99 Days of Summer

Summer is unofficially here and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been writing this list since back when there was snow on the ground and I’ve even managed to cross a few things off already. What’s on your bucket list this summer?!

1. Bike through Central Park. I did this last summer and loved it!

2. Visit Chicago (5/29/14)

3. Picnic in Central Park. Can you believe I’ve never done this since moving to NYC? (6/21/14)

4. Volunteer.

5. Try Citi Bike (5/25/14)

6. See the Anna & Karl Mural (5/25/14)

7. Clinton Street Bakery. I only live a block away so hopefully I can figure out a time when there isn’t a 3 hour wait! (7/26/14)

8. Walk home from work (5/16/14)

9. Work outside for a day.

10. Take a floral arranging class.

11. Make plans to go to an Illini football game this fall.

12. Finish decorating my new apartment. Getting a little bit ahead of myself here, as I haven’t even found one as I’m writing this. But you get the idea… Move in and finish decorating in a timely manner. (Update: I’ve found and moved into my new apartment! Now, on to the decorating part. But first, unpacking.)

13. Go to a movie in the park. I think these happen at Bryant Park… (Planning on going 7/21)

14. Take a Photoshop class.

15. Brunch at Jacob’s Pickles & explore the UWS.

16. Go a week without using heat on my hair.

17. Boat Basin on UWS

18. Frying Pan. It’s a summer must!

19. The Standard Biergarten — one of my favorite spots, especially during the warmer months. (7/15/14)

20. Lunch outside at Bryant Park. My office is so close to Bryant Park and I’m looking forward to dining al fresco for a little midday break. (5/7/14)

21. Read 5 books.

22. SPRING CLEAN. Seriously, get rid of the clutter. It’s time to trim the fat. (Got rid of so much when I moved! More here.)

23. Drinks alfresco at the newly renovated Standard East Village. (8/18/14)

24. Coney Island

25. Trek out to Di Fara in Brooklyn for pizza.

26. Fort Tryon Park

27. Comedy Cellar

28. New York Public Library on a rainy day.

29. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge in the evening.

30. Smorgasburg

31. La Piscine at Hotel Americano

32. Brooklyn Brewery

33. ABC Beer Co

34. Pool at the Dream Downtown

35. Governor’s Ball (6/7/14)

36. Visit the new 9/11 Museum (6/8/14)

37. Host a fun little party in my new backyard!

38. Go one week without ordering Seamless.

39. Try 5 new rooftop bars. (Done: The Kimberly, STK, Rare Roof, Spyglass,)

40. Picnic along the Hudson.

41. Workout every day for 7 days straight. (5/23-5/30)

42. Host a dinner party. And actually cook the food instead of ordering in!

43. Get a tan.

44. Newport (7/30/14)

45. Get back into Yoga. (Started an unlimited monthly membership on 7/13/14)

46. Buy this dress. (6/13/14 – Snagged it on sale! Good things come to those who wait!)

47. Throw a housewarming party.

48. Rent a Vespa.

49. Southampton (Pictures from last summer here, here, & here!) (6/20/14)

50. Cook 5 new recipes. (Lots to choose from here!)

51. Bike the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn.

52. Bike the Brooklyn Bridge.

53. Go out on a boat. (7/4/14)

54. McCarren Hotel Pool in Brooklyn.

55. Start taking Barre classes again.

56. Go see a movie.

57. Go to the Met.

58. Try Chaise Fitness.

59. Montauk (8/8/14)

60. Rooftop BBQ (5/26/14)

61. Do a DIY project. (Options here!)

62. Bike along the Hudson.

63. Bike along the East River.

64. Make cupcakes. (Recipes here!)

65. Play a board game.

66. Have friends over for brunch.

67. Lay out. (8/17/14)

68. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

69. Go bowling.

70. New York Botanical Gardens

71. Forty Four at The Royalton (6/30/14)

72. Make homemade pizza. (5/25/14)

73. Shop at the Farmers Market.

74. Watch the sunset.

75. Make boozy popsicles.

76. Watch the sunrise.

77. Watch the Fireworks on July 4th. (I’ve somehow missed them the past 2 years..) (7/5/14)

78. Try 5 new brunch spots. (Done: Thelma, Gemma, Felice, The Dutch, Jane, Root & Bone)

79. Take a bubble bath.

80. Send 10 cards just because. #SnailMail

81. Buy this skirt.

82. Lauderee Soho (6/22/14)

83. Beeckman’s — Haven’t been since my first weekend living here.

84. Make fresh lemonade.

85. Film a video for Bows & Sequins.

86. Try 5 new dinner spots. (Done: Tavern on the Green, Toro, Sembrado, The Derby, Lumiere)

87. Go to a baseball game.

88. Mister Softee (I’ll really have to twist my arm about this one..)

89. Have a spa day.

90. Walk the High Line from start to finish.

91. Take a Cupcake Class at Butter Lane.

92. Nantucket

93. Bake cookies. (Recipes here!)

94. Play mini golf at Pier 25.

95. The Jane Rooftop

96. Take a macaron making class at Dana’s Bakery. (8/4/14)

97. Watch 5 Movies. (Done: The Blind Side — one of my Top 5 favorites, Delivery Man, The Other Woman)

98. Sheep’s Meadow



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  1. 6.13.14
    Alexandra said:

    I am sad to say that while I lived in NYC for over a year I didn’t do very many of these things…. Looks like I have to do go back :p

    — Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. 6.13.14

    What a fun list! Love this idea! Have fun checking everything off 🙂


  3. 6.13.14
    Rebecca said:

    Biking through Central Park would be so fun!! This list is pretty amazing! Good Luck!


  4. 6.13.14
    Melissa said:

    Most of the items on your list are also on my list. I’ve lived in and around NYC for 20 years and sadly I still have not done a lot of these things. Walking the high line is top on my list for this summer.

  5. 6.13.14
    Lindsay said:

    Love this list!


  6. 6.13.14
    Lauren said:

    This is an awesome idea! It makes me want go visit NYC again and do some of the things on your list and just in general.

  7. 6.13.14
    Rose said:

    OK, now I want to do all of these this summer!! So if you need a date for any of these 😉 haha

  8. 6.13.14

    Love making lists for summer – it’s so much fun to conquer everything, and gratifying to check it off! Good luck, and have fun while you’re at it!!
    Oh Buoy Boston

  9. 6.13.14

    Um, I love this. First of all, ABC Beer Co.?! Best spot ever. How cute are the long tables? I’m clearly dreaming of day-drinking in Manhattan as I write this, haha. Such fun ideas!


  10. 6.13.14
    Ella said:

    I can’t wait to head back to NYC next year and cross some of these off MY list too!

  11. 6.13.14
    Sam said:

    LOVE this! Thanks for giving me some ideas for my list. Rooftop bars and park picnics were already at the top. Overall, I just want to explore more and appreciate the city. Good luck with your list!


  12. 6.13.14
    Kristin of Living In Color Print said:

    This is a really fun list! Having a spa day is a must, haha!

    Kristin of LivingInColorPrint.com

  13. 6.13.14

    Great list. I lived in NYC for graduate school and I did not do hardly anything on your list. I was too busy spending. I’m going to share a list of my top things to do in NYC in the next couple of weeks or so.

  14. 6.13.14
    Stephanie Di Nardo said:

    Visiting NYC hopefully this summer. Stealing all of these, hope you don’t mind!!!!!!

  15. 6.13.14
    Meagan said:

    What a fabulous list!

  16. 6.13.14
    Alexandra said:

    I used to work at Clinton Street Bakery. Strangely enough, Saturday nights are a good night to go. It’s not packed and you can still get the pancakes and the fried chicken (the two things it’s famous for). Enjoy!

  17. 6.13.14

    This is a great list! Too bad I don’t live in NYC!


  18. 6.13.14
    Katie B said:

    This list looks like so much fun. Hope you mark everything off it and have a wonderful time doing so!


  19. 6.13.14
    Gina said:

    This is seriously such a great summer list! I’ll be in NYC for an internship in July and August and will definitely be trying some of these things out; thanks for posting!


  20. 6.13.14
    Briggs said:

    I went to the 9/11 museum last weekend when I was in NYC… everyone needs to go see it. They’ve done an amazing job paying tribute to the victims while allowing visitors to see/touch/experience what happened. Highly recommend!

  21. 6.13.14
    Steph said:

    I see you listed Volunteer – you should check out http://www.gotrnyc.org – great organization! 🙂

  22. 6.13.14

    Great list! I’ve lived in NYC for 6 years and I haven’t done many of these things either : )

  23. 6.13.14
    Mel said:

    Love this list!

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  24. 6.13.14
    Kristi said:

    Great list! I can’t wait to go back and start checking things off…
    xx, Kristi


  25. 6.14.14
    michelle said:

    i love the idea of a summer list! i think i need to make one since this will hopefully be my last summer in san diego!

  26. 12.7.14
    Kristin said:

    Love your little list! although, can I pick on you for it’s title ’99 things to do in NYC this summer’ and item 2 is another city?