Getting GLAM

I am so happy to announce that I signed on with the GLAM Network just a few weeks ago! You may have noticed a few new additions to my sidebar, but that’s really the only thing that will change here on Bows & Sequins. Oh, and you might see a few more absolutely AMAZING opportunities, like the one I was tweeting and instagram-ing about on Monday!

Monday was definitely one of those pinch-me-moments! I was at the Rent the Runway HQ here in New York to talk about Red Carpet Trends happening this season! I was getting my makeup and hair done by the pros, dressing up in fantastic jewels and dresses, and getting filmed while doing it. Talk about star treatment, right?! It was surreal!

Most of the celebs this award season have been rocking one major hairstyle, and my hair followed suit.. A deep side-part with soft, retro waves. Talk about Old Hollywood Glamour!

My makeup wasย peachy-keen! Peach shadow, peach cheeks, and peach gloss.

I went with the Winter White red carpet trend. But the shorter hemline makes it perfect for day time, too!

Don’t even get me started about THE SHOES. Like I said, GLAM spoiled us!

Erin by Erin Fetherston Dress borrowed from Rent the Runway / gifted Kate Spade Bow Pumps c/o Glam / Erickson Beamon Cocktail Ring borrowed from Rent the Runway /ย Rachel Leigh Earrings borrowed from Rent the Runway

Lips: Dolce & Gabbana “Candy” Gloss / Eyes: Makeup Forever / Cheeks: NARS Deep Throat

And a few behind-the-scenes photos…

Stay tuned for the video soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

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PS – you can check out the video here!

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  1. 2.6.13
    Chris said:

    You look AMAZING, Jessica! What a fantastic experience for you!

  2. 2.6.13
    Kylie Rae said:

    This is so exciting! What an incredible opportunity, so excited to see more of you and Glam Network. You looked stunning!

  3. 2.6.13
    Rachel said:

    You look very glam! Love the dress and your retro curls ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rachelโ€™s Lookbook

  4. 2.6.13

    Those shoes!! Omg!

    You look BEAUTIFUL!!


  5. 2.6.13
    daisy said:

    just found your blog & obsessed! congrats on your new opportunities! x

    & Pretty Things

  6. 2.6.13
    Agi said:

    You look amazing. Congrats, What an amazing experience!!!


  7. 2.6.13
    Rose said:

    You look GORGEOUS! I’ve always loved Erin Featherston’s dresses online, so glad to see they’re just as cute in person.

    Blonde in this City

  8. 2.6.13
    Rachelle said:

    you look so nice love the shoes.


  9. 2.6.13
    Jess said:

    really looks like a amazing time … kinda every girls dream!! and I just love the shoes, you are one lucky girl!!

  10. 2.6.13
    Amanda said:

    So incredible! You looked gorgeous! And THOSE SHOES. I die.


  11. 2.6.13
    Michelle said:

    Gorgeous photos, Jessica! Congrats on joining the Glam network! Looks like such a great, FUN opportunity! I need those shoes ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. 2.6.13

    Holy toledo, you’re glowing in these photos.. you look so great! Looks like you had a ball ๐Ÿ™‚

    xx, E

  13. 2.6.13
    Kimberly said:

    OMG – girl, you look absolutely gorgeous! I love how they styled your hair and that dress fits you perfectly…totally dying that you got to keep the shoes!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. 2.6.13

    LOVE that dress! You look beautiful!

    xo Emily Beth

  15. 2.6.13
    Olivia said:

    Congratulations on such an amazing opportunity! You look gorgeous!!


  16. 2.6.13
    Michelle said:

    What an AMAZING opportunity! Love the heels, I need to own those!! Have fun at NYFW!

  17. 2.6.13

    Stop it, you look even more stunning than usual! I didn’t think that was even possible!! Loving this whole look, and extremely jealous of your new shoes! xo

  18. 2.6.13
    Rachel said:

    I am sooo happy you got to keep the cute bow shoes- you rocked them! I was following on Instagram ๐Ÿ™‚ You look gorgeous here, and totally remind me of a blonde Lucy Hale! Lovely!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. 2.6.13
    Amy said:

    SO fun that you got to keep those heels! Can’t wait to see how else you style them ๐Ÿ™‚ Love this look, you look simply gorgeous, as always!


  20. 2.6.13
    Stacey said:

    Congratulations on such an amazing opportunity, you looks so gorgeous in these pictures!


    Five Minute Styleย 

  21. 2.6.13
    Tara said:

    I just signed on with Glam recently too ๐Ÿ™‚ You look stunning!

  22. 2.6.13

    What an amazing opportunity! I can’t wait to see the video!

  23. 2.6.13
    Christine said:

    You look beautiful! What a fun opportunity. Those shoes have been on my wish list for a while now–so jealous you got to take them home!

    Christine In Color

  24. 2.6.13
    maria said:

    Gorgeous Jessica! You look amazing! I LOVE your mint heels too! Hope you have an amazing week at NYFW. :-):-)

  25. 2.6.13
    Anngelik said:

    Congratulations! That sounds like an amazing opportunity. Gorgeous dress and shoes, you look stunning!


  26. 2.6.13

    Those KS pumps are gorge! What a stand out color!

  27. 2.6.13

    What an amazing opportunity! Congratulations!

    – Kaitlyn

    Boardwalks & Boulevards

  28. 2.6.13
    Lauren said:

    LOVE the Erin Fetherston Dress!!! I am in love with her designs- I pretty much want every single dress from her Spring collection.

    Loved this post! Can’t wait for the video!!

  29. 2.6.13
    Erin said:

    You look great! I love the dress and the side pony is gorgeous!


  30. 2.7.13
    Jessie said:

    That dress is gorgeous on you! And those shoes have been on my wish list for some time now.. You may have just inspired me to go ahead and splurge on those babies!

  31. 2.7.13

    Congrats on signing with Glam Jessica! Becoming part of the Glam Network is a MAAAAJOR goal of mine as fashion blogger! Looks like definitely had a glamorous time at this shoot! I absolutely LOOOOVE the Kate Spade bow heels!

    Stephanie ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. 2.7.13

    awwww, you look so pretty!!! i also just joined glam!!! what a fun experience…you go girl!!!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  33. 2.7.13
    AJ said:

    SO pretty! I’ve been eyeing those shoes!!


  34. 2.7.13
    Sarah said:

    Congrats! I adore the dress it’s so beautiful.

    The Purse Snatcherย 

  35. 2.7.13
    Deanna G. said:

    What a great opportunity –looks like SO much fun! I loooove that dress and the hair>>> swoon worthy.

  36. 2.7.13

    just gorgeous girly! and loving those shoes! xo

  37. 2.7.13
    amanda said:

    Both dresses are amaze! I love the gold one on Lacey (for me!)

  38. 2.7.13

    Lucky you!!! You look beautiful in that dress. And I know you’re dying over being gifted those shoes…you and your bows! ๐Ÿ™‚ Gorgeous hair and makeup, too. Congrats on the new step in your life!


  39. 2.7.13
    Aunt Anne said:

    How fun!! Another great opportunity for you! Congrats ! Beautiful dress & they definitely had you in mind when picking out the shoes! ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. 2.8.13
    Steph said:

    What do you do for a living? How did you get involved with Glam?

    • 2.8.13
      Jessica Sturdy said:

      I do social media marketing for 8 beauty and fragrance brands.

      Glam came highly recommended by a fellow friend and blogger.

  41. 2.8.13
    Sarah said:

    Congratulations on the Glam network! It looks SO amazing I would just feel like I was in a dream! <3


  42. 2.8.13
    Emily said:

    Congratulations!! What a wonderful opportunity for you. You look GORGEOUS in the dress, and so in love with the darling Kate Spade heels!
    xx, Emily

  43. 2.9.13
    Toyosi said:

    Congrats for signing on with GLAM! I can honestly say you have one of the prettiest smiles I’ve ever seen! Your look glamorous ๐Ÿ˜‰

  44. 2.9.13
    Rebecca Henreckson said:

    That dress is utterly stunning. Love it!!

  45. 2.11.13

    So proud of you! You are such a star! Can’t wait to see more from your collaborations with GLAM.