Canadian Tuxedo

NYFW: Day 2

As you probably heard, New York found Nemo last week. They were predicting record amounts of snow in the city, but that wasn’t the case. I have a few thoughts on this “blizzard” …

1. WHY DURING FASHION WEEK? Seriously. The worst timing ever! Movies in bed weren’t an option so we were left to brave the elements in our stilettos. #nightmare

2. You don’t know what a blizzard is, New York. Having grown up in the Midwest, this was just some snow. Needless to say, I was not pleased when we had to trek across Manhattan in the snow to find a dinner spot because everywhere had closed early. I think the 5th time was a charm.. Total BS.

But the blizzard didn’t stop Hallie and I from going about our schedules… We plowed through! ๐Ÿ˜‰

After attending the Nicole Miller show and Charlotte Ronson presentation after work on Friday,ย Hallie was able to score an invite to the Charlotte Ronson after party at 1Oak. I have a new obsession with Samantha Ronson… best DJ EVER! We kept saying, “We’ll go home when a bad song comes on!” I guess that’s why we were stumbling through the snow* to try and find a cab sometime after 4am. ๐Ÿ˜‰ *There is a video of us leaving 1Oak in the midst of the “blizzard” on Hallie’s phone that is one of the funnier things I’ve seen.. Maybe it will make it in to her NYFW footage!

Madewell Chambray Shirt / J Brand Jeans / Madewell Glitter Pumps / Forever 21 Faux Fur Vest (old, similar here) / gifted Sequin Horn Necklace / Kate Spade Bow Hat / Sequin Bangles — one / twoย / threeย / fourย / five

Thanks for taking my pictures, Hallie!

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There were obviously going to be some outtakes. Shooting in a blizzard isn’t exactly easy…

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  1. 2.13.13
    Kimberly said:

    Haha – love the outtakes! And bravo to you for even trying to shoot in that weather…it was crazy!! Love this casual meets glam outfit – the shoes were just the right touch ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 2.13.13
    Rachelle said:

    The outtakes are hilarious, love your pumps.


  3. 2.13.13

    LOL great post ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice to hear someone who wasn’t completely terrified of the snow.

  4. 2.13.13
    Rose said:

    You rock a Canadian tuxedo so much better than I would! Also, I love how it looks like you’re running in one of your outtakes. Which is incredibly impressive, since I could barely walk in the snow in my Hunter’s that morning!

    Blonde in this City

  5. 2.13.13
    Elizabeth said:

    Your outtakes are hilarious! Thanks for keeping it real ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. 2.13.13
    viv said:

    I love that you rocked glitter pumps during Nemo!

  7. 2.13.13

    Snow snow! I love it! haha! You are too cute with your outtakes!
    I love the hat and of course the fur! You pull off ‘brrrr cold’ very well! : )


  8. 2.13.13
    Emily said:

    Love those bracelets!

  9. 2.13.13
    Sarah said:

    You look great! I adore the outtakes, so funny!

    The Purse Snatcherย 

  10. 2.13.13
    christin said:

    i love the outtakes. obvi.

  11. 2.13.13
    Carly said:

    Oh awkward…I’m wearing that outfit today.


  12. 2.13.13
    Agi said:

    Love your outfit and your story. Sounds fabulous. Love the title of your post “Canadian Tuxedo”. Your life reminds me of Carrie from Sex and the city.


  13. 2.13.13
    Megan said:

    Love your shoes! Even with blizzard weather, you still look fab!


  14. 2.13.13

    hahaha Love your outtakes!! style blogging is no easy job! looking fab as always girl! xo

  15. 2.13.13

    Still manage to look great!

  16. 2.13.13
    Alyssa said:

    Haha that last shot had me cracking upโ€“at least you looked cute in our “blizzard”!

  17. 2.13.13

    I love a canadian tuxedo – I’ve been pairing my J.Crew shirt with dark high waisted jeans lately.

    Great post!


  18. 2.13.13

    You’re sequin shoes are so cute!
    xo Dina
    Sweetest Somethings</a

  19. 2.13.13
    Lara said:

    Loving all the Madewell! And your out takes are too funny – lol. So cute!

    xox Lara

  20. 2.13.13
    Rachel said:

    I love this look on you!…The blooper pix are awesome btw, I was laughing out loud on the bus today! I wanted to write and let you know that while looking through Ann Taylor’s sale items (they are having a 40% off additional sale) I found a ton of cute accessories with… BOWS! I immediately thought of you, and had to share!

    Here’s a favorite item:

    Not sure if you already have some of these pieces, but in case not, I had to tell you… they call your name! You look adorable and I hope NYFW was awesome! Maybe I’ll see ya there one day ๐Ÿ™‚


  21. 2.13.13
    Emily said:

    What a fun time, and what an equally fun outfit! Adore the hat, so cute on you, and still obsessed with the glitter pumps!
    xx, Emily

  22. 2.13.13
    Stacey said:

    The outtakes are so cute!! I’m glad you managed to tackle the snow in your heels, you’re far braver than I am!


    Five Minute Styleย 

  23. 2.13.13

    The sparkly heels are perfect for this denim on denim look!

  24. 2.13.13
    Melanie said:

    You are too cute!! Love this look & those glitter heels are amazing!!


  25. 2.13.13
    Kaitlin said:

    Love this look!

  26. 2.13.13
    Kailyn said:

    Love it!! You’re outtakes are funny! Haha

  27. 2.13.13
    Meghan said:

    You are a brave girl! But it sounds like it was worth venturing out for that fab after party…please post the video…you have to ๐Ÿ˜‰

    BTW, loving your jeans…but loving those outtakes more.

  28. 2.13.13

    absolutely love this entire look! so chic!
    xoxo stylelista

  29. 2.13.13
    Erin said:

    That fur vest is beautiful! And I love the sequin heels.


  30. 2.14.13
    Chelsea said:

    I love a Canadian tuxedo and you styled yours perfectly! How amazing are the glitter pumps?!

    p.s. Poor baby, the outtakes make it look like you’re freezing. Hope you had a blast in NYC!

    Chelsea & The City

  31. 2.14.13

    Love this look! You look fantastic …
    ♥ xoxo Cori

  32. 2.14.13
    Haley Valerie said:

    Your hat is adorable!
    I literally laughed out loud at the last picture.


  33. 2.14.13
    Ashley said:

    Hey girlie! So great meeting you last week at the Jack Rogers event! I’m glad neither of got blown away or buried by NEMO so our mothers could stop worrying – although I loved getting to compare hysterical text messages ๐Ÿ™‚ You, me and Bethany should definitely get together for a drink or something during Lucky FABB!

    xo SideSmile,
    SideSmile Style

  34. 2.14.13
    Dee said:

    Love your turquoise bracelets and of course your vest which I know I’ve commented on before ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy V-day!

  35. 2.14.13
    Emily said:

    you are seriously THE cutest. I am dying over those pumps. #glittereverything I love the outtakes. I always love seeing the outtakes from outfit posts that I take. They’re always the best part! Hey, we’re not perfect!

  36. 2.15.13
    Laura said:

    Loving this look right now. My chambray shirt is my favorite thing to wear. The candid shots are great, blogging isn’t always fabulous! ha

  37. 2.15.13

    Bahah! The last two pictures are amazing!! That is the face I was making every second I was walking around. Argh! Great outfit, lady!

  38. 2.16.13

    Love your look – your heels are stunning!

    Kate xo

  39. 2.17.13

    Canadian Tuxedo? Is there a difference between an American Tuxedo? LOL

  40. 2.18.13
    Bethany said:

    Ha your last two pictures are too cute. That was my grill all week. So nice to meet you at Jack Rogers!

  41. 2.22.13

    Adorable outfit. I am in LOVE with your shoes. Would love to attend NYFW.

    I would love it if you checked out my blog…


  42. 2.23.13
    Lori said:

    How cute are you?! I love the outtakes!! So fun!

  43. 8.22.16
    Sofia said:

    Love the look. Very nice casual wear.