Fall Back an Hour

Bows & Sequins styling a Kate Spade Watch with a Calypso sweater and gold J.Crew pants.

Did you remember to set your clocks back an hour last night? I’ve somehow managed to always be flying on the Sunday of Daylight Savings Time the past few years and it’s so nerve wracking… I’m constantly worried that I’ve got the wrong time and am going to miss my flight! If you’re following along on Instagram and Snapchat, you already saw that I’ve been in LA this weekend and am headed to Tokyo today. Ahh, so crazy… It’s my first time in Asia! More to come soon, but be sure to follow along on social media for real-time updates.

Anyway, back to gaining an hour of sleep, trying to figure out what time it is all day, and settling in to the season of sunsets before 5pm… I never leave the house without wearing a watch. I got this black leather strap watch last fall, but it’s really become a staple accessory for me over the last few months! I love how classic it looks… A simple white face, a little bit of gold hardware, and a black leather band. And just a hint of personalization with the J on the 5 o’clock marker! It’s definitely the watch I’ve been wearing most often lately. (See the full outfit post from the photo above here!)

Since I’ve been gravitating towards the simple leather strap lately, I’m thinking of picking up another watch with a cognac brown leather strap. Maybe this one or this one?I love the quilted look of this one, too. And while it’s not a leather strap, this one is also on my wish list!

Here are some of my favorite watches of the moment if you’re in the market! Too soon to start your holiday wish list or no?!

Current Faves

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