No Sick Days

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Ain’t nobody got time for sick days. Especially when you’re self-employed and don’t have any other employees (…yet), there’s no one to take that call for you, go to that meeting on your behalf, or to help you out with any of the one-million things on your plate at work. On top of that, it’s usually too much extra work to change contracts and project deadlines if I’m sick. The hustle must go on! I can’t check out at the first sign of a cough or sneeze (and I’m sure you’re in the same boat!), so NyQuil Severe and DayQuil Severe help me survive my constantly-on-the-go lifestyle. On my “sick day,” I’m still running to a meeting, taking calls for future projects, shooting lifestyle content in my apartment, and coming up with creative concepts for future posts. I can’t spend the day in bed, so I turn to NyQuil Severe in the evening and DayQuil Severe in the morning.

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I swear I only come down with things at night, or at least most of the time. I’ll be completely fine one minute and within an hour, I feel as if I’ve been hit with a sack of bricks. It always hits me so suddenly, which is why I keep NyQuil hand. There’s nothing worse than running out to the drugstore when you feel lousy and probably look even worse. When I know I can’t take a sick day in the morning, I take NyQuil Severe to make sure I get enough sleep to power through the day. There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning with a cough, and staring at the clock counting how little time you have to sleep if you fall asleep right now. We’ve all been there, right? The anxiety of not getting enough sleep, mixed with the lack of ZZZs, only makes your symptoms worse!

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On top of the meds, I have my cold remedy down to a science at this point. Fluids, fluids, fluids. I drink as much water as I possibly can to try to wash whatever it is out of my system. I’m also a big supporter of drinking sports drinks when I’m sick to replenish those electrolytes. Teas and vitamin-packed juices and smoothies, too. It’s all about the liquids! And if drinking them wasn’t enough, I’ve started using a sinus rinse at first sign on my symptoms, too. It’s a bit of a challenge getting over the drowning feeling, but it’s pretty awesome after you figure it out!

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Next up, garlic. My friend, Hitha, once told me that her father swears by eating a clove of garlic if you’re feeling sick. While I can’t bring myself to chomp down on a whole garlic clove, I’ve found ways to incorporate it into food. My favorite thing to do is mince an entire garlic clove and mix it with one whole avocado. Mash it up, and some extra feta, tomatos, or spices if you’d like, and then spread it over a few pieces of toast!

gold macbook computer, eat cake for breakfast kate spade mug, hustle gold foil print, monogram print etsy, pumpkin candle, eiffel tower

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When I’m sick, calorie counts go out the window. I seriously believe in comfort food so if I feel like pasta for lunch, I’m letting myself eat it. My “cheat day foods” are like a reward for powering through. Plus, you know ice cream always makes everything better! Just make sure you’re getting in those nutrients from fruits and veggies, too.

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parisian feminine bedroom decor white ruffled blush pink

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Here are a few links to some of my furniture and decor pieces pictured throughout the post…

Work Space:  Desk  |  Bow Chair  |  Floor Lamp  |  Plaid Phone Case  |  Monogram Print  |  Paris Tray  |  Gold Pumpkin  |  Pumpkin Candle  |  Computer  |  I am Busy Sticker  |  Great Things Notepad

Bedroom:  Bed  |  Nightstand  |  Drawer Pull  |  Ruffled Duvet  |  Ruffled Shams  |  Animal Print Shams  |  Lamp  |  Lampshade  |  Blush Pink Candle  |  Le Labo Candle  |  Handcream  |  Sheepskin Rug  |  Chair  |  Blush Pink Rug  |  Gold Candle

If there’s anything that caught your eye that I missed, leave a comment below and I’ll track it down for you! Both spaces are still a work in progress, but I’ll be doing full features on each as soon as they’re fully finished.

tufted headboard, ruffled duvet cover, white gourd glass lamp

I’d love to know what your #NoSickDays secrets are, too! How do you power through the day when you’re feeling under the weather?! Here’s to a healthy winter season ahead!

PS: I’ll be taking over the new @NyQuilDayQuil twitter account on Wednesday! Be sure to follow along for a behind the scenes look at my day.

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  1. 11.9.15
    Chris said:

    Your bedroom and working area look so cute!

    For a severe cold, I subscribe to the liquid corn method, the clearer, the better!

  2. 11.9.15

    Your apartment looks gorgeous! Especially loving the monogram print on your desk- I have to check that out 🙂
    Boston Chic Party

  3. 11.9.15

    Awesome suggestions on how to avoid taking sick days! I definitely rely on tons of liquid, and I’ve succumb to eating a clove of garlic. However, when all else fails, Nyquil does the trick. Gotta stay healthy…gotta stay productive.

    Happy Monday Jess 🙂

  4. 11.9.15
    Meghan said:

    Love 🙂 xo

  5. 11.10.15
    Nikki said:

    Your apartment looks amazing!

    Nikki Ann Blog

  6. 11.10.15
    Rachel J said:

    Love love love! Where is the pumpkin from 🙂

  7. 11.10.15

    Your room and working area is adorable! Nyquil and Dayquil always do the trick to get me better for sure!

  8. 11.10.15
    Kate said:

    I love your bow chair!

  9. 11.10.15
    Elana said:

    Your bedroom is so cute! I love your bed frame!

  10. 11.10.15

    Your work space and bedroom are so cute!!
    Also, I always go to NyQuil when I am feeling yucky.

  11. 11.10.15

    I feel ya on the whole sick thing..ain’t nobody got time for that haha.

  12. 11.11.15
    celyn said:

    great post! I’m self employed too so i know what it means about not taking sick days off! loving your bedroom, it’s so pretty!


  13. 11.12.15
    Lauren said:

    Being sick is always my excuse to sneak in higher calorie comfort food, especially mac and cheese. And ice cream really does fix everything!

    I always mix in some cinnamon with a tablespoon of honey when my throat is sore. I swear it makes it go away faster, and usually without the lingering cough that always come with a cold.

  14. 11.12.15
    Tara said:

    I love your room! What color did you purchase in the bed?

  15. 2.24.18
    Pam said:

    I love your style and your bedroom is dreamy! What paint color did you choose for the walls? Thanks!!