Skis & Slopes


Jacket  |  Hat  |  Bag  |  Gloves  |  Sunglasses  |  Wrap  |  Boots

With Sundance Film Festival starting today and my upcoming weekend of slopes and snow, I’ve got aprés ski on the mind! I’m currently headed to Montana for a weekend ski trip with my best friends from college. Fourteen of us rented a cabin for a long weekend and I couldn’t be more excited for a little mountain getaway! We’ll be skiing at Big Sky on Friday and snowmobiling through Yellowstone on Saturday before heading back on Sunday afternoon. It’s a quick trip, especially flying all the way from the East Coast, but it will be worth it!

Be sure to follow along on Instagram. I’ll see you back here on Monday! xo

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  1. 1.23.15

    I’ve never been skiing, but this sounds like a great trip with college friends!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  2. 1.23.15
    Monica commented:

    UM hello amazing trip!! Enjoy gorgeous girl – it sounds heavenly! And duh, you’ll look SO chic!

    Monica x

  3. 1.23.15

    Funny timing! I just did an apres ski post today too!

  4. 1.23.15
    melissa commented:

    Have fun on your trip!

  5. 1.23.15
    Tessa commented:

    This looks so cozy. I want to be snuggled in that beanie and coat. Hope you have fun!!!
    xx Tessa

  6. 1.23.15
    Meagan commented:

    Your girls weekend sounds divine! Cant wait to see photos!

  7. 1.23.15
    Kristine commented:

    Now that I finally commented (vs liking everything) on Instagram, I felt like I needed to comment here too. You’re going to have the best trip! Love this look too 🙂 (PS bought those Joie leopard sneaks you posted about a while back while they were on Shopbop sale – I LOVE THEM.)

  8. 1.23.15
    Emily commented:

    I love skiing and that coat! Hope you have a great time!!

  9. 1.24.15
    Jeanne commented:

    I love the camo stole!

  10. 1.24.15
    Alexandra commented:

    Beautiful, beautiful outfit. So in love with the colors.

    Warm Regards,

  11. 1.24.15
    Wishes & Reality commented:

    LOVE Big Sky! Have so much fun! And that beanie is the cutest.

    Heidi D.

  12. 1.25.15
    Julia O'Hearn commented:

    So incredibly jealous you get to go the mountains!! Enjoy the time you have there, incredible breathtaking and I’m sure you are dressed fabulous like always! xox0- Julia