outside and spent my days getting some work done in the sun. I would have loved to be able to be out and about, but you know, the whole stress fracture in my fibula thing.

However, when I wore this outfit a few weeks ago, warm weather wasn’t the case. But I find that when I dress for the weather I want, my mood follows suit a little bit! It may have been in the 30’s and windy, but at least I felt a bit more spring-like with my white corduroys, long mint green coat, and blush pink sweater and accessories.

Bows & Sequins modeling mint green jacket.

In search of the perfect backdrop, Melissa and I came across C.C. Ferns and Spinning J. We first stopped for coffee at C.C. Ferns and couldn’t get over the light green facade and quaint and quiet interior. It was as if you’d just stepped into your grandparents’ Hawaiian, antique-filled abode. I mean that in the most charming way! After snapping some pictures, we stopped into Spinning J for breakfast. I was planning on heading home after our shoot to eat breakfast, but the smell from outside and my growling stomach drew us in! What’s life without a little spontaneity and an impromptu breakfast date? We got (another) coffee and two of their breakfast sandwiches and everything was SO good! It was hard to resist their bakery case… I wanted to take a pie to go but thankfully didn’t give in to the temptation. The atmosphere was so cute… It had the feel of a retro diner with mismatched china and all. Highly recommend checking out both places, they’re on the same block in Humboldt Park!

Fashion blogger Bows & Sequins wearing pastel outfit outside the Spinning J in Chicago.

Fashion blogger Bows & Sequins styling a late winter pastel outfit in Chicago.

Bows & Sequins styling pink sweater with jewel collar.

Lifestyle blogger Bows & Sequins wearing blush pink sweater in Chicago.

Fashion blogger Bows & Sequins wearing nude flats, white jeans, and long green coat.

Get the Look…

Lavish Alice Sage Green Coat c/o
Blush Pink Sweater (out of stock; similar here, here, & here)
Vineyard Vines White Corduroys (old; similar here, here, here, & here)
M.Gemi Pointed-Toe Flats
Azalea Blush Pink Clutch (sold out; similar here, here, & here)
Round Sunglasses (purchased at a tiny store in Italy; similar here & here)

Bows & Sequins wearing blush pink sweater and mint jacket.

Also, I recently discovered the UK brand Lavish Alice and I’m loving the affordable, fashion-forward pieces! Everything looks a lot more expensive than it is. You can shop on their website, ASOS, Nasty Gal, and Revolve, too!

Bows & Sequins wearing long green jacket outside CC Ferns in Chicago.

Fashion blogger Bows & Sequins wearing blush pink and mint green outfit.

Bows & Sequins wearing mint green coat with a blush pink clutch.

Lifestyle blogger wearing mint green coat with blush pink clutch.

Bows & Sequins styling white jeans for spring.

Fashion blogger styling blush pink sweater and white jeans.

Fashion blogger Bows & Sequins wearing green jacket and white jeans in Chicago.

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  1. 2.20.17
    Lauren said:

    This combination is just too pretty! I love your jeweled collar!

    By Lauren M

  2. 2.20.17
    Iris said:

    Love the colors of your outfit!

  3. 2.20.17
    abigail said:

    The collar on your shirt is so pretty! I adore these photos, it’s definitely been much warmer in London this past week.

    Abigail Alice x

  4. 2.20.17

    Love the collar and those colors!


  5. 2.20.17
    Jenn Lake said:

    LOVE CC Ferns! Such a great little corner of the city!

  6. 2.20.17
    Elizabeth said:

    Love these colors! Happy Monday!

  7. 2.20.17
    Natali said:

    You’re looking absolutely gorgeous in this casual and perfectly styled outfit! I love blush/ pink toned pieces!

  8. 2.20.17
    Sam said:

    The perfect outfit to transition to spring! Love the combination of pastels and neutrals, and such a pretty backdrop.


  9. 2.20.17
    Monika said:
  10. 2.20.17
    Emma said:

    Very cute pinks

  11. 2.20.17
    Kate said:

    This 60 degree weather felt magnificent!

  12. 2.20.17
    Lauren said:

    So obsessed with that amazing mint green coat, and your jeweled sweater is to die for! Too cute! Also, I’ll definitely have to give Spinning J a try – delicious breakfast is my favorite!


  13. 2.20.17
    G. Nancy said:

    I am really loving this combination! Loves the colors and the sweater as well. Need to get that sweater!!! 🙂

  14. 2.20.17

    I think this is the outfit/fashion equivalent of forcing flowers to bloom indoors during winter – you trick yourself into pretending its spring with beautiful pastels. Great idea. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos!

    City Style and Living The Editors Notebook | Instagram

  15. 2.20.17
    Mariah said:

    I’m with ya! I’ve been pulling out all my light colored things just hoping it’ll start to feel more like spring!

  16. 2.20.17
    Amanda said:

    Loving this color palette! Blush and that grey green are gorgeous together.

    xo, Amanda

  17. 2.20.17
    Mary Kate said:

    Love this look!

  18. 2.20.17

    such a cute post — i love the blush pink! xo

  19. 2.21.17
    Rachel said:

    Stunning outfit and I love your photo’s!
    Such perfect shades for coming into spring 😀

    Starlight & Stitches

  20. 2.21.17

    Sometimes I also dress myslef for the weather I wish to be outside, not for the real one 😀

    Check out my cheerful spring outfit with selfmade cape (link) or read my article about “beauty” pills (link)

  21. 2.21.17

    Beautiful color palette! I’m ready for spring!

  22. 2.21.17
    Shannon said:

    Such a lovely sweater!! It’s a beautiful color for transitioning into spring!

  23. 2.22.17

    Absolutely in love with your pastel outfit, dear!

    Aline Brodbeck | My Instagram profile