Weekend Reading

Iris Apfel curated a set of sales on One Kings Lane that starts today.

Absolutely loving Mackenzie’s Career Spotlight feature! (Brandy Pham / Tamra Sanford from Ever Swoon / Jennifer from Jack Rogers)

I’m always so intrigued by work-life balance stories. I mean, Carly and I probably talked about this for an hour last night. (We had a 120 person blogger sleepover at the new Citizen M hotel in NYC… nbd.) In this day and age, we’re all juggling SO much, yet we continue to take on more and more and more. Businesses, jobs, pets, significant others, friends, family, errands, personal well-being, and the list goes on and on. Here’s an article to get you thinking and also links out to a bunch of other interesting reads.

I filmed two videos with Glam.com and Target recently… Check them out! City Style: New York City & Style Squad: What to Wear on a First Date (Forewarning: I was pretty sick while filming these and I sound like an actual man.)

Speaking of dating, this map had me laughing. Having lived in a few of these places, t’s shockingly accurate!

I need to go find this rainbow wall in Brooklyn! Absolutely love the plaid shirt Julia is wearing, too!

Loving the bucket bag trend, but I’m not really wanting to invest in a new handbag at the moment. Buying this Old Navy version immediately!

Have a very happy weekend! xo

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  1. 4.5.14
    Irene said:

    have a great weekend! all of them are really nice!


  2. 4.5.14
    Meagan said:

    Oh work-life balance… always trying to figure that one out!

  3. 4.5.14
    Andrea said:

    Great reads…especially loving the Bro Map…sadly it’s pretty accurate for Silicon Valley as well! We’re surrounded by techies! 🙂



  4. 4.5.14

    Adorable videos! Loved them both.

  5. 4.6.14
    Rebecca said:

    Gah! That sleepover sounds so fun!! I hope your weekend is going great!


  6. 4.8.14
    Rose said:

    Umm I know where that wall is that Julia shot in front of! It’s actually rather close to the apartment of someone we both know, haha.