Shorts & Sweaters

There’s just something about late spring and early summer. I enjoy the nice and long warm days, but totally appreciate the fact that it’s not miserably muggy yet. They’re calling for an awfully gross summer here in NYC so I’m latching on to the last few sweater & shorts days we have left… Before you know it, we’ll be wanting to wear as few square inches of material as humanly (& decently) possibly and reliving those childhood memories of running through the sprinkler. PS: Someone needs to install a sprinkler system in Central Park ASAP. How fun would that be?

On the subject of relaxed weekend looks, here are a few things I’ve been loving this weekend…

1. Nourish Snacks! I went to Southampton with the C.Wonder team on Friday and there were a ton of these delicious & filling snacks on the bus out there. So, so good! My favorites were PB Jammin, Mr. Popular, Cocoa Loco, and Almond to Cherries. Nourish is a weekly subscription of super healthy snacks delivered right to your door. Genius, right? Use this link for 50% off your first week!

2. You’ll want to listen to Hallie’s playlist over and over and over again!

3. Really, really thinking about pulling the trigger on this Kate Spade Beau Bag! I’m loving the smaller size, the fun color, and the sale price. What do you think? Should I do it?

4. Can’t get enough of the #MExTCP stationery! The most luxurious stationery I’ve used in a long time. In fact, my Thank You note writing has drastically increased since I got this set… It’s just so fab!

Vince Sweater | Gap Shorts | Gap Sandals | Mar Y Sol Straw Tote (use code bows for 25% off!) | Alex Mika Ring (use code bows for 25% off!) | Margaret Elizabeth Bracelet (use code bows for 25% off!) | Michael Kors Watch

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  1. 6.22.14
    Ella said:

    Love how you paired the watch and bracelet with those shorts. And your links are always so fun! Thanks for sharing.

  2. 6.22.14

    I’m a huge fan of the sweater + shorts looks too! Love this look!

  3. 6.22.14

    Love this look on you!

    Liz @

  4. 6.22.14
    AJ said:

    The smaller beau bag is adorable, I love the color! And shorts with sweaters is a great early summer look.


  5. 6.22.14

    Such a cute outfit & yes pull the trigger- the bag is AMAZING!!

  6. 6.22.14
    Andrea said:

    I love wearing a long sleeve top with shorts…the perfect balance for when it’s not quite hot! Love the coral shade of your shorts!


  7. 6.22.14
    Gina said:

    I wore an outfit very similar to this on Friday; it was actually cool enough in Dallas to pull off a long-sleeve top! And I love your comment on wanting sprinklers in Central Park haha

  8. 6.23.14
    Meagan said:

    Love the shorts and sweater combo! Only wish it was cool enough in San Antonio to wear this look — I would melt!

  9. 6.23.14
    Rachel said:

    Love this casual look, perfect for the weekend. The sandals are so cute!

  10. 6.25.14
    Ally said:

    This outfit is exactly what my summers are all about… shorts, a loose striped top and some cute sandals. I hardly wear anything else!