Festive Freeze

I’m pretty fortunate that my hair dries relatively straight without any product when I don’t have time to blow it dry, but long gone are the days when I can leave my apartment with wet hair. I was running late on this fine cold as f*ck winter day and had a bit of a brain freeze, literally. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that it felt like 18 degrees outside when I ran out of the house with wet hair. That is, until my hair FROZE OVER. My strands of hair actually turned into icicles, which I think was a first. Is it Summer yet?

Now let’s divert the attention away from my crazy hair to something a bit more pretty. Like this leopard print blouse, for example. Kind of obsessed. I saw it and knew it was coming home with me. Love at first sight, if you will. The neutral color palette will pair with almost everything in my wardrobe! For this outfit, I chose to keep it kind of monochromatic with black and white. When sticking to a simple color scheme, the trick is to mixing in different textures to add some interest. Faux fur, sparkly tweed, etc.

LOFT Cheetah Blouse, Shimmer Skirt, Faux Fur Collar, and Aviators c/o | J.Crew Tights | Express Wedges | Capwell + Co Necklace, Ring, and Bracelets | Cargo Cosmetics ‘Paris’ Lip Gloss

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

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  1. 12.20.13
    Rachelle commented:

    You look adorable and so festive, great outfit.


  2. 12.20.13
    Rebecca commented:

    I wish my hair would dry straight! I love that top! And I can’t believe the icicles!!


  3. 12.20.13
    Lauren commented:

    My hair is not nearly as agreeable as yours. It’s pretty wavy so without product it looks a mess! Love that sparkly skirt! Such a great mix of texture in this look.

  4. 12.20.13
    Ashleigh commented:

    I’m LOVING this look! So fab!
    ~Ashleigh {Dazzle by Day}

  5. 12.20.13
    Courtney commented:

    that skirt paired with the fur vest is fabulous! Love it! đŸ™‚


  6. 12.20.13
    Rosie commented:

    I just adore this look very festive. . . sorry about your hair. I have to say luckily that has yet to happen to me


  7. 12.20.13
    Meagan commented:

    Such a fabulous festive look!

  8. 12.20.13
    Kayla commented:

    SO super cute! Love that faux fur!!


  9. 12.20.13
    Sam commented:

    Hello, hair envy! It looks gorgeous even when it’s frozen đŸ™‚ Love that leopard blouse, and can’t blame you for taking it home with you. I’m always a fan of black and white!


  10. 12.20.13
    Kaitlyn commented:

    For some reason, these photos remind me of Penny Lane in Almost Famous — loving the blouse/vest combo (and believe me, I know all about freezing hair in Chicago) đŸ™‚

  11. 12.20.13
    Sorcha commented:

    That’s happened to my hair when I lived in Scotland! So cold. I would have taken the blouse home too, such a sucker for leopard!

  12. 12.20.13

    Love this look! It’s crazy that hair freezes!


  13. 12.20.13
    Chelsea commented:

    I love this sparkly skirt Jessica and that garland in the background is STUNNING!

    Chelsea & The City

  14. 12.20.13

    Absolutely superbly beautiful! Love the fabrics and patterns together!


  15. 12.20.13
    Nikki commented:

    OK first of all, I have really curly hair and my hair and blow dryers don’t get along so I avoid them and I have totally had my hair freeze (once that I remember). It was frightening and bizarre all at the same time. Love that leopard blouse and it looks fab with the fur vest!!


  16. 12.20.13
    Zoe commented:

    Love your whole outfit, especially your top and your furry vest!


  17. 12.20.13
    Danielle commented:

    Looking gorgeous! I love that necklace đŸ˜‰


  18. 12.21.13
    diane jones commented:

    you do such a great job putting outfits together and I follow you often, but very disheartening when such a beautiful girl must resort to the ‘f’ word’. true beauty comes from the inside

  19. 12.21.13
    Katie Albury commented:

    Sounds painful! Cute look though!

    Katie x

  20. 12.23.13
    Kacie's Kloset commented:

    Fabulous faux fur! Happy Holidays!


  21. 1.5.14
    Aileen commented:

    Love that sweater on you. And I feel you on the wet hair pain. #winterpangs