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  1. 8.25.12

    Holy beautiful…hmm, but the price tag! Yikes! Well, a girl can dream.

    • 8.25.12
      Jessica commented:

      Yes, the price tag. If it weren’t for that little issue, these would be already hanging in my closet. Hoping they don’t sell and go on sale soon!!

  2. 8.25.12
    Katie D. commented:

    Considering your blog name and how often you wear J.Crew, they should GIVE YOU A PAIR OF THESE BABIES!! Juuust saying! 😉

    • 8.25.12
      Jessica commented:

      I AGREE!! 🙂

  3. 8.25.12

    I have to agree with Katie D.! Maybe they’ll go on sale!

    • 8.25.12
      Jessica commented:

      Hoping for a sale soon!!

  4. 8.25.12
    Rachel commented:

    Pretty sure these were actually meant for you! Maybe J Crew will hook you up I you do a special post on them! Haha

  5. 8.25.12
    Ashley commented:

    Adorable! I agree with Katie D.!

  6. 8.26.12
    diana commented:

    Despite the $500 price tag, you seriously need to get these. Nothing could be more perfect!!! xx