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2014 seems to be the year of transit for me. I’ve been traveling a ton the past few months and have so many (too many) upcoming trips on the calendar. I’ve been in LA for work, went to Portland with adidas, was in DC for work, went to Vegas with my college friends, and have taken multiple trips to Rhode Island for work. And on the horizon… a wedding in Illinois in May, more trips to Rhode Island, hopefully a trip to Chicago in June, a wedding in Chicago in August, all of those last-minute weekend getaways that are sure to pop-up over the summer, another trip to Portland in July, a week-long trip to Paris and Oslo (more on that to come!) in October, and a wedding in Mexico in November. If you’re thinking “Sh*t, her vacation days must be maxed the f*ck out,” you would be correct.

Kind of exhausting thinking about it, but so much fun at the same time. With all of these travels, I’ve become a pretty good packer. I cannot stand checking a bag and will only do so if it’s an absolute necessity. For me, it’s all about carrying-on.

I’ve been using my Lo & Sons OMG bag as my ‘personal item’ on all of my recent flights. There’s a built-in laptop sleeve, a special pouch for shoes, tons of zippered and slip-in pockets and dividers, a detachable cross-body strap (not shown here), and so much more. I even use this bag beyond travel.. It’s the perfect bag to take to work, especially if you have to carry your laptop to-and-from everyday like I do. Check out the rest of the features here!

The wonderful team at Lo & Sons has so generously offered to give a bag to one lucky reader! The best part is that you get to pick the bag you love! Enter the giveaway by using the widget below. Good luck! 🙂

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Also, if you’re browsing around the Lo & Sons site and see something you love, you can use the code BOWS0414 for 20% off through May 15th. (Mother’s Day gift idea perhaps…)

*Must be 18 years or older to enter. Winner must reside in the US.

This outfit is what I typically wear when I’m traveling… A comfortable pair of skinny jeans, a loose top (love Twenty Tees!), and slip-on sneakers. So simple and casual!

Wearing:: Barbour Beadnell Jacket | Twenty Tees Striped Tee Shirt c/o | Rag & Bone Jeans | Sam Edelman Leopard Sneakers | Banana Republic Sunglasses c/o | Essie ‘Waltz’ | Michael Kors Watch | Capwell + Co Rings | J.Crew Passport Cover | Stripes & Sequins for Matt Bernson Lavender Glitter Flats | Lo & Sons OMG Bag c/0

Lydia Hudgens Photography

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  1. 4.30.14
    Chelsie commented:

    What a cute, cute bag!!!

  2. 4.30.14
    Kathy commented:

    I love the OMG bag in plum. Purple seems to be a big color this spring. 🙂

  3. 4.30.14
    Kate Gaffney commented:

    Hey Jessica!

    I absolutely LOVE your style! I have never seen someone who can make preppy look so edgy and stylish! Thank you for enlightening us all! I love the bag that you are carrying, the OMG bag in army green!

  4. 4.30.14
    Danielle commented:

    I love the OMG bag, it looks like it would carry everything you could need.

  5. 4.30.14
    Christina commented:

    The OG in navy would be perfect – I’ve been taking so many weekend and overnight trips and lugging a half empty suitcase that I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bag!

  6. 4.30.14
    Rachel commented:

    All of these Lo & Sons bags are awesome but I’m so into the O.G. in navy. Here’s hoping!

  7. 4.30.14
    Meagan commented:

    Soooooo want one of these bags, especially the OMG bag in navy!

  8. 4.30.14
    Elyse G. commented:

    Love the OG bag is basic black. *fingers crossed*

  9. 4.30.14
    Whitney commented:

    I love your blog & this bag! You make it look awesome. I travel every weekend to see my fiance in Orlando, crossing my fingers!

  10. 4.30.14
    Chelsea commented:

    This is an amazing bag! I would love to win this as I do tons of traveling for my job! Love the post!

  11. 4.30.14
    Sarah commented:

    The OMG bag in navy is my favorite! I’m in the same travel boat as you all summer, and this would make the perfect carry on for quick trips!

  12. 4.30.14
    casey commented:

    I NEED this bag for all my travels!

  13. 4.30.14
    Jennie commented:

    this would make an amazing addition to my travel bags, thanks for the feature!

  14. 4.30.14
    Elizabeth commented:

    OMG… I need the O.M.G bag from Lo & Sons. I’m all about being efficient so I’m constantly toting various bags too and from work with the necessities ill need throughout the day and beyond. Sleek and simple design… love.

  15. 4.30.14
    Jamie commented:

    I would get the OMG bag in Navy! So cute!

  16. 4.30.14
    Sara commented:

    The OMG bag in navy would look great with basically everything I own! And is a great addition to my closet before heading back to grad school.

  17. 4.30.14
    Nicole Dohogne commented:

    Love, love, love this bag! It’s so freaking amazing – must have it in Navy!

    PS also love your blog. I’m new to it and can’t wait for the email to hit my inbox every day. Thank you!

  18. 4.30.14
    Lerica commented:

    Love the OMG bag! It’s the perfect carry-on for weekend trips.

  19. 4.30.14
    hannah c. commented:

    my hubby just bought himself a sweet carry-on for his business travels, and i’d love to have a chic one of my own for our upcoming trips, too! the navy and army green are supe cute!

  20. 4.30.14
    Emily commented:

    I love these bags! Would be perfect for traveling and also a quick weekend trip bag.

  21. 4.30.14
    megan commented:

    i have been eyeing these bags for months! they seem like the perfect weekender bag, and i love how they can slide over the handle of your rolling suitcase.

  22. 4.30.14
    Elizabeth commented:

    Love the omg bag in the pink/coral color!!

  23. 4.30.14
    Renee commented:

    The one you have is so adorable, color and style 🙂

  24. 4.30.14
    Nikki Unwin commented:

    I’ll trade you! I need to do more traveling this year!! Totally agree, carry-on only unless I absolutely HAVE to check a bag.

  25. 4.30.14
    Liz commented:

    This is such an awesome bag! LOVE the navy! I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect tote for traveling.

  26. 4.30.14
    Lauren commented:

    LOVE the O.M.G bag!! perfect for traveling!

  27. 4.30.14
    Lexie commented:

    I love the OMG in purple for classic but slight variation from a black bag.

  28. 4.30.14
    Andrea commented:

    Love your travel look, so simple and comfy! What a great bag, perfect for work and travel!



  29. 4.30.14
    Bree commented:

    Love this! Perfect for a weekender.

  30. 4.30.14
    Chris commented:

    Now that you mention it, I have been wondering how you bloggers manage to take so many trips that aren’t day job related…

    Would love to win this… still trying to make up for a poor showing at b-day time!

    • 4.30.14
      Chris commented:

      Look at all of those colors available for the OMG bag! That or the Brookline would be fantastic!

  31. 4.30.14
    Katie commented:

    I would love the OMG in Army Green! Perfect for a weekend trip.

  32. 4.30.14
    Meghan commented:

    I’ve been pining for this bag for ages! So practical for traveling and so beautiful too! Would love to add one to my closet!

  33. 4.30.14
    Alicia commented:

    Love this bag..perfect for all my trips this summer!

  34. 4.30.14
    Erica commented:

    New reader – love your blog, and love the bag!

  35. 4.30.14
    Samantha commented:

    I recently started a new job that requires me to schlep my laptop everywhere. The O.M.G bag would make my life a lot easier!

  36. 4.30.14
    Haley Valerie commented:

    Cute bag!


  37. 4.30.14

    I am in the market for a new carry on back and will def use the promo code! thanks! such a great giveaway! xxo

  38. 4.30.14
    KT commented:

    I’d love the OMG bag!

  39. 4.30.14
    Jessica W commented:

    Love how functional and adorable the bag is! Great for a frequent traveler!

  40. 4.30.14
    Emily commented:

    Love these bags!
    Can’t decide if I would prefer the navy or the black with gold hardware!! Both too cute.

  41. 4.30.14
    Alison S commented:

    Such a cute bag and perfect for work travel!

  42. 4.30.14
    Karina commented:

    I’ve been swooning over the plum!!

  43. 4.30.14

    Loveeee and love how much it fits! So glad you did make that trip to DC though… so great to meet you 🙂

  44. 4.30.14
    Lauren Lawson commented:

    Would love to win the OMG bag in black or army green. So cute!!

  45. 4.30.14
    Chrissy commented:

    Love this post! Love this bag! So handy and useful!

  46. 4.30.14
    Lauren commented:

    I love the Catalina bag – it holds SO much!

  47. 4.30.14
    Kiley commented:

    I love the OMG bag in Navy!

  48. 4.30.14
    Alexa commented:

    Lo &Sons bags are items i’ve been keeping my eyes on for quite a while! Their bags are so versatile, my favorite is a toss up between the OMG and the Catalina!

  49. 4.30.14
    Kasey commented:

    Great color to boot!

  50. 4.30.14
    Sarah commented:

    Love! I’m looking forward to the details of your Paris trip! 🙂

  51. 4.30.14
    Christine commented:

    I like that color you picked! Its nice and neutral without being basic black.

  52. 4.30.14
    Jaimie commented:

    I adore this bag! So great for traveling – it’s the perfect excuse to book a few trips!

  53. 4.30.14
    Jamie commented:

    what a perfect travel bag! I love the plum, so fun!

  54. 4.30.14
    Theresa commented:

    I’ve been dreaming of the O.G. bag for years! I wish it was in my budget, but not at this time…winning one would be amazing! Thank you 🙂

  55. 4.30.14
    Angela commented:

    That looks perfect for trips! I hate checking a bag also.

  56. 4.30.14
    Jennifer commented:

    I would love the O.M.G. bag- you sold me on it, Jess! 😉

    xo, Jenn

  57. 4.30.14
    Steph commented:

    Oooohhhh I love these bags!!! Chic but useful!!

  58. 4.30.14
    Dana commented:

    I would seriously love the OMG Bag like you have because it is seriously perfect for travel!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  59. 4.30.14
    Sarah commented:

    I would love this bag and so handy for all of my work trips!

  60. 4.30.14
    Steph W. commented:

    I loveeeeeeeeee Lo & Sons! I have my eye on the black OMG bag!

  61. 4.30.14
    Rose commented:

    You know I LOVE Lo & Sons! I have been dying to get my hands on one of their weekender bags, for all those weekend trips this summer 🙂

  62. 4.30.14
    Emily commented:

    love this! although i am crazy about the Weekender bag, too!

  63. 4.30.14
    Randi commented:

    Would be perfect for my trip to Rome in November!

  64. 4.30.14
    Alexis commented:

    I love the OMG! It has been on my wish list for so long! Also your flats are so cute.

  65. 4.30.14
    Kate commented:

    Love that bag! I’m traveling to Mexico and China soon and it would be perfect to take with me.

  66. 4.30.14
    SB commented:

    I love the OMG, their plum color is so perfect too!

  67. 4.30.14
    Paola commented:

    I love this bag. It’s so versatile !

  68. 4.30.14
    Yasmina (@yasminaser) commented:

    I love Lo & Son’s — I would love the OMG bag in olive.

  69. 4.30.14
    Jillian commented:

    I don’t know why but I’m always a girl that loves classic black bags! I’ve been eyeing the black OMG for forever and would love to win it!

  70. 4.30.14
    Alicia commented:

    I love Lo and Sons. I want all of their bags!

  71. 4.30.14
    Claire Wootton commented:

    I would love to win the OMG bag in navy!

  72. 4.30.14
    Lindsay commented:

    Such an incredibly cute and functional bag. I could definitely use one of these with all of my upcoming travel. Love the shoes, btw!

  73. 4.30.14
    Lauren commented:

    I got the OG in black a couple years ago and looooove it! Fits everything I need and I’m also so surprised when it fits under the seat! I’d love another OG but in Navy or Army Green!

  74. 4.30.14
    Briggs commented:

    Would love an OMG bag in plum or Brookline in Navy…. too bad I live in Canada. BOO!

  75. 4.30.14
    Mary commented:

    Cute bag! I’d love any of them!

  76. 4.30.14
    Emily Ehlers commented:

    I’ve been eyeing the OMG for months. I just love it it!

  77. 4.30.14
    Nicole commented:

    I would LOVE to try out this bag! I’ve been eyeing it for a while.

  78. 4.30.14
    Katherine commented:

    I would love to win the OMG bag in navy or army green and bring it back to China for a fun summer vocation, cross my figure !

  79. 4.30.14
    Katherine commented:

    I would love to win the OMG bag in navy or army green and bring it back to China for a fun summer vocation, crossing my figures!

  80. 4.30.14
    Zita commented:

    The O.G. Bag in black is absolute travel perfection! Thanks for sharing this beautiful brand!

  81. 4.30.14
    Jenn commented:

    I love the OMG bag in navy – its perfection!

  82. 4.30.14
    Amber commented:

    Love living simply and carrying on any luggage when traveling. The perfect bag!

  83. 4.30.14
    Mish commented:

    I have been DYING for one of these bags ever since a friend got one! So practical and yet stylish!!

  84. 4.30.14
    Amy commented:

    I love this bag! I’ve been coveting it for several months and actually recommended it to two co-workers-both of which bought it and loved it.

  85. 4.30.14
    Janiece commented:

    I love the OMG bag. One of these days I’m going to give in and make the purchase!

  86. 4.30.14
    Bekah commented:

    Love the bag and it’s perfect for travel!

  87. 4.30.14
    Megan commented:

    Have been longing after one of these bags for so long! They look amazing!

  88. 4.30.14
    Lauren commented:

    Love the O.G. bag — so happy to have found your blog!

  89. 4.30.14
    Tasha commented:

    Great giveaway! I’ve been checking these out recently as we plan for summer trips!!

  90. 4.30.14
    Kaitlyn commented:

    Super cute outfit! That bag is perfect for all travel essentials 🙂

  91. 4.30.14
    Colleen Boudreau commented:

    I like the OMG bag in plum.

  92. 4.30.14
    Jade commented:

    I’m heading to Chicago and Paris as well this summer and could really use a cute traveling bag like this!

  93. 4.30.14
    Hannah commented:

    I would love the OMG in black! Perfect for work or a weekend getaway.

  94. 4.30.14
    ellen commented:

    i love these bags! so well designed.

  95. 4.30.14
    Ashley commented:

    I’ve been eying this bag for a couple of months! I would love it in plum!

  96. 4.30.14
    Barna commented:

    Love the OMG bag for travel

  97. 4.30.14
    Amy S. commented:

    I never thought I could break my over-packing habit, but like you, I have had so many little trips lately, that it was an absolute necessity. And that Lo and Sons bag would be perfect for me to carry my workout stuff to work in bag that doesn’t scream “gym bag”

  98. 4.30.14
    Karen commented:

    The OMG and Brookline are so fetch! Happy Mean Girls Day 😉

  99. 4.30.14
    Abbie commented:

    I love the O.M.G. in either black or navy.

  100. 4.30.14
    Erin H. commented:

    I have been dying to get a Lo&Sons bag!!! I’d definitely go with the OMG for work travel and weekends away with the girls!

  101. 4.30.14
    Catherine H commented:

    Loving the O.G. Bag in black! Such a classic!

  102. 4.30.14
    Lori S H commented:

    I love reading about your travels. : )

  103. 4.30.14
    Danielle commented:

    Would love to win!

  104. 4.30.14
    Sara commented:

    This bag looks super chic, perfect for both work and personal travel. I would absolutely adore to sport one!

  105. 4.30.14
    amanda commented:

    I would love the OG!

  106. 4.30.14

    Obsessed beyond belief with your OMG bag! I would love to win it in the classic navy. Oh so cute!

  107. 4.30.14
    amy l commented:

    The O.M.G. bag in Azalea is a beautiful color!

  108. 4.30.14
    Jessica commented:

    We’re going to Belgium in July and I’d love the OMG bag in black with gold hardware. It looks perfect!

  109. 4.30.14
    Vera Sawicki commented:

    I love the brookline bag- it seems as it would be perfect for everyday & I am currently on the hunt for a perfect bag that is easy to use everyday and looks cute!!


  110. 4.30.14
    Vanessa commented:

    Wedding in Mexico sounds fun! I would choose the espresso bag!

  111. 4.30.14
    Kelsey commented:

    The navy OMG bag! or the OG. OMG I’d die!

  112. 4.30.14
    Marisa commented:

    I would love to get the OG bag. The only problem is choosing a color!

  113. 4.30.14
    Sarah T commented:

    I am obsessed with this bag, looks like the perfect bag for a weekend trip or to carry on a flight! I would probably get the OMG bag in navy!

  114. 4.30.14
    Alison commented:

    Need that bag! I would totally get the army green color. I was just saying I need a new carryon/weekender

  115. 4.30.14
    Emily R commented:

    I would get the OG bag in black or olive green!

  116. 4.30.14
    Alicia commented:

    What a great carry on bag. It’s perfect!

  117. 4.30.14
    Ashley commented:

    That IS a great travel bag! I’m with you about checking bags. GACK. No.

  118. 4.30.14
    Karen commented:

    I NEED this bag! So cute! So versatile and perfect for work!

  119. 4.30.14
    Sam commented:

    Such a jetsetter! Can’t wait to hear more about your upcoming trips! I’ve been coveting Lo & Sons bags for a while. I hear such good things! I would probably go for an OMG or an OG. Fingers crossed!


  120. 4.30.14
    Megan K commented:

    The black OMG bag with silver accents is my favorite! Very sleek and classic.

  121. 4.30.14
    Jess W commented:

    The OMG bag is so perfect for travel! I love the color of the one you posted!

  122. 4.30.14
    Hilary commented:

    Would love this for carrying my stuff to work (teaching) everyday!

  123. 4.30.14
    Mallory H. commented:

    I love the bag in azalea!

  124. 4.30.14
    Jessica commented:

    I love the look of the leopard slip ons with the blue/ white stripes. I read your blog everyday, i can truely say you are a fashion inspiration!

  125. 4.30.14

    That bag looks so awesomely spacious!

  126. 4.30.14
    Alison C commented:

    I would pick the OG in navy

  127. 4.30.14
    Arielle P commented:

    I can think of so soo many great uses for this bag! I love the carry on capabilities!

  128. 4.30.14
    Kira commented:

    These bags are awesome! I would go with the OMG in Azalea!

  129. 4.30.14
    Shenny commented:

    I would LOVE the OMG bag in Purple! My fave color and the bag size is so perfect for weekend getaway and gym bag. Thanks for the awesome giftaway! 🙂

  130. 4.30.14
    Val commented:

    Great blog – a daily read. This bag looks perfect for travel. I would love it in any color but the plum caught my eyet.

  131. 4.30.14
    Lacy commented:

    Love love love a good travel bag!

  132. 4.30.14
    Alexandra Aimee commented:

    This is a super cute travel outfit!

    — Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  133. 4.30.14
    MaryBeth commented:

    I’d love the OG or OMG bag!

  134. 4.30.14
    Judy Swirsky commented:

    Love the OMG bag!

  135. 4.30.14
    Sarah A commented:

    Obsessed with the OG in Navy!

  136. 4.30.14
    Sarah W commented:

    I love the O.G. in army green! It would be perfect for weekend trips.

  137. 4.30.14
    Massiel commented:

    great bag! i really like the omg one.

  138. 4.30.14
    Rachel Kane commented:

    The Catalina!

  139. 4.30.14
    Meredith commented:

    I need one of these bags!!! I love the Brookline and the TT.

  140. 4.30.14
    Jodi Brown commented:

    I love the Claremont camera bag!

  141. 4.30.14
    Meaghan Kenny commented:

    This bad would be perfect for the weekend trips I have planned this summer! Love it in Navy 🙂

  142. 4.30.14
    Susan commented:

    I own the Catalina bag and love it! I would be grateful to get my hands on The OMG bag to bring to the gym!

  143. 4.30.14
    Jaclyn J. commented:

    Ah I’ve been eyeing the OMG bag and Catalina bag for months! The OMG bag in green looks beautiful!

  144. 4.30.14
    Christina commented:

    I’ve been dying for one of these bags!!!

  145. 4.30.14
    Kayleigh commented:

    This bag is awesome! Love the navy!

  146. 4.30.14
    nicole commented:

    would love this!! 🙂 great post.

  147. 4.30.14
    Bets commented:

    I’m a Rhode Islander. Welcome back; great state in a small package!!
    Hope you return when weather warms up. Brunch at Nicks on Broadway a must! And drinks in Watch Hill at sunset. Hot Club in Providence is a great watering hole with free hot popcorn. 🙂

  148. 4.30.14
    Casey Edmondson commented:

    OG in plum!!

  149. 4.30.14
    Elly commented:

    Love L&S! Would use the bag to go to the gym then work!

  150. 4.30.14
    Sarah commented:
  151. 4.30.14
    karen commented:

    I would love the OMG bag in Navy too. That seems to be the favorite.

  152. 4.30.14
    Sarah Smith commented:

    I love the OG bag in classic black!

  153. 4.30.14
    Jorja Loughmiller commented:

    The OMG bag is pretty wonderful. Would love to have it for my honeymoon!

  154. 4.30.14
    Elyssa commented:

    The OMG bag seems perfect for travel! I’d probably get it in the classic black, or maybe the purple!

  155. 4.30.14
    Dana commented:

    The O.M.G bag for sure! Thanks for the give away!

  156. 4.30.14
    Rachel B commented:

    It always seems like I pack too much, so I just check a bag just to ease my stress, but it’s beginning to add up, I definitely have to narrow down my necessities and this bag would totally help me do the trick!


  157. 4.30.14
    Natalia commented:

    I love the OMG bag in espresso!

  158. 4.30.14
    Kim commented:

    I love the TT!

  159. 4.30.14
    Sheila commented:

    Awesome bag!!! Have a fabulous time on all your travels!!

  160. 4.30.14
    yuri commented:

    the OMG bag!

  161. 4.30.14
    yaya commented:

    I’ve been wanting one of these bags soooooo bad. Hope I win.

  162. 4.30.14
    yaya commented:

    I’ve been wanting one of these bags soooooo bad.

  163. 4.30.14
    margarita commented:

    holy moly – that is a ridiculously amazing bag – perfect for the chronic traveler! OMG in navy would be purrfection!

  164. 4.30.14
    Shira commented:

    I’ve been dying for the OG in plum or azalea!

  165. 4.30.14
    Tiffany commented:

    I’ve seriously been stalking out the O.M.G. I absolutely love traveling and great bags are a must!!

  166. 5.1.14
    Brittany McKinley commented:

    Love the bag, I’m always looking for a nice lightweight bag to use when I travel that actually is able to hold a lot of stuff!

  167. 5.1.14
    Laura U. commented:

    I would like the O.G. in Azalea.

  168. 5.1.14
    Cynthy commented:

    ❤️ The O G in azalea…so perfect for Spring!

  169. 5.1.14
    ashpags commented:

    I have a black OMG and I adore it so much. I want one in every color!

  170. 5.1.14
    Alyson R. commented:

    Love that bag, especially the color! Looks very convenient for travel.

  171. 5.1.14
    Smichel commented:

    WOW! What a convenient bag. I can occupy so many things and not only that it looks so light.

  172. 5.1.14
    Janelle commented:

    I am so excited about this giveaway! I would love the overnight traveler, I would use it in addition to my suitcase. I love how you can slide the bag easily over the suitcase handles.

  173. 5.1.14
    crystal commented:

    I’m sure I’m not the only only person who wants one of each of these bags 🙂 I think a black omg would be my first choice.

  174. 5.1.14

    I would choose the OMG in black or navy…both are so gorgeous I can’t decide! 🙂
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  175. 5.1.14
    Samara commented:

    I’ve been dying for one of these bags to bring on my upcoming vacation, specifically the olive green version that you’re rocking here. Thank you for giving your readers a chance to win one!

  176. 5.1.14
    Molly commented:

    Would be perfect for law school in the fall!

  177. 5.1.14

    Take your travel schedule and double/triple it and there you have mine… so basically, I need this bag in my life! 😉


  178. 5.1.14
    Ashley commented:

    Such a great bag for traveling! I’m also on the go for work & family, would be a great addition!

  179. 5.1.14
    Amanda G commented:

    I love the OMG in plum or navy!

  180. 5.1.14
    Gabby portela commented:

    Such a great giveaway 🙂

  181. 5.1.14
    Missy D. commented:

    Would love the OMG bag in Navy!

  182. 5.1.14
    Rachel commented:

    I really, truly enjoy reading your posts. Great writing style and always keeping me laughing!

  183. 5.1.14
    Tessa commented:

    The OMG bag is perfect. With my summer internship coming up, I will be toting a lot of things around the city and an adorable yet practical bad would do just the trick!

  184. 5.1.14
    Natalie P. commented:

    Would love to win a bag, I always check because I can’t fit enough in my carry-on but this is an awesome option 🙂

    • 5.1.14
      Natalie P. commented:

      Forgot to add….love the TT bag!

  185. 5.1.14
    The Yuppie Files commented:

    I’m dying for a Lo & Sons bag! I carry so much stuff now with baby girl that no matter how long a trip is I have so much stuff to put in my bag!

  186. 5.1.14
    Mary commented:

    Recently used my bag for a tour of Europe, it was PERFECT!

  187. 5.1.14
    cathy commented:

    Love the navy one!

  188. 5.1.14
    Sarah commented:

    I love that the bag looks more like a purse than a traditional luggage bag. I would love the navy blue one to go with my orange Kipling luggage!

  189. 5.1.14
    Lisa Cushman commented:

    I seriously need to adopt your ability to avoid checking a bag in! I love this clever bag you’re featuring.

  190. 5.1.14
    Dawn commented:

    Envious of all the travel you are doing! I would love to win the Catalina in Midnight Ash. It’s a close call though as I love that OMG bag too! Safe travels!

  191. 5.1.14
    Allison commented:

    The OMG in navy is perfect

  192. 5.1.14
    Rachel commented:

    Love this bag!! I love the red one 🙂

  193. 5.1.14
    Rachel commented:

    I love this! Love the black OMG bag!

  194. 5.1.14
    Evann Clingan commented:

    Just have to enter for this one. Love the bag!

  195. 5.1.14
    Christy commented:

    Love the bag! Have fun on all of your upcoming travels! At least you’ll be traveling in style! 😉

  196. 5.1.14
    Samantha commented:

    Love your style. Have fun on all of your trips! 😎

  197. 5.1.14
    Rachel commented:

    LOVE your blog and LOVE the OMG bag in pretty much every color!
    I’m excited to try Core Fusion Barre next week too!

  198. 5.1.14
    Emily commented:

    Oh man i hope I win I’ve been wanting an OG/OMG bag forever. I have the Brookline for work and i love it.

  199. 5.1.14

    I’m in LOVE with the OG!

  200. 5.1.14
    Amy commented:

    I absolutely love this bag – I’m traveling all over the place this year and this would be PERFECT for me! Love your blog. xoxox

  201. 5.1.14
    Rachel Weisman commented:

    Love the bag! It’s cute, and practical 🙂

  202. 5.1.14
    Kenzie Swanhart commented:

    I’ve heard such great things about the Lo & Sons OMG Bag! I would love to win, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    X Kenzie


  203. 5.1.14
    Kylie commented:

    I would love to win the O.G. bag in azalea! Gorgeous!

    xo Kylie

  204. 5.1.14
    Kristen commented:

    Love to win either an OG or a weekender – great bags.

  205. 5.1.14
    Kristen commented:

    OMG sounds like you’re traveling as much as I am! I’m lusting over that bag, and also in hopes it makes traveling just a smidge easier!

  206. 5.1.14
    Jen commented:

    Would love to get the Catalina or the OMG! Plenty of trips to pack them up for this summer.

  207. 5.1.14
    lauren commented:

    The OMG bag for sure!

  208. 5.1.14
    Alexa commented:

    I keep hearing about how purposeful this bag is > > > I NEED it!

  209. 5.1.14
    Callie Roper commented:

    Ok, that bag is beyond awesome! I would love it in the espresso color (you know, to further my obsession with all things coffee).

  210. 5.1.14
    Briana commented:

    I am OBSESSED with the OMG bag! Also, I am super jealous of your upcoming trips, especially Paris. Enjoy!!!

  211. 5.1.14
    Sarah Viskovich commented:

    With moving across the country for grad school, this bag would be absolutely perfect for quick weekend trips home to see all my loved ones! The black is so sleek and classic – what’s not to love??

  212. 5.1.14
    Megan McCormick commented:

    I ADORE the Lo & Sons OMG bag! I have been searching for the perfect work/travel bag and this is definitely it! I love it in black, but the army green is awesome too!

  213. 5.1.14
    Danielle commented:

    I’ve really wanted one of these for work travel. I would love the navy or black!

  214. 5.1.14
    Rose commented:

    Love the OG!

  215. 5.1.14
    Sara Craine commented:

    Love the OMG!

  216. 5.1.14
    mary commented:

    I LOVE this bag and want another one … using it for my travels in Latin America and it is just perfect to go from carrying enough for an overnight trip to going to a business dinner. Had it for some months and it still looks like new! The best bag for every possible reason you can imagine!

  217. 5.1.14
    Abby commented:

    The O.M.G. bag would be perfect for bringing my gym clothes to work! I love the navy.

  218. 5.1.14
    Victoria commented:

    Love Lo and sons !!!

  219. 5.1.14
    julia commented:

    Love the bag and outfit!

  220. 5.1.14
    Michelle commented:

    This bag would be perfect for my stuff on work trips and when I’m traveling for all my upcoming weddings this year.

  221. 5.1.14
    Meredith commented:

    I have a work trip coming up to India and this would make the perfect carry on!

  222. 5.1.14
    Kate commented:

    This bag is perfect, I’ve tried so many carry ons but I think that the O.M.G. may actually be the best one I’ve seen. I just need to get my hands on one!

  223. 5.1.14
    Mary Kate commented:

    Love this, especially how your Barbour matches the bag! I would love the OMG bag in army green

  224. 5.1.14
    Brenna B commented:

    I’ve been searching all over for a great work and travel bag. Been seriously staring at the Lo & Sons website for a few days. Make my decision easier L&S! Also I love your hair.

  225. 5.1.14
    Meagan Montalto commented:

    Would be great to win this bag for my 1 year anniversary trip to Europe in a few weeks!

  226. 5.1.14
    Anne commented:

    I have an OMG and a Catalina bag – they are both great. I now have my eyes on a claremont or a T.T.

  227. 5.1.14
    Diana commented:

    I would love the OMG bag. I travel so much for work with my laptop, and this would be a great change my the crappy bag that the IT department gave me

  228. 5.1.14
    sarah commented:

    love that bag! such a great size for weekend travel – and so many great pockets and features!

  229. 5.1.14
    Priya commented:

    Nice bags! Love the OG in army green!

  230. 5.1.14
    Suzanna commented:

    i have been dying to get my hands on one of these bags since my friend showed hers to me! the shoe compartment is genius.

  231. 5.1.14
    Kaylie commented:

    I have been lusting after the OMG in either black or navy with the lavendar for some time!!! Cannot think of a better travel bag!

  232. 5.1.14
    Anna commented:

    I’d LOVE the OMG in purple!

  233. 5.1.14
    Maddie Buis commented:

    So jealous of all the traveling you do! Would LOVE a Lo & Sons bag for my upcoming trip to London this summer!

  234. 5.1.14
    cls commented:

    love the OMG in army green.

  235. 5.1.14
    Susan B. commented:

    I would love to either have the OG or the OMG in Army Green. It’s the perfect bag to travel with for work and pleasure when I have to haul all my tech stuff with me!

  236. 5.1.14
    Emily commented:

    I would love to win any of these bags!

  237. 5.1.14
    Maria Dabboussy commented:

    What a gorgeous bag! I love how it is both functional and beautiful!

  238. 5.1.14
    Lacey commented:

    I have had my eyes on the TT bag for a while. I would LOVE to own one; it would be so much more practical as a work bag!

  239. 5.1.14
    Rowena commented:

    I would love to win the OMG in black! Thanks for the opportunity!

  240. 5.1.14
    Agi commented:

    Oh that bag would be perfect for me. I’m loving the black one with the lavender interior.
    I would love to travel more. A little hard to do when you have a 5 year old.



  241. 5.1.14
    Andrea Cella commented:

    I love the OG in Navy or Plum – they are such great colors (and who wouldn’t love a lavender inside?)

  242. 5.1.14
    Katie commented:

    Looks like an awesome bag. I would love one for all of my travels this summer!

  243. 5.1.14
    Ellen Casper commented:

    Love the OG in navy

  244. 5.1.14
    Makinzy commented:

    I would love the omg bag in navy! It looks perfect!

  245. 5.1.14
    Karen commented:

    Love this post! Love the bag & both your looks!! Perfect for a travel day! Thanks so much!

  246. 5.1.14
    Emily commented:

    The OMG is any color would be amazing!!!!

  247. 5.1.14

    A trip to Chicago in June among other things in October… : ) Woo woo!

  248. 5.1.14
    Emily commented:

    Oops I meant the OMG in any color

  249. 5.1.14
    Katelyn Smith commented:

    Lo and Sons just posted about your giveaway on Facebook! I am so glad I found your blog; you’ve got great style, girl!

    I’ve been looking to see how someone pulls off the olive green bag! It looks great with your outfit! I’ve been dying to get the OMG or OG in Navy and the TT in black.

  250. 5.1.14
    Anne commented:

    I like the omg in navy.

  251. 5.1.14
    Lauren commented:

    This bag is the perfect size for traveling!

  252. 5.1.14
    Brooke commented:

    I too have gone from small trips to Boston to jet setting across the country for work, and a very action packed summer of travel! I’ve always traveled, so I’ve mastered the long haul flights, but that was when I was younger, and didn’t feel silly carrying a very large backpack filled with stuff. Now I want to look more presentable, and still manage to carry everything and not hurt my shoulder. This OMG bag in Navy looks pretty perfect to me! I can’t get over al the compartments!

  253. 5.1.14
    Tiffany commented:

    There is nothing better than a stylish bag that keeps you organized during your travels – I personally would love to have the style that you carry! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  254. 5.1.14
    Natasha commented:

    I love the OMG bag in black, such a classy bag to travel with!

  255. 5.1.14
    Ellen commented:

    I have been eyeing these bags for months! I think the O.G would be perfect for travel!

  256. 5.1.14
    Nikki commented:

    Love the OMG bag in navy!!

  257. 5.1.14
    Amanda commented:

    I love the OMG in navy!

  258. 5.1.14
    Cassie commented:

    Love your blog and love the bag!

  259. 5.1.14
    courtney d commented:

    The Catalina! So pretty!

  260. 5.1.14
    jane commented:

    what a perfect commuter bag! love the shoe pocket!

  261. 5.1.14
    Jessica commented:

    I love the OMG bag in Navy! I would love to use it for grad school- it would actually fit both my computer and books!

  262. 5.1.14
    Alesha commented:

    I really love all the storage in the OMG bag! It would be great for my trip to England!

  263. 5.1.14
    Rach commented:

    Love your look! I’ve had my eye on the OMG in navy for so long!

  264. 5.1.14
    Stephanie e. commented:

    I love the O.G. In navy! Soooooo classy!

  265. 5.1.14
    Morgan commented:

    Obsessed with the O.M.G.!

  266. 5.1.14
    Anna L commented:

    I have loved L&S for ages now! Always entering in giveaways and patiently waiting to win:) I would love to win the OG in Navy!

  267. 5.1.14
    Anna L commented:

    Always entering in giveaways and patiently waiting to win:) I would love to win the OG in Navy!

  268. 5.1.14
    Margaret commented:

    The navy OMG is on my short list for sure!

  269. 5.1.14
    Erin commented:

    Love these bags. Thanks for the giveaway!

  270. 5.1.14
    Kristi commented:

    The OMG is navy is perfection! Can’t wait to hear more about Oslo!!!


  271. 5.1.14
    Shauna commented:

    I travel each week for work and this would be great.

  272. 5.1.14
    Melanie commented:

    LOVE this line. Thanks for posting! I’d love to win the O.G. in black!

  273. 5.1.14
    Lori commented:

    Love their bags! they would be perfect for all my work travels.

  274. 5.1.14
    Annie commented:

    Like most fashionistas, I’m an excessive overpacker, so the personal item + carry on have to be very precariously packed! Love a versatile bag like this!

  275. 5.1.14
    hannah commented:

    I would love to have the OMG bag for all my work travels!

  276. 5.1.14
    Barbara Goderich commented:

    I am in love with my plum colored O.G. Bag –

  277. 5.1.14
    Christie commented:

    Any of them! However, I would love the Catalina as a beach bag.

  278. 5.1.14
    Jennifer commented:

    I love these bags!!!

  279. 5.1.14
    MaryAnn commented:

    Obsessed! Perfect for the utilitarian.

  280. 5.1.14
    Emily commented:

    All of those trips sound great! Such a cute bag, too!

  281. 5.1.14
    Rema commented:

    I travel often and have yet to find the perfect carry-on. Could this be the one?!

  282. 5.1.14
    Abbie commented:

    Love the OG bag in Espresso!!

  283. 5.1.14
    Sarah commented:

    The O.M.G in Azalea is amazing! Totally obsessed with that color for Spring/Summer.

  284. 5.1.14
    Laura commented:


  285. 5.1.14
    Rainey Campbell commented:

    I travel frequently for work and am in need of the perfect carry-on to keep both personal and business items organized. Also expecting a little one and think this would double as a great “Mom” bag as well! Would love the O.M.G. in Army Green.

  286. 5.1.14
    Lillian commented:

    Amazing bag! Can’t decide between navy, plum, and black…

  287. 5.1.14
    Abby commented:

    Great bags! Would love the OMG in the black with the gold but would be happy with any of their fabulous colors.

  288. 5.1.14
    Dani commented:

    Super cute bag! Love.

  289. 5.1.14
    Megan commented:

    I love that bag! I need it for work travel! I will be on the road a lot this summer!

  290. 5.1.14
    adrienne commented:

    i lovelovelove these bags! i have the OMG but wishing i got the OG

  291. 5.1.14
    Ashley commented:

    I would love the OG bag in navy!

  292. 5.1.14
    Karen w. commented:

    Love the Catalina bag in thistle!

  293. 5.1.14
    Melanie commented:

    I don’t own one…yet!!

  294. 5.1.14
    Natasha commented:

    I’ve had my eye on this bag for a while! It’s especially lovely in the new Azalea color.

  295. 5.1.14
    cait commented:

    I have been literally obsessed with the OG for AGES. Time to take the plunge!

  296. 5.1.14
    Libbi commented:

    I’m like you and don’t like to check bags on flights. That looks like it would be the perfect carry on bag!

  297. 5.1.14
    Erin commented:

    OMG I’ve been dying to get one of those bags every since Corals and Cognacs featured them. But I cannot justify spending money on a travel bag when I don’t travel (even though I would LOVE to). But the travel bag you have would be perfect for just going to work…in minor league baseball where I bring so much with me!

  298. 5.1.14
    erin commented:

    Love the weekender!

  299. 5.1.14
    Jen commented:

    Oh i want one of those bags so bad!

  300. 5.1.14
    Caitlin commented:

    I love the OMG in navy!! Would die to have one of these bags

  301. 5.1.14
    Melissa commented:

    This is such a handy bag, and perfect for travel! I am all about traveling light and this bag is perfect for that. Would love to get my hands on the black or navy one. Very classic and chic!

  302. 5.1.14
    Ashley commented:

    Oh my gosh, I love all of the bags! I love the catalina in midnight ash or the OMG in ANYTHING!

  303. 5.1.14
    Melissa commented:

    I’d love to win one of these bags! They are so cute!

  304. 5.1.14
    Naomi commented:

    I would love to win an O.M.G. in navy! Looks like the perfect travel/gym bag.

  305. 5.1.14
    Olivia commented:

    I love the OMG bag in black!

  306. 5.1.14
    elana commented:

    the OMG bag in plum or army is chic and springy!

  307. 5.1.14
    marjorie commented:

    I’ve wanted one of these bags for forever! I’d love the O.M.G in Espresso please!

  308. 5.1.14
    Leslie commented:

    Would love the black OMG!

  309. 5.1.14
    Tarana commented:

    The OMG! Perfect for my move and travel adventures to Kuala Lumpur

  310. 5.1.14
    Ruthi commented:

    Holy smokes- the back panel sleeve for luggage is ingenious! I can’t believe I haven’t seen this before. Thanks for sharing, and if I did win one of their bags I would want the Brookline, probably in black.

  311. 5.1.14
    Dana commented:

    I love the OMG in navy or army green!

  312. 5.1.14
    Kristen commented:

    I have the OMG in navy and have no idea how I traveled without it before! I love the organizational pockets! Just got the brown for my mom.

  313. 5.1.14
    Charlene D. commented:

    Love the OG bag! It looks great and so functional.

  314. 5.1.14
    Andrea Darst commented:

    I’ve been drooling over the navy OMG bag and hoping against hope I can win this for my trip to Cancun in 3 weeks!

  315. 5.1.14
    Emily Helm commented:

    The OMG bag has been on my list for a whilllleee!!! I would definitely choose that one!

  316. 5.1.14
    Joyce commented:

    I’d definitely go with black or plum!

  317. 5.1.14
    Cheri commented:

    I’m always looking for a good travel bag, and this looks perfect!

  318. 5.1.14
    Katie M commented:

    LOVE this bag!! Have been recommending it to so many people even though I haven’t had the funds to get one myself! Would LOVE to win!

  319. 5.1.14
    Anna commented:

    I love the OMG in the olive color you’re carrying!

  320. 5.1.14
    OhBuoyBoston commented:

    Your year sounds like mine last year – travel is so much fun, but can definitely be tiring! That bag is perfect for it. Love the olive!
    Oh Buoy Boston

  321. 5.1.14
    Amanda commented:

    Love, Love, Love that bag!

  322. 5.1.14
    Chelsea commented:

    So cute – I need the O.M.G. bag! perfect for wanderlust:)

  323. 5.1.14
    jen commented:

    I love the OMG bag! What color do you have it in? I want that one!

  324. 5.1.14
    Sara commented:

    I have a Lo & Sons bag, but I would love an every day bag and this one is awesome!

  325. 5.1.14
    Anne commented:

    This bag would be perfect for me as a intern bag since I’ll be traveling a lot this summer!

  326. 5.1.14
    Jessica commented:

    I just discovered your site and am in love! I’ve been eyeing those bags for a while now too! Would love to win the giveaway!

  327. 5.1.14
    Alaina Shea commented:

    I love that bag! It would be great for my upcoming trips! I’d love it in black 🙂

  328. 5.1.14
    Jordan commented:

    Love these bags!! Bring on the color! And love the interiors!

  329. 5.1.14
    April commented:

    I love the Catalina!

  330. 5.1.14
    Leslie commented:

    I would love the OMG bag in Navy!

  331. 5.1.14
    Valerie commented:

    I love the OMG and the great clors they have! I would love either an OG or an OMG! Both are awesome!

  332. 5.1.14
    Abira commented:

    What a great bag! I travel a lot for work and that would be perfect to bring on trips.

  333. 5.1.14
    Nicole commented:

    They are all SO gorgeous!! The OMG bag in black with the gold hardware is TDF, so sleek and classic!

  334. 5.1.14
    Eri commented:

    I would love to have the OMG. That’s a miracle bag!

  335. 5.1.14
    Jennifer P commented:

    I love the OMG in the black w/ silver hardware!

  336. 5.1.14
    Jordan commented:

    You just can’t go wrong with classic black.

  337. 5.1.14
    Erin commented:

    This bag sounds amazing!!

  338. 5.1.14
    Kristen commented:

    The gray bag!

  339. 5.1.14
    Elizabeth commented:

    I would love the OG in classic black!!

  340. 5.1.14
    Stacey commented:

    WOW all that travel sounds amazing (maybe even a little bit exhausting)!! This bag looks amazing for travel I would love to win the claremont, so I can carry my camera in something fancy!


    Five Minute Style 

  341. 5.1.14
    eleanor commented:

    I love the Lo&Sons Brookline and Catalina Bags. Sure I will love the OMG too!

  342. 5.1.14
    Kate commented:

    I would LOVE an OMG or OG – perfect for frequent flying!

  343. 5.1.14
    Hayley commented:

    I would LOVE an O.M.G. bag just like yours! Totally obsessed with that army green color.

  344. 5.1.14
    Stacy Jimenez commented:

    I have been ogling the OG in black with silver hardware for months. I have an upcoming trip to Sweden and Denmark with a group of girls heading out to an international soccer tournament. The perfect bag for travel and caring assorted soccer jerseys!

  345. 5.1.14
    Ashley commented:

    would love an omg bag!

  346. 5.1.14
    paulyna Nguyen commented:

    I really want the navy one! It seems like the perfect bag for me to tote around school!

  347. 5.1.14
    Ashley Laurel commented:

    I love this bag and how you styled it… and I’m very in the market for a new travel bag because of multiple upcoming summer trips all over the country. 🙂

  348. 5.1.14
    Kelly commented:

    cute bag!

  349. 5.1.14
    Liz commented:

    LOVE the OMG. I am going to Ireland for two weeks this summer and plan to only carry-on. wish me luck!

  350. 5.1.14

    Love me a Lo & Sons giveaway! Maybe one day I’ll win one! The OMG that is!

  351. 5.1.14
    Andi commented:

    Dying over all of these. Such gorgeous bags!

  352. 5.1.14
    Cristina commented:

    I need this bag, I love it!!

  353. 5.1.14
    Kate commented:

    Perfect travel bag!

  354. 5.1.14
    Jenny Fountain commented:

    The OMG in navy!

  355. 5.1.14
    Nicki commented:

    Would love this bag! Going to Sonoma and my sister’s college graduation and it would be PERFECT for travel. The colors are gorgeous and I love how it’s styled here. #fingerscrossed

  356. 5.1.14
    Julia Ann commented:

    I have been longing for the O. G. Bag in Plum!

  357. 5.1.14
    Heather commented:

    I would choose the OG! Need a little more space than the OMG. I also love the Catalina.

  358. 5.1.14
    Melissa commented:

    Love love the OMG in navy!!!

  359. 5.1.14
    Melissa commented:

    I would choose the O.M.G bag in plum

  360. 5.1.14
    Stacey commented:

    LOVE this bag! The army green is so cute!!!

  361. 5.1.14
    AJ commented:

    The OG and the OMG are both so fab!


  362. 5.1.14
    Cortney commented:

    Would LOVE the Catalina bag in dove grey. We travel a lot while filming and don’t have tons of space, so that one would be perfect! 🙂

  363. 5.1.14
    C commented:

    Would loooove the OMG in Navy! It’s so darn cute and super functional!

  364. 5.1.14
    Julie Nguyen commented:

    I would love to win the OMG in Navy – just purchased The Catalina in Ash Grey for my Peru trip coming up in a few weeks. The OMG bag will be perfect for my two wedding weekend trips this summer – I’ll instagram the heck out of this.

  365. 5.1.14
    Danielle K commented:

    I like them all! Maybe the OG or the OMG 🙂

  366. 5.1.14
    Priscilla commented:

    I like the O.G. bag in plum!

  367. 5.1.14
    Shannon commented:

    I’ve been web-stalking those for a long time now! would love to have one!

  368. 5.1.14
    Rachel commented:

    I would loveeee either the Black OMG with gold or the army green OMG!!!

  369. 5.1.14
    Julie commented:

    I considered asking for a Lo & Sons bag when I graduated from law school last year, but ended up with a nice leather bag instead. I’ve still been longing for one of these bags for travel and the gym so the OG or Catalina bag would be perfect!

  370. 5.1.14
    Megan commented:

    Love the bag and the passport holder!!!!

  371. 5.1.14
    Kimbercrafts commented:

    I love the O.G. in plum! I have to carry a ton with me everyday (mom of a toddler), and this looks like a stylish way to do it!

  372. 5.1.14
    Charleigh commented:

    Loooove the OMG bag! I travel all the time for work and personally and this is something I need to make the hassles of travel a bit easier!

  373. 5.1.14
    Camille commented:

    OMG…That seriously might be THE perfect travel bag.

  374. 5.1.14
    Daniela commented:

    I recently discovered your blog and I have been loving it!
    thank you so much for this chance, I would love the one you have!
    It looks like it would be my perfect everyday bag!
    Dani 🙂

  375. 5.1.14
    Ateka commented:

    OG bag in navy!

  376. 5.1.14
    Caitlin commented:

    I LOVE the omg bag, I have a few upcoming trips that it would be perfect for. Now I just need to decide on the color!

  377. 5.1.14

    Cute post! Travel these days is definitely not as luxurious as it was 40 years ago! I’m also a non-bag checker. I despise waiting at that crowded carousel for my bag, which inevitably comes out LAST. I’d rather just hit the road the second I step off that plane and begin my trip/vacation/adventure. That OMG bag is adorable and def big enough to stash all of the last minute add-ons that don’t fit into my overstuffed carry-on bag!

  378. 5.1.14

    Love it in Navy!

  379. 5.1.14
    Jessica commented:

    I would get the OMG bag in Navy! Love it!

  380. 5.1.14
    Rae commented:

    Super cute post! Question: are the straps of those bags strong? I can’t seem to find one to hold up for work!

  381. 5.1.14
    Chrissta commented:

    I love this bag!

  382. 5.1.14
    Tonya commented:

    I love the OMG bag in espresso!

  383. 5.1.14
    Zingee commented:

    I love the O.G.!

  384. 5.1.14
    Gina commented:

    just love this bag – perfect for my work commute!

  385. 5.1.14
    Gina commented:

    !just love this bag – perfect for my work commute! I’d go navy blue OMG!

  386. 5.1.14
    Leslie commented:

    I am obsessed with the omg to go back and forth to work

  387. 5.1.14
    Rachel M commented:

    The bag is adorable and I would love it for my next trip

  388. 5.1.14
    Mackynzie commented:

    I just love the black OMG bag! It’s so cute and versatile. It has been on my wish list for months!

  389. 5.1.14
    Beth commented:

    It was love at first sight when I came across the O.M.G. bag while browsing through the internet. I couldn’t believe such bag ACTUALLY exists. Smart in every way possible. Definitely understands function & style, it simply can’t go wrong. No nonsense. Been looking for a bag like this for forever! A staple bag indeed. Very smart! 🙂

  390. 5.1.14
    AP commented:

    Longtime lurker here! Always look forward to reading your site every day. Also, what a fun giveaway!

  391. 5.1.14
    Chandler Carver commented:

    I would LOVE to have this bag to travel with for work! So practical!

  392. 5.1.14
    Rebecca Davis commented:

    I would LOVE the OMG bag as either a travel bag, overnight bag for when I go on a quick visit to a friends or relatives or maybe even as a gym bag with that handy shoe compartment! What a brilliant bag!

  393. 5.1.14
    Leslie W. commented:

    The OMG bag in persimmon is mighty fine, I must say!

  394. 5.1.14
    Sents Saver commented:

    the O.M.G. bags are my favorite! I’d love to win one!

  395. 5.1.14
    Starr commented:

    Big fan of the O.G. and O.M.G. bags! The black with silver hardware and lavender interior would go with everything!

  396. 5.2.14
    Liz C. commented:

    It looks like a perfect bag to carry to work!

  397. 5.2.14
    Beth commented:

    The Navy OMG would make my summer perfect!

  398. 5.2.14

    Love the classic navy OMG!

    Liz @ http://www.shoppingmycloset.com

  399. 5.2.14
    Elle commented:

    I love and want *all* of their bags, but if I’m only choosing one, it’d have to be the black/lavender OMG. The OG actually better fits my pack rat personality, but I’m way too petite to carry it without looking like a small child.

  400. 5.2.14
    Justine commented:

    I can’t decide between the OG and OMG. I wish they would bring back the true red.

  401. 5.2.14
    Vivian commented:

    Love the OMG in army green or navy!!

  402. 5.2.14
    Trisha commented:

    OMG bag in navy would be a must

  403. 5.2.14
    Kara commented:

    It took forever to scroll to the bottom to leave a comment but for this awesome giveaway?! Easy peasy! Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂 Would be such a blessing if I get picked to win a bag. Can definitely make use of it for this summer’s travel with two littles. Bless you!

  404. 5.2.14
    Kara commented:

    Oops. OMG in black or olive.

  405. 5.2.14
    Cecilia Liang commented:

    I would LOVE an azalea OMG. Thank you!

  406. 5.2.14
    Lianne commented:

    Love these travel bags!

  407. 5.2.14
    melissa kay commented:

    I love the catalina!

  408. 5.2.14
    Maria commented:

    I have my eye on the Catalina!! What a great overnight bag! Love them all.

  409. 5.2.14
    Kate commented:

    Absokutely adore these. The perfect addition to a traveler’s necessities!

  410. 5.2.14
    Chelsea commented:

    I love the Lo & Sons bags… they are made so well and will last forever!

  411. 5.2.14
    Jolee commented:

    I could totally use this bag to organize my life and not only carry around my stuff, but all the stuff my kids want/need to bring everywhere!!

  412. 5.2.14
    Courtney commented:

    I love the OG and the OMG! I am constantly on the go – work, gym, boyfriend’s house, etc. I would use this bag every single day!! 🙂 Finger’s crossed!

  413. 5.2.14
    Morgan commented:

    Loving the OMG Bag! I’ve had my eye on one for years 🙂

  414. 5.2.14
    Tara commented:

    Love the OMG pockets! And it is the perfect size too–not to big where it is overpowering but big enough to fit everything you could need! Love the azalea color on the website.

  415. 5.2.14
    Leigh Stambaugh commented:

    Love the OMG! And LS are my initials! Could it be any more perfect??

  416. 5.2.14
    Elizabeth commented:

    I’d get the catalina! What a great giveaway 🙂

  417. 5.2.14
    Paula Williams commented:

    Great styling!

  418. 5.2.14
    Christi commented:

    I would so love the OG bag in black with gold accents! What a beautiful travel necessity it would make!!

  419. 5.2.14
    Lindsay K commented:

    the catalina in thistle!!!

    or the OG in Black/GOld!

  420. 5.2.14
    DT commented:

    Love the bag in navy! So cute!

  421. 5.2.14
    Amy commented:

    Cute bag! and love the shoes!

  422. 5.2.14
    Heather commented:

    I am dying to have an OMG in navy.

  423. 5.2.14
    B commented:

    I love the OMG or the OG in black!

  424. 5.2.14
    Ashley commented:

    The OMG bag looks wonderful! I love how you can slip it over the handle of your suitcase, so practical.

  425. 5.2.14
    Molly commented:

    Ah this bag is perfect for travel!

  426. 5.2.14
    Erin commented:


  427. 5.2.14
    Heather B. commented:

    the brookline would be the perfect everyday work bag!

  428. 5.2.14
    Sara Hernandez commented:

    I want a OG in black!!

  429. 5.2.14
    Toria Davis commented:

    I have been looking for a new work bag forever and I think I have just found it! The laptop pocket as well as shoe compartment are perfect for commuting to work as well as traveling, as you said.

  430. 5.2.14
    Ali commented:

    I love all of the compartments! Have a big trip coming up this summer and would love this bag for it!

  431. 5.2.14
    Britta commented:

    I want that OMG bag in black with light gold hardware for work, travel and the gym. Love the shoe compartment!

  432. 5.2.14
    Hyun commented:

    Love the brookline in navy for my work travel!

  433. 5.2.14
    theresa J commented:

    I love the Catalina

  434. 5.2.14
    Ellen commented:

    I’d love the catalina in black!

  435. 5.2.14

    I am an avid traveller and have been eyeing this bag in basic black with silver hardware as it can go with literally any outfit. Its too pricey for me being a student. I would love to win this bag! Would make a perfect travel companion this july going Nepal(my home) after 8 years.

    Thankyou !

  436. 5.2.14
    Kelly commented:

    I love the Claremont…after carrying diaper bags around for years (which I’m finally done with now) I am looking forward to carrying more of a purse bag;)

  437. 5.2.14
    Jenn commented:

    Love this look for travel!

  438. 5.2.14
    Danielle C commented:

    I love the OMG and the Catalina! I’ve been debating buying one for months!

  439. 5.2.14
    Alicia commented:

    I would love the OMG bag in Army Green!

  440. 5.2.14
    Noreen commented:

    I travel for work frequently. A solid bag is the BEST!

  441. 5.2.14
    Katy commented:

    The Catalina! Beautiful!

  442. 5.2.14
    Jessica Leigh commented:

    Love the bags! All functional and cute!

  443. 5.2.14
    Olivia commented:

    I would love love love to have an OMG bag!

  444. 5.2.14
    Christine commented:

    I have been dreeeeaming of an OMG bag… I LOVE the OMG/OG so much. Until this poor college kid can afford one I’ll keep entering giveaways 🙂

  445. 5.2.14
    Caitlin commented:

    I’ve been fawning over the OMG bag. So perfect!! Would be the best present for graduating with my master’s tomorrow 🙂

  446. 5.2.14
    Nicole L commented:

    The azalea OMG bag is lovely!

  447. 5.2.14
    Diana commented:

    I’ve been eyeing the OG bag for so long. I would love it in the same color as you!

  448. 5.2.14
    Sarah Y commented:

    normally a black sort of lady, but I am LOVING the Azalea color

  449. 5.2.14
    Antonia commented:

    All of the Lo & Sons bags are great! My favorite is the OMG in navy.

  450. 5.2.14
    Maddy commented:

    I’m loving the O.G. in plum – all that traveling can be exhausting, but you’re right. its so fun!


  451. 5.2.14
    Marisa commented:

    I’d love a brookline (my work laptop is too big for the other bags ).

  452. 5.2.14
    Erin commented:

    That bag is adorable!! I am in love with the OMG in navy. I travel to other countries and cities so much. That would be so convenient! Best of luck to everyone also!

  453. 5.2.14
    Tarene commented:

    I’ve been obsessing over the OG for so long!!

  454. 5.2.14
    Amanda commented:

    Had my eye on one of these bags for a while now!

  455. 5.2.14
    Kim commented:

    Love the bag!

  456. 5.2.14
    Hannah Beth commented:

    I just love the Plum O.G. Bag! It seems perfect for an on the go lifestyle! 🙂

  457. 5.3.14
    Katherine commented:

    I travel frequently for work, and the OMG Bag looks like the perfect companion to bring along with me.

  458. 5.3.14
    Meli commented:

    I would love the OMG bag in navy!

  459. 5.3.14
    Moira commented:

    I love the OMG in Black! That’s exciting that you’re coming to Portland again! I’ve been living here for about 6 months and LOVE it! Also, love the Barbour!

  460. 5.3.14
    Allison commented:

    I purchased my first Lo & Sons bag a few years ago and have been so happy traveling since. I’d love to add the TT to my travel routine.

  461. 5.3.14
    Marjan commented:

    Army green, espresso, navy. I’m not picky 🙂 it’s a great travel bag – stylish and functional– looks good in every color!

  462. 5.3.14
    Leah commented:

    Love the Catalina!


  463. 5.3.14
    Audrey commented:

    I love love love the O.G. — especially in the Plum! Would be great for my upcoming trip to SF!

  464. 5.3.14
    Sarah L commented:

    Love the bag, have been thinking about getting one for myself!

  465. 5.3.14
    Megan commented:

    Loving the O.M.G Bag!

  466. 5.3.14
    Amy commented:

    LOVE that bag. Would love to have one!

  467. 5.3.14
    Emily commented:

    I love the OMG bag! It would be perfect for my upcoming trip to London 😀

  468. 5.3.14
    Ashley commented:

    Has anyone tried using the promo code? I tried, but it wouldn’t take the discount so I wasn’t sure if it was me or an invalid code. Thanks!

  469. 5.3.14
    Nikki commented:

    Love your review of the bag. Also love the Brookline bag in navy!

  470. 5.3.14
    Valerie commented:

    Love this! May have to buy one after reading your review!!

  471. 5.3.14
    Erica commented:

    Great travel outfit – love the jacket.

  472. 5.3.14
    Helen commented:

    I have been eyeing the TT for awhile. It would be the perfect grad school bag!

  473. 5.3.14
    E Kay commented:

    I like The OG

  474. 5.4.14
    Nicole commented:

    I’m torn between black and espresso in the O.G. Would be perfect for my walk to work in order to consolidate to one bag!

  475. 5.4.14
    Lyddiegal commented:

    I think the OMG in navy would be perfect! Have fun on all your travels this summer!

  476. 5.4.14
    Jennifer P commented:

    The OMG bag is the one I’ve got my eye on and would love to win!!!

  477. 5.4.14
    Regina commented:

    Love this bag and love bows and sequins!

  478. 5.4.14
    Anna commented:

    Love this bag and LOVE your blog!

  479. 5.4.14
    Cynthia commented:

    Just found your blog while reading about the Lo & Sons OMG and OG bags that I am coveting. Love both. Three trips already this year, with at least three more planned.

  480. 5.4.14
    tarene commented:

    The Black O.G would be perfect for my summer abroad!

  481. 5.4.14
    Maddie commented:

    First, thanks so much for posting a picture of the OMG on your shoulder. I’ve been debating between the Brookline and the OMG for a month–love the OMG’s features but worried it would be too big for my long day to day commute on the metro. Now I’m convinced that the OMG is the way to go! I’m also thrilled because the OMG comes in army green– and the Brookline doesn’t. Thanks for the great review. I’m entering now– fingers crossed for the OMG in army green!!

  482. 5.4.14
    Danielle commented:

    I’ve really been admiring their bags lately! May have to splurge if I don’t win… 🙂

  483. 5.4.14
    Lea commented:

    Love the OMG bag!

  484. 5.4.14
    Madison commented:

    Absolutely love this outfit and the bag 🙂

  485. 5.4.14
    Michelle commented:

    I would love to win the OMG bag, would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Italy!!

  486. 5.4.14
    Jessica commented:

    I would love the O.M.G. In navy!!!

  487. 5.4.14
    Lily commented:

    The bag looks lovely with your jacket! Lo & Sons’ entire collection looks so well-constructed and versatile. Simple, smart designs and stylish to boot. I would love to own a piece.

  488. 5.4.14
    Cornelia commented:

    This bag would be perfect for traveling and the gym. So much nicer than boring gym bags!

  489. 5.4.14

    I LOOOVE my OMG big!! Wnat another!

  490. 5.4.14
    Leanne commented:

    Hop I win! Awesome bag!

  491. 5.4.14
    lauren commented:

    Love the omg bag in army!

  492. 5.4.14
    Jaclyn commented:

    Love that bag, I’ve been eyeing one for months!

  493. 5.5.14
    Anu commented:

    About to start traveling for work and the Lo & Sons line looks amazing!

  494. 5.5.14
    Kate commented:

    Love the bag! I will have to check it out since I travel for work so frequently as well! I just took a 10-day trip to Paris and Oslo – you’ll have a blast!

  495. 5.5.14
    Minela commented:

    Simple. OG, black.

  496. 5.5.14
    Michelle commented:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE either an OMG or OG bag! They just seem so perfect for EVERYTHING!

  497. 5.5.14
    Michelle commented:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE an OG or OMG bag! They look perfect for EVERYTHING!

  498. 5.5.14
    Missy L commented:

    I love the purple The Catalina Large Canvas Weekender bag. Would be perfect for my wedding weekend and honeymoon 🙂

  499. 5.5.14
    MarilynT commented:

    I’ve been obsessing on the OG bags and the Catalina Weekender for a couple of weeks now — I think I can hum the music from the site’s videos from memory. Used your code just now to buy the Catalina…maybe it will be my lucky number that’s drawn and I can get the OG! Thank for the chance to enter!

  500. 5.5.14
    Casey commented:

    Traveling is so fun, I love it, but when you start traveling a lot you start to crave home. Super jealous of your Paris trip.

  501. 5.5.14
    Samantha commented:

    It’s hard to pick one. They all are cute. hm…. I would pick the The OMG bag for daily usage and traveling.

  502. 5.5.14

    definitely the OMG!

  503. 5.5.14
    Eaman commented:

    The OMG in espresso

  504. 5.5.14
    Audi commented:

    OMG in army green looks fab! Great Post!

  505. 5.5.14
    Bincy K commented:

    The Espresso O.M.G bag is just OMG- especially love the compartment for shoes- don’t see that so often and that is one perk you can always always use!

  506. 5.5.14
    Sarah S. commented:

    Love the OMG in navy. I have four out-of-town weddings this summer so I great carry on is a must.

  507. 5.5.14
    Kaitlin P. commented:

    The OMG would be a PERFECT for a diaper bag, but wayyy more stylish!!!

  508. 5.5.14
    Britt commented:

    I was on the fence about this bag..but now I think I have to have it!

  509. 5.5.14
    Gabrielle commented:

    I would love to have the OMG bag in espresso, thank you for the opportunity!

  510. 5.5.14
    daljit commented:

    what a cute bag!

  511. 5.5.14
    jessie commented:

    love it! their bags are so high quality!

  512. 5.5.14
    Jaclyn commented:

    Love the bag!

  513. 5.5.14
    Diana commented:

    Love this bag!

  514. 5.5.14
    Morgan Robinson commented:

    I am in LOVE with this bag!!! What a perfect go – to travel bag! After dropping my laptop out of my current bag and cracking the corner, this carry all would be a perfect replacement!!!

  515. 5.5.14
    Hayley commented:

    The OG in navy would be the perfect gym bag as I start triathlon training! Finally a cute gym bag that I can bring to work!

  516. 5.5.14
    sarah commented:

    Love the OMG in Army Green!!! Fingers crossed!

  517. 5.5.14
    Christine L commented:

    Would love to win the bag!

  518. 5.5.14
    Dana R commented:

    All of the Lo & Sons bags look terrific but the OMG looks perfect to me!