Pretty Pink Dress

My morning routine during the work week has been pretty repetitive lately… Crawl out of bed much later than planned, stare absentmindedly into my minuscule closet, and then decide to just wear a dress because it doesn’t require much thought from my pre-coffee-brain.

The easiness, coupled with the fact that it’s been entirely too hot for pants, has been giving my dress collection quite the workout lately. My dry cleaning bill can vouch! Meet Laundrea. I was so excited to learn about this brand and I know all of my working gals will love it, too!

Laundrea is line of completely machine washable dresses! Plus, they’re made in the USA and are bra-friendly, too. Go check them out for yourself!

gifted Laundrea Dress / Kate Spade Metallic Bow Belt / ZARA Sandals (similar under $100!) / Monogram Necklace / Similar Clutch (under $45!) / Sequin Bangles – one, two, three

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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  1. 7.8.13
    stephanie said:

    the belt and the bangles are supercute!
    xx Stephanie (

  2. 7.8.13
    Rachelle said:

    I love easy dresses like this one that can be dressed up or down.


  3. 7.8.13
    Sarah said:

    Lovely dress! I love that color of pink with the gold! Such a cute, classy outfit!

  4. 7.8.13
    Lauren said:

    I go through the same thing this time of year! I practically live in dresses. I’m loving your fold over clutch!

    Fizz and Frosting

  5. 7.8.13
    Dana said:

    Washable dresses!! I need to check this out, thanks for sharing!

  6. 7.8.13
    Kimberly said:

    This color is gorgeous on you and I love the feminine shape…you look so pretty!

  7. 7.8.13
    toniegirl said:

    Thanks for sharing! I need to find washable dresses (and the metallic belt) during this hot summer weather!

  8. 7.8.13
    Shira said:

    That’s a beautiful dress and the gold belt is gorgeous with it!

  9. 7.8.13
    Shira said:

    Thatโ€™s a beautiful dress and the gold belt is gorgeous with it!

  10. 7.8.13
    Sarah said:

    Love this dress! And I love the other dresses on their website! Gorgeous!

  11. 7.8.13
    Sam said:

    Love! Such a gorgeous color on you! Machine washable dresses are the best. I’m totally with you on the dresses every day thing too. It’s just too hot to wear anything else.


  12. 7.8.13
    Kodi said:

    Gotta love both bra-friendly and machine washable anything! Such a cute classic dress, love the gold bow belt with it!
    grey et al

  13. 7.8.13
    Elizabeth said:

    Love that dress! Super cute!!!

  14. 7.8.13
    Alissa said:

    Such a GORGEOUS color on you lady!

  15. 7.8.13
    Kayla said:

    Love this pink dress and the gold belt around is just perfection!! : )


  16. 7.8.13
    Sandra said:

    LOOOOOVE it! Dresses are totally my summer jam too. Easy and chic. Bam! Love the color and how you paired it with the delicate gold bow belt. Super cute.

  17. 7.8.13
    Alyssa said:

    LOVE that they are machine washable! Thanks for sharing – I’ve been on the hunt for more work appropriate but still cute dresses!


  18. 7.8.13
    michelle said:

    LOVE this dress! i always try to find machine washable dresses because i hate going to the dry cleaners and will avoid it as much as i can.

  19. 7.8.13
    meg said:

    Love the style and color of your dress. So cute!

  20. 7.8.13

    This dress is so pretty! Of course I love the pink, but I love that its machine washable too!

  21. 7.8.13

    PRETTY in pink! And now I am wondering what happened to my monogrammed necklace! NO idea what I’ve done with it! LOL.

    XOXO, Jenn
    The Stylish Housewife

  22. 7.8.13
    Kelly said:

    You look so cute!! Agreed… Those drycleaning bills are ridiculous! I tend to stay away from things that need to be dry-cleaned, because of just that! Thanks for the brand recommendation. ๐Ÿ™‚


  23. 7.8.13
    viv said:

    LOVE the bow belt!

  24. 7.8.13
    Julia said:

    Adorable, my dear! Such a sweet and fresh look. I think I may need to pick up that bow belt!!

    Lemon Stripes

  25. 7.8.13
    Anne said:

    Nothing better than a summer dress! Love the pink!

  26. 7.8.13
    Hannah said:

    Obsessed with that belt!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  27. 7.8.13
    meghan said:

    have those zara sandals in black and am dying to have them in nude but can’t find them! what size are you? haha. you look so pretty!!

  28. 7.8.13
    Alex said:

    Adorable…I adore your belt!

    XO Alex

  29. 7.8.13
    Hanna said:

    Love the bow belt & sandals ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. 7.8.13
    Chelsea said:

    At first I thought you had named this pretty pink dress “Laundrea” hahaha! I’m loving dresses lately too (seriously, why can’t all outfits be so easy to plan?) and you gold bow is the perfect little accent.

    Chelsea & The City

  31. 7.8.13

    Great dress! Absolutely adore the color and the pockets ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. 7.8.13
    Tara said:

    You look adorable…the bow belt is perfect with it!

  33. 7.8.13
    Lindsey said:

    This dress is precious! I love how you styled it.

  34. 7.8.13
    Danielle said:

    Really loving your feminine accessories! How awesome that this dress is machine wash?! A girl’s BFF dress!


  35. 7.8.13
    Stacey said:

    Machine washable clothes are a must for work for me! This dress is adorable!


    Five Minute Styleย 

  36. 7.8.13
    Kelsey said:

    LOVE the monograms ๐Ÿ™‚


  37. 7.8.13
    Aunt Anne said:

    Pretty in pink! Love the lines & cut of the dress
    …very flattering! ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. 7.8.13

    That has to be the most adorable and chic dress I’ve ever seen! Such a pretty shade of pink and the gold Kate Spade bow belt? Adorable!

    xo, Stephanie ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. 7.8.13
    Ali said:

    Jessica, love the outfit! I’m coming to the city Thursday for the weekend any great brunch recommendations?

  40. 7.8.13
    Lulu said:

    So simple and beautiful. Love the accessories!

    xo Lulu

  41. 7.8.13

    OMG I love that dress, the color is amazing. I also love that you paired it with that Kate Spade Bow Belt, it’s so cute.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  42. 7.9.13
    Nichole said:

    Such a cute dress! Great outfit.

  43. 7.9.13
    Agi said:

    Love this pink dress Jessica. So pretty and the gold accents are perfect with it.

    Dont’ forget to link up this Thursday.


  44. 7.18.13

    The pockets are darling… and convenient!

    Brooke du jour

  45. 12.23.13

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