Romper Rendezvous

3:4 sleeve v-neck floral romper

When it comes to florals, bolder is usually better in my book. I love how this floral print is based in black because it makes it that much easier to dress up for a night out! I don’t typically wear that much black in the summer months,ย but I always gravitate towards darker pieces when I’m getting dressed for a girls night out. Come September, I’ll probably be pairing this romper with black sandals and a darker clutch, but for a summer night on the town, I kept my shoes light and my clutch bright.

black floral print long sleeve romper

I’ve mentioned this before, but I always err on the side of over-dressed when I go out. And I don’t mean overly dressed up, I mean that in the sense of more clothes than not. I’m sure that comes as no surprise considering most of my outfits are pretty conservative when it comes to showing skin. I love to layer, I don’t like to feel overexposed, and I usually feel self conscious when things are too tight. (Have you ever seen me in a pencil skirt? NOPE.)

Considering I usually look like I’m channeling my inner librarian when I go out at night, it can definitely be a little bit disheartening if I compare my outfits to what other girls are wearing. (Remind me to tell you about the time I wore jeans and a blazer out in LA… I looked like a soccer mom amidst a sea of barely-there Herve Leger.) I mean, I wore a lace midi skirt to a 5am dance club just this pastย weekend, so apparently I don’t learn from my mishaps. To say that I stood out like a sore thumb among a whole lot of body-con dresses would be an understatement. But hey, I’d rather wear what I like, rather than feel like I’m wearing a costume.

Enter the romper. Sure, it makes going to the bathroom a bit of a process and you usually have to bring a friend, but luckily I’ve got a large bladder. (#tmi) A romper is always one of my go-to going-out outfits during the warmer months. This particular style is short,ย but I usually feel comfortable showing some leg if the style isn’t too tight. The breezy shorts, mixed with the long sleeves and deep-V-neck is just the right mix of feeling subtly sexy for me.

floral print romper, gladiator sandals

west village nyc

yumi kim floral romper, vera bradley calf hair wristlet

Get the Look…

Yumi Kim Romper c/o
Vince Camuto Gladiator Sandals
Vera Bradley Calf Hair Clutch c/o
Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses
Michael Kors Watch
Bauble Bar Cuff

yumi kim liz romper floral dreamer

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  1. 8.19.15
    Elizabeth said:

    Loving the romper. It looks adorable on you!

  2. 8.19.15
    Emma said:

    Love the yumi kim Liz rompers, super cute!

  3. 8.19.15

    Girrrl, how do you make rompers look SO good?! I love it. If only it didn’t feel like fall here in Kansas City today….I need one more summer weekend at the lake and then I’m ready ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • 8.19.15

      p/s I’m glad my days of body-con dresses are over..not sure what I was thinking back in college

  4. 8.19.15
    Soraya said:

    So true!! I love rompers but it definitely takes longer when going to the restroom..haha. Love this print and you look beautiful. Thanks for sharing — Soraya

  5. 8.19.15
    Kristie said:

    Love this romper and the way you styled it!

  6. 8.19.15
    Angela said:

    Does this run true to size?

  7. 8.19.15
    Lauren said:

    I LOVE this romper! Especially since it’s based in black! And I definitely understand your going out dilemmaโ€ฆ school starts back up soon and I’ve been trying to figure out what to buy without looking like a grandma, because body-con isn’t really my thing either!


  8. 8.19.15

    Love the floral print on this romper! Can’t go wrong with a good floral print, especially this time of year.

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

  9. 8.19.15
    Mamalina said:

    This romper is seriously gorgeous! I adore the print and it looks amazing on you! Really cute look!


  10. 8.19.15
    Alexa said:

    I love this romper especially since its black w/ floral (my inner new yorker). I know exactly how you feel when it comes to going out on the weekends. My new go-to is matching set of skirts and crop tops. I am still much more covered than others but whatever we just have to own it haha! I rather be dressed nicely than over exposed.

    Happy Wednesday (ugh can it be Friday already…)!

  11. 8.19.15

    Gorgeous! I love that romper on you!

    Her Heartland Soul

  12. 8.19.15
    Kate said:

    I love this look! The print is fabulous! And I’m glad you like to dress more conservatively; We need more people like that in our world!

  13. 8.19.15
    Natali said:

    You are looking so pretty in this girly outfit! I love the floral pattern of the romper.

  14. 8.19.15
    Mary Kate said:

    I am seriously loving the pattern on this romper. You look adorable!

    Mary Kate

  15. 8.19.15
    melissa said:

    love that romper and your shoes!

  16. 8.20.15
    Alyssa said:

    I bought a Yumi Kim romper a while ago and really really loved the print and the style, but they’re not made for us taller girls ๐Ÿ™ Looks super cute on you, though! Also- this is the first time I’ve stopped by your site in a couple of weeks, and I love the rebrand! Looks amazing!

  17. 8.20.15

    Cute romper!! I love your new blog layout!!

    Blonde in Cashmere

  18. 8.21.15

    Love this romper- I can total see it for both warm and cooler temps! I love your style and I think it’s so cool that you stay true to your personal style no matter where you are- it’s the way to be:)

  19. 8.27.15
    Emily said:

    Such a fun floral romper! I know you must still miss Lydia!