Faulty Doesn’t Fly

I had a faulty flying buddy on my trip home last week. I may or may not have instagrammed this picture along with some profanities.

Picture this: I was standing in the security line at LGA at 6:45 on a Friday morning. Running on 3.5 hours of sleep. Flying home for a funeral. And my damn bag breaks. (I’m blaming the record-breaking September InStyle…)

I had to carry the friggin’ thing like a baby the rest of the day. Luckily, I bought it at Nordstrom a short 4 months ago. Once I arrived in St. Louis, I had my brother take me straight to the Galleria to exchange it. They only had the MK bag in off white and I was a little put off by the quality, so I picked up a leather Cole Haan bag instead. Had to pay a bit extra due to price difference, but I needed a functioning bag for the weekend. I picked up the tan color (you know I couldn’t resist the pop of orange!), but it comes in a lot of great color combinations!

Moral of the Story: Shop at Nordstrom! Their customer service is phenomenal.

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  1. 8.28.12

    oh my gosh how sad!! you must return that bag asap!


  2. 8.28.12
    Rachelle commented:

    🙁 sorry for your troubles, but good choice tho, 85% of my shoes and bags are Cole Haan. Their stuff are so well made and they will always fix it for you if you have any issues with it.


  3. 8.28.12
    Sam B. commented:

    That’s so disappointing — I loved that pretty pink purse, but so accommodating of Nordstrom to swap it out for you! Oh, and pictures of new bag please!?

    • 8.28.12
      Jessica commented:

      I have the cognac with orange bag pictured above! 🙂

      • 8.29.12
        Sam B. commented:

        Um duh. I don’t know why that scroll bar didn’t show up on my browser yesterday! And for the record, a fair trade indeed… LOVE the new bag. Just in time for fall 🙂

        • 8.29.12
          Jessica commented:

          Sometimes that widget is a little testy! Probably wasn’t loading properly 🙂

  4. 8.28.12
    Rebekah commented:

    Eek, that sucks! That’s awesome that Nordstrom let you return it for something completely different. Hopefully your Cole Haan one can better handle the September InStyle.

    Now I’m going to be paranoid about putting anything heavy in my Michael Kors bag! Especially since I was eyeing that very magazine at the grocery store yesterday…

  5. 8.28.12
    Amy commented:

    You should get a longchamp bag. They last forever and you can fold them up AND they come in a million different colors. You would think that a michael kors would hold up, very disappointing. Thank god for Nordy’s!

    • 8.28.12
      Jessica commented:

      I love my Longchamp bags! Although I must say, the quality is definitely not the same since they moved their factories to China. My very first Longchamp tote (made in France) lasted me FOUR YEARS of college (laptop, books, getting thrown around) and is still going strong!

  6. 8.28.12
    Heidi commented:

    This might reason enough to shop at Nordstrom’s for everything!

  7. 8.28.12
    Sarah commented:

    So…does Michael Kors normally wear better?

  8. 8.28.12
    Agi commented:

    I’m so sorry about your bag. I agree that InStyle’s fall magazine is huge and amazing. I also bought the Vogue and it too is a thing of beauty. Glad you were able to replace it.



  9. 8.28.12
    Jan commented:

    Sorry to hear about your bag. I just purchased a MK bag and was thinking of returning it because of the quality. As for Nordstrom, I can’t say enough wonderful things about their customer service!! They have gone above and beyond to accoomadate me and they were happy to do it!! I hope you like your new bag just as much!!

  10. 8.28.12
    Rachel commented:

    Loved the pink MK bag, so sad :(. However, the Cole Haan looks like it will hold up more [known for their leather] and is definitely going to be an amazing fall piece!

  11. 8.29.12
    Hitha commented:

    So sorry for your loss – and the bag breaking! I had to deal with the same thing last January, and ended up swapping my broken Nine West tote (never again) for a Fossil messenger bag that my father quickly stole from me.

    Hang in there, and hope to see you soon!


  12. 8.29.12

    I hate that your bag broke girl. It was such a cute shade of pink.

  13. 10.2.12
    Amy commented:

    That’s awful about the funeral as well as the poorly made bag. I too share your love for Nordstrom and will only shop there for small and major purchases!!!