Puddle Jump in Jellies

Why is it that I’m always wearing a new pair of leather shoes whenever I get stuck in the rain? Murphy’s Law, I suppose. Even when I actually check the forecast and it calls for rain, I feel like I take a look at my shoe lineup and have to decide which pair I’m okay with ruining and retiring. Quite a depressing way to start the day, no? In the cooler months, the obvious choice is to toss on a pair of rain boots. Done and done. However, they just feel too heavy and hot on warm summer days.

Meet the Jelly Sandal. What goes around truly does come around, doesn’t it? I had my first pair of jelly sandals (that I remember) in 1st grade. And here I am, 20 years later, pondering over which pair to buy.

Jelly sandals are perfect for the pool, the beach (you can wash the sand right off!), and commuting around your city on rainy days! They’re relatively light weight, too, which makes it easy to toss them in your bag. Surprisingly, there are some really cute pairs of jellies out there. Here’s a look at some of my favorites…

Chinese Laundry | Michael Kors | Hunter | Armani Jeans | Rachel Zoe | Jack Rogers

Which pair do you like best?

Update: Just found two pairs of cute Kate Spade Bow JelliesOne & Two.. Love!

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  1. 7.21.14
    alyson said:

    adore these! could really use all rubber sandals this summer in florida. been crazy rainy. those jack rogers call my name every time i’m in nordstrom. adore your picks… those gladiators!


  2. 7.21.14

    Have had my eye on the Jack Rogers pair, but LOVE the MK with the bow too! Choices, choices….
    Oh Buoy Boston

  3. 7.21.14
    Lindsey said:

    This absolutely just happened to me this morning. Ran out of the house in leather sandals, stepped straight into a puddle. Definitely need these! Loving the Chinese Laundry & Rachel Zoe picks.

    Lindsey | Dressy Casual

  4. 7.21.14
    Lauren said:

    I used to LOVE my jellies when I was young! These are definitely the improved, chic versions. Those Jack Rogers are adorable!

  5. 7.21.14
    Stephanie said:

    These are SO adorable! Love jelly sandals. I actually have a pair from Urban Outfitters that are GLITTERY and AMAZING. I always get compliments! I’d probably stay away from one of the flip flop styles that don’t have ankle straps in the rain, though…when your feet get wet, they SLIDE AROUND IN THE SHOE it’s horrible! (Personal experience…!) These are great picks! 🙂

  6. 7.21.14
    Melissa said:

    I love Jellies! Great picks Jess!

  7. 7.21.14
    Ashliegh said:

    I really love the pairs of MK and Jack Rogers! I remember having the jelly ballet flats with the weird weaving pattern as a kid! These are definitely much cuter than the ones from the 90’s!


  8. 7.21.14
    Patricia said:

    I have the Jack Rodgers and they are quite comfy by the pool. But those MK’s are quite adorable. <3

  9. 7.21.14
    Andrea said:

    Oh wow, fashion really does go around in circles doesn’t it! I remember wearing glittery jellies in 1st grade, then they made another appearance during the mid nineties while I was in high school…and here they are again! I feel old! 🙂



  10. 7.22.14
    Ella said:

    those MK ones are whispering my name, taunting me… oh boy 😉

  11. 7.24.14
    Tamara said:

    I got the jack roger georgica jellies for 31 on amazon. They’re the most comfortable things ever!