Brooklyn Bridge in a Bow Skirt

brooklyn bridge - black crop top, statement necklace, tibi ribbon bow full skirt, prada sunglasses, kate spade bow pumps - nyc blogger

On my mission to take some scenic photos around NYC, I couldn’t forget about the Brooklyn Bridge! I’ve walked and biked across the bridge, but up until a few weeks ago, I’d never made it down to the bridge for outfit photos. Lydia and I met there “early” (8 a.m) on a weekday morning thinking the bridge would be deserted and while it wasn’t as crowded as it would have been on a weekend, it wasn’t exactly empty. Who knew so many people commuted to work via biking and walking across the bridge! Even though we had to dodge a lot of people, we really lucked out with the overcast skies. But the wind, oh my gosh. So, so windy that morning!

brooklyn bridge nyc fashion blogger

The term “crop top” gets such a bad vibe (and sometimes rightfully so), but I’ve been scooping them up left and right! My favorite outfit “trick” as of late is pairing a crop top with a high-waisted skirt. You may be thinking… A crop top outfit that doesn’t bare any midriff.. What’s the point?


I’ve always loved a good skirt and shirt combo, but I tend to end up annoyed by the end of the day. Having to re-adjust my tuck after every trip to the bathroom and after most times that I sit up and down, it gets old after a few hours. But a crop top makes it easy! No messing with bunches of material under your skirt and how much of your shirt is untucked. Win, win!

brooklyn bridge photo shoot - nyc blogger - bow skirt - bow pumps- statement necklace

brooklyn bridge photo shoot - tibi bow skirt - kate spade bow pumps

PS: How fab is this skirt?! I’ve been drooling over it since I saw it on Shopbop, but I held out in hopes that it would go on sale. And thank goodness I did! When I saw it marked down 60%, I had to make it mine!

I kept it classic with the styling — a black top, statement necklace, and my favorite bow pumps (that also happen to be on sale). You can never have too many bows, right?

brooklyn bridge photos - tibi skirt - kate spade heels - nyc fashion blog

brooklyn bridge, nyc -- prada sunglasses - black crop top - tibi bow skirt - bauble bar statement necklace - blogger

pictures on the brooklyn bridge nyc

prada baroque sunglasses - bauble bar necklace - express crop top - tibi ribbon bow skirt - brooklyn bridge nyc - blogger

prada baroque sunglasses - bauble bar necklace - tibi bow skirt - kate spade bow heels - brooklyn bridge nyc - fashion blogger outfit

tibi ribbon bow skirt - kate spade black pumps with rhinestone bow

tibi ribbon bow skirt - kate spade black bow pump - brooklyn bridge - nyc blogger

tibi bow skirt brooklyn bridge nyc

tibi bow skirt - kate spade bow heels - statement necklace - crop top - brooklyn bridge nyc - nyc blogger - outfit

prada baroque sunglasses, tibi ribbon bow skirt, black crop top, bauble bar statement necklace

Tibi Ribbon Bow Skirt (on sale here, here & here!)
Express Crop Top (similar here & here!)
Bauble Bar Necklace
Kate Spade Bow Pumps (on sale!)
Loren Hope Bracelets
Prada Baroque Sunglasses

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  1. 6.22.15

    Such a chic and elegant look! I totally agree with you, you can never have too many bows 🙂

  2. 6.22.15
    TOPS said:

    Great idea for “classing up” a crop top! I, personally, have been on the fence about them, but your pairing with a fuller skirt may have convinced me!


  3. 6.22.15
    Rena said:

    Love this beautiful midi skirt!
    xx Rena

  4. 6.22.15

    These pics are stunning! The Brooklyn Bridge is such a landmark and I loved walking across it the last time I was in NYC. And this black and white outfit is so cute. I love seeing bloggers post outfits I can recreate for work, so thanks for sharing 🙂

    xoxo Nicole

  5. 6.22.15
    Natali said:

    Wow! Such a glamorous, lady like outfit! You look incredible!

  6. 6.22.15

    You look so great! What a beautiful backdrop for photos!

    Her Heartland Soul

  7. 6.22.15
    Preeti said:

    you look amazing! one of your best yet!

    xoxo, Preeti

  8. 6.22.15
    Emma said:

    I was just walking it last weekend, it seems likes great place for photos except it was so crowded! Lovely pictures and outfit
    Purdue University | Style Blogger | Boston | @followthelala Contributor
    : [email protected]

  9. 6.22.15

    I love the high waisted skirt and crop top combo–I think that’s how they show always be worn!

  10. 6.22.15
    Victoria said:
  11. 6.22.15

    I do the exact same thing with crop tops and high waisted bottoms. I like showing a little peek of skin at most, not baring it all. This outfit is perfect for the bridge background, and I am in love with your bow skirt!

  12. 6.22.15

    Never ever have I ever owned a crop top. Mostly because I don’t feel comfortable in them, but this look? It’s a winner. You look great! And not the slightest bit windblown 😉

  13. 6.22.15
    Jamie said:

    I LOVE this look! That skirt is adorable and that is such a perfect location for photos!


  14. 6.22.15
    Meagan said:

    Love this outfit! So chic!

  15. 6.22.15

    Love this look!! The bows are too cute!

  16. 6.22.15
    Liv said:

    Love the way you styled your crop top. I hate showing to much skin.


  17. 6.22.15

    I’ve got to get here to shoot next time i’m in NYC!

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

  18. 6.22.15

    Gorgeous skirt! The fingernails are a great amount of color for the outfit.

  19. 6.22.15
    Kate said:

    The Brooklyn Bridge is stunning! and your shoes are too cute!

  20. 6.22.15

    This look is so graceful! I love the heels and the texture of the skirt.

  21. 6.22.15
    Bev said:

    What a spectacular sight! You look stunning in the bow skirt with the Brooklyn Bridge as a backdrop!!! An “iconic look” coupled with an “iconic landmark”…. Amazing

  22. 6.22.15
    brett said:

    gorgeous skirt! the bows are so cute!

  23. 6.22.15

    Super cute outfit! It is so lady like 🙂

  24. 6.22.15
    Elisabeth said:

    Your outfit is gorgeous. So ladylike and chic. Loving everything about it.

    Diary of Elegance

  25. 6.22.15
    Heidi said:

    Such a fun, feminine piece! You look gorgeous!

    Wishes & Reality

  26. 6.22.15

    Um, totally did not think about the no-fuss tuck job when pairing a crop top with a high waisted skirt! I’m not super comfortable with the midriff baring crop top, but I do hate bulky tuck ins into skirts- this may be my new trick too! Thanks for the idea girlie!

  27. 6.23.15
    Darcy said:

    This is SO pretty! I definitely want to visit the brooklyn bridge one day!!

  28. 6.23.15
    Sarah said:

    This is one of my all-time favorites! #perfection

  29. 6.23.15
    MARTA said:

    Nice pictures and i love the skirt!

  30. 6.23.15

    Such a cute outfit! I LOVE the skirt!!

    Blonde in Cashmere

  31. 8.25.15
    Denina Martin said:

    This look is simply classy and classic. It’s one of those outfits that will never go out of style -timeless! 🙂

    Purely Me by Denina Martin

  32. 10.20.16

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