Springtime Style

Spring in New York City is truly unlike anything else. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the city pretty much year round, and especially in the fall, but in the spring — there’s just something about it. The city absolutely comes alive in the spring. We start shedding our all-black ensembles for lighter and brighter pieces of clothing.

Here’s a look back at some of my favorite looks from last spring…

*Outfit details here.

*Outfit details here.

*Outfit details here.

*Outfit details here.

*Outfit details here.

*Outfit details here.

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  1. 4.19.14
    Zhanna commented:

    Wow, I love all your looks, I think your style is very trendy, colorful, feminine and romantic as well. My favorite is your look on pic N5. very pretty! wish you great weekend! <3


  2. 4.19.14
    Nathy commented:

    Each and every one of them is perfection! I can’t even choose a favorite. They’re all perfectly spring. <3

  3. 4.19.14
    Emma commented:

    These are all such great looks, I can’t to see your outfits for this spring!

  4. 4.19.14
    Meagan commented:

    Love your looks from last year! Can’t wait to see this spring’s outfits!

  5. 4.19.14
    Melissa commented:

    I’m loving all the bright colors and prints Jess 🙂 Totally my style!

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  6. 4.19.14
    Courtney commented:

    I love all your looks! They’re so fresh and colorful! 🙂

    – Courtney

  7. 4.19.14
    Emily commented:

    lol i also bought that f21 floral skirt in both colors. different sizes bc that’s all they had left but they both work. such a steal

  8. 4.19.14
    Katherine commented:

    You are too adorable. And I’m completely in love with the purple top/floral skirt combo. Can we just be shopping buddies? K, thanks 😉


  9. 4.19.14
    Shannon Waisath commented:

    LOVING every outfit on this list, especially the polka dot pink pants one!


  10. 4.19.14
    Rose commented:

    Helloooo, florals! Loving all those skirts 🙂

  11. 4.20.14
    Katie Albury commented:

    Such a gorgeous selection of spring picks! I love dusting off my lighter jackets and putting some colour back in my life!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Katie x

  12. 4.20.14
    Vera Sawicki commented:

    What adorable outfit! You look awesome!


  13. 4.20.14
    Natali commented:

    You look beautiful in all of these outfits! First and second to last ones are my favourites 🙂


  14. 4.20.14
    Andrea commented:

    I loved all of your spring dresses paired with a denim jacket last spring! Always a classic look and they always look fabulous!



  15. 4.21.14

    Love the 4th look – obsessed with that colorful print on your skirt Jess! xo


  16. 4.21.14

    Such fabulous spring style! Now if only the weather would stay more in the 70’s rather than the 50’s!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  17. 4.21.14
    Ally commented:

    Loving the bright floral printed skirts!


  18. 4.21.14
    Kayla commented:

    You are so SO beautiful Jessica! Still obsessed with those heels in picture 2! : )


  19. 4.21.14
    Kristi commented:

    So many cute Spring outfits! Love them all…
    xx, Kristi


  20. 4.21.14
    Agi commented:

    I feel the same way about Vancouver. When the sun is shinning, it’s like it’s a completely different city. Love it!!!!!



  21. 4.21.14
    Haley Valerie commented:

    These are all great looks!


  22. 4.21.14

    Your outfits are always so cute! I constantly find myself “shopping my closet” after being inspired by one of your posts. For now, I’m stuck in Michigan, but hopefully one day I’ll be able to experience a NYC Spring (although I don’t think anything can beat a Christmas in the city!), it looks amazing!


  23. 4.22.14
    Stacey commented:

    You have the cutest spring style!


    Five Minute Style 

  24. 4.24.14
    Tanya commented:

    Such a lovely skirt.


  25. 4.28.14
    Berty Morales commented:

    You look amazing, and I must say that I love every single look.