Shop Spotlight: Sequin

I’m starting a new feature here on Bows & Sequins — “Shop Spotlight!” I’d like to use these posts to promote boutiques that I am obsessing over. These posts won’t be “sales-y” or anything like that… I just like to spread the word about brands and stores that I am passionate about! ๐Ÿ™‚

First up,ย Sequin!ย Sequin is the star player on the Bows & Sequins team. We’re talking a lot of playing time here. I rarely have an arm party that lacks a Sequin bangle! (Seriously.)

I first found Sequin jewelry while perusing around Nordstrom. Not going to the lie, the name kind of drew me in! I hadn’t heard much about the brand, but boy did I love their jewelry. I started with a necklace and slowly started adding bangles to my collection. When I moved to Chicago last year I was pleasantly surprised to find a Sequin store in my neighborhood, Lincoln Park! That’s when things got ugly insanely gorgeous. I became obsessed. It wasn’t a little crush anymore, I was head over heels! Sequin has your on-trend pieces, as well as your classics.

The seriously cute store has bangles upon bangles upon bangles. And then some amazing earrings, beautiful bracelets, and bold statement necklaces! Let’s not even talk about how fun the jewelry displays are… I could spend hours in this store. The Sequin girls make bauble browsing more fun that it already is!

Look at all of these bangles… How are you supposed to pick just one?! I can’t say that I’ve ever walked out of this store with a single piece. But hey, at least it’s not all for me!ย At this point, my friends know they’re probably going to keep getting something from Sequin for their birthdays and holidays. For some reason, I don’t think they mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Want to know my favorite part? Pieces start in the $20’s!

Even Oprah is wearing Sequin bangles! She wore a stack of three Sequin bangles on the cover of The Oprah Magazine a few weeks ago! That’s when you know you’re cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now that I have you lusting over jewels… the generous gals at Sequin have given me three bangles to give to one lucky reader!

To enter:

1. Head on over to the Sequin Facebook page and “Like” them! Feel free to follow along on Twitter as well. They are constantly doing giveaways on both Facebook and Twitter!

2. Leave one comment below telling me about your jewelry style. Are you a “more is more is more” kind of girl? Or do you prefer wearing one piece at a time? Do you tend to buy trendy jewelry or do you stick with the classics?

I’ll pick one winner at random on Friday! Good luck. ๐Ÿ™‚

p.s. — Since Sequin only has seven brick & mortar stores, you can always find them online! If there is ever a piece you’re coveting and can’t find, you can email [email protected]. ๐Ÿ™‚

UPDATE: Winner of the bangle giveaway is Diana! I’ll be emailing you soon!

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  1. 6.18.12
    rachel said:

    i love to layer bangles and random bracelets, but when it comes to necklaces i like to wear only one delicate or bold piece! But layering bracelets is my favorite!

  2. 6.18.12

    Liked & Followed! ๐Ÿ™‚ My jewelry style varies…I feel like when I’m going somewhere fancy or for a special occasion I stick with the classics because I don’t want to pull attention away from the outfit. But my normal day-to-day is my staple rings, MK watch, and LOTS of random arm candy pairings! I love a good statements necklace to mix things up as well. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. 6.18.12
    MJ said:

    Love jewelry!! I love big statement necklaces. I also like the new trend of stacking a lot of bracelets. And like you, I like sequins and shine ๐Ÿ™‚ Usually I have one “area” of jewelry, either bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. I let those pieces shine and wear understated for the others… Great giveaway!

  4. 6.18.12
    Gabby said:

    I liked and followed! I love to stick to the classics but I do love changing it up every once in a while and adding some good statement pieces! I also do love wearing a lot of bracelets with my watch (especially colorful bracelets)! This is such a great giveaway!

  5. 6.18.12
    Jodi Brown said:

    Followed on twitter!

    At first, I hated watches & bracelets because they always got in the way, but something changed. Now, I love lots of bangles and have a gorgeous gold MK watch. I love J.Crew bracelets! They are of good quality!

  6. 6.18.12
    Caroline said:

    I’m definitely a more is more is more girl! I love pairing all kinds of braclets and bangles together and these gorgeous bagels would go with my collection! I have like on Facebook.

    Thanks for offering this amazing giveaway…


  7. 6.18.12
    Jennifer said:

    I love love love sequin!!! I gotta say I’m obsessed with the three picks that you have to give away… So beachy chic! I am slightly obsessed with all jewelry be it fine, costume or just plain fun! I love to have many bangles like you do with a fun watch. I love chunky necklaces and fun earings. I feel as though I am a mix of trendy and classic. If one piece is a statement then the rest should be subtle! One can never underestimate a classic pearl or diamond stud though! Awesome giveaway hope I get picked

  8. 6.18.12
    Jenny said:

    I tend to be a minimalist but somedays spring for multiple pieces! A staple is a big watch and necklace but sometimes piling on bracelets and bangles. Whatever fits the mood!

  9. 6.18.12
    Jennifer said:

    For me, it all depends on my mood or where I am going! Sometimes I keep it simple with a watch & a classic bracelet/necklace/earring combo, and other times I love to layer my trendy bracelets and bangles.
    Liked & following! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. 6.18.12
    Jordanne said:

    My jewelry style is kind of less is more but some days you just go all out ๐Ÿ™‚ I love a simple outfit with lots of bangles and maybe a statement necklace.

  11. 6.18.12

    Oh what beautiful stuff. I got confused there for a second and thought there was a store in NYC, I was ready to run out of the office for a little “break”. For now I’ll just have to order online and enter the give away! Fingers crossed ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wasn’t a big jewelry girl until recently, now I just pile it on when outside of work but keep it to simple pieces at the office ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. 6.18.12
    Sam said:

    Ahhh! What a generous giveaway! When it comes to jewelry, I’m little shy. It’s only in the past month or so that I’ve started wearing bangles (only because I’m borderline-obsessed with your 24/7 arm parties)! I really like all three of the ones pictured above and I didn’t even realize there was a brich & mortar in Chicago — I’ll definitely be popping in! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. 6.18.12
    Sam said:

    I “Like” on FB and am following on Twitter!

  14. 6.18.12

    I’m obsessed with my jewels…to me whether it’s a stack of bangles or layered necklaces, it’s important to have fun with it! The arm party is one of my favorite parts of getting ready! It’s just another great way of letting one’s own personality shine through ๐Ÿ™‚ This is such a fun collaboration! I love you and I love Sequin!


    [email protected]

  15. 6.18.12
    Donna F. said:

    Following Sequin on facebook and twitter. My jewelry style tend to vary depending on the day and my mood, but I generally go with more is more! I love mixing bangles in all different colors and textures for a very individualized look. I find jewelry so much fun to play with!

  16. 6.18.12
    Alyssa said:

    I typically am a less is more kind of girl, but when it comes t0 bangles I can’t help but stack them up!

  17. 6.18.12
    Adele said:

    I “like” Sequin on Facebook. My jewelry style is pretty classic as I like to focus on one special piece at a time. I like to buy trendy pieces sometimes too just to change things up a little. These bangles would look great worn separately or all together. Great giveaway!

  18. 6.18.12
    Jenny L said:

    I really just look on my dresser and grab what I think looks good with the outfit I have on. I am a “no rule” type of gal when it come to accessories!

  19. 6.18.12
    Brandi said:

    I love lots of jewlery! But lately I only wear my intial neckless and a arm party of bangles with my Micheal Kors watch!

  20. 6.18.12
    Jaimie said:

    I love layering my bangles and necklaces I wear one at a time. However I’ve come to realize I don’t have many rules with jewelry. I just ordered two Sequin bangles last week (The leopard print one you have!) and another one that is out of stock now. Sooooo glad I did!

    Liked on FB

  21. 6.18.12

    walking over to Armitage as we speak….kidding but do looooovee me some arm party.
    oh, and I’m totally into classics.

    P.s. have you checked out Shop 857 just down the street? I love and know you will too!

  22. 6.18.12
    Beatriz said:

    I usually wear one at a time and sometimes more then one if i find it necessary. I probably stick to classics but I have some not so classic bracelets.

  23. 6.18.12
    MaryEllen said:

    I love the layering look – I always have to have at least 2 or 3 bracelets on before I head out the door!

  24. 6.18.12
    Stacy N said:

    Love the bracelets! I’m more of a wear a couple of pieces at the time kind of girl- I love the layering look, but usually I only wear a few pieces at a time.

  25. 6.18.12
    swapna said:

    I love stacking up! the more, the better!!

  26. 6.18.12
    Mia said:

    I am totally a more on more on more girl! Never enough sparkle!!

  27. 6.18.12
    Barbie Nevin said:

    I’ve loved jewelry since I was a little girl and discovered my Mom’s jewelry box. On rainy days I’d ask her to pull it out so I could try on all the pieces and pretend I was going to a fabulous party. Sometimes I’d just pick up a necklace or earrings and stare at them in stupified awe. Now I have my own jewelry armoire filled with everything from dainty diamond studs to bold bangles. I pretty much love it all but I’m particularly obsessed with bracelets. Can’t wait to check out Sequin!

  28. 6.18.12
    Brienne said:

    Liked and followed! I’m definitely more is more…I feel naked without a watch and a stack of bracelets! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. 6.18.12
    Carey said:

    I tend to wear just one bracelet/statement piece at a time, but I DO really like the look of a good arm party! Those 3 would be a great jumping off point for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. 6.18.12
    Kristen said:

    I’m a recent convert to wearing more accessories on my wrist! I used to be a single-bracelet type of girl, but now I’m trying to wear at least two when an outfit needs some *sparkle*. I’ve started collecting some “arm candy” but could definitely use those bracelets to add to my statement pieces!

  31. 6.18.12
    Sara said:

    I used to have a very simplistic jewelry style, wearing only one bracelet, one ring and a pair of earrings. Now that I am biffles with Bows & Sequins, she inspires me to be more stylish and add more jewelry! I have started to love statement necklaces and layering on the arm candy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also “Liked” and followed Sequin!

  32. 6.18.12
    Teal said:

    The bigger, and brighter, the better! I love mixing trendy and classic pieces, as well as mixing genres! I also follow Sequin on Twitter and “like” their FB page!

  33. 6.18.12
    Tracy said:

    I usually like to just wear one piece of stand out jewelry, either earrings, ring, or bracelet

  34. 6.18.12
    Silver said:

    I am more of a one piece at a time type of girl and go through both trendy and classic phases. What an amazing giveaway. Looking forward to more of this spotlight feature.

  35. 6.18.12
    Jessica said:

    I love arm candy and wearing a fun cocktail ring every so often. I don’t typically wear necklaces but when I do it’s either sentimental or something fun! I liked on facebook ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. 6.18.12
    Dj said:

    I almost always wear only one necklace daily, but love to pile on the bracelets, especially colorful, bold pieces like those pictured above. I love this new feature! Am definately going to be doing some browsing on Sequin later tonight..Thanks Jessica!

  37. 6.18.12
    Ann said:

    Hi Jessica!

    I love your blog and your style. I liked Sequin’s Facebook page.

    I guess I am a one piece at a time kind of girl, usually. I wear one bangle on one wrist, and another bangle on the other wrist, but sometimes wear a couple on one wrist, too! I like both trendy and classic pieces. My favorites are bangles, I am obsessed with them!

    Thanks for the chance to win those amazing bangles! Loved this post!

  38. 6.18.12
    Erica said:

    I am definitely a more is more kind of girl – I love to pile on the jewelry! I tend to mix classics with trendy items, which seems more fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. 6.18.12
    Sarah-R said:

    Those bangles are to die for! I LOVE them! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I usually try to add one statement piece and keep the rest pretty dainty.

  40. 6.18.12
    Ashlyn Doty said:

    Gorgeous stuff! I am a statement necklace and statement ring and simple studs and bangles kinda girl. I’ve gotten a lot of jewelry inspiration from your posts. I’m absolutely IN LOVEEEE with your gold bow Kate spade ring. Just can’t make myself spend $78 on it. Haha!


  41. 6.18.12
    diana said:

    I’m pretty sure I have one of their bangles from Nordstrom. So adorable.


  42. 6.19.12
    Gretchen said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE to have lots of “arm candy”!! LOVE having a party on my arm! A big fan of statement necklaces too! More is ALWAYS BETTER!!
    [email protected]

  43. 6.19.12
    Jillian said:

    I’m usually one piece at a time kind of girl but I’m really loving the new arm party trend!! Trying to find more pieces that look good paired together. I love mine classic jewelry but when I go out I need a trendy statement piece. I think I’m kind of a mix of everything it all depends where I’m going for the day. Loving these bangles that could be part of my arm party!!

  44. 6.19.12
    Taylor M. said:

    Liked and followed ๐Ÿ™‚ I prefer to go simple when it comes to jewelry, and usually just go with bracelets and earrings. I love anything star fish, or nautical inspired, and turquoise is my go to color for jewelry because it’s such a good accent color! ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. 6.19.12
    Jessica @ LittleMiss312 said:

    I have been buying up costume jewelry like crazy lately. I found a strip of store up north on Clark where all of the local boutiques buy their stuff wholesale and loaded up on cheap, unique, over-the-top jewels! (Like them on Facebook and twitter)

  46. 6.19.12
    Melissa said:

    I tend to wear one big statement piece with a few complimentary small accessories.

  47. 6.19.12
    Lindsay said:

    Fun, loving this new segment…only wish I was closer to visit this fabulous store!

    Lindsay @

  48. 6.19.12
    Sarah Drake said:

    I am a more is more is more kinda girl!! I love mixing old jewelry with the new trends. My grandfathers watch with the newest bracelets stacked on top is one of my favorites!

    [email protected]

  49. 6.19.12
    Ellen said:

    Sequin jewelry is absolutely adorable, and I always eye them when working at Nordstrom. For Christmas this past year, Jessica gave me my first bangle from Sequin and when I’m feeling like stepping out of my comfort zone I love to wear it.

    However, my normal jewelry routine is to wear a gift my mom gave me. When I turned 18 my mom gave me a pair of diamond stud earrings for my Birthday, and when I graduated from high school a few months later my mom gave me a matching diamond necklace. They are very simple, but beautiful and I always wear just that. On occasion I will throw on a Michael Kors watch, or if I buy a new ring I will wear it with painted nails! I am not opposed to dressing up my jewelry routine, but it certainly does not come naturally!

  50. 6.19.12
    Autumn Cayleigh said:

    My jewelry style varies. On a daily basis going to classes and back, I’ll keep it mellow and low key. Maybe a big drop earring here and there, a bracelet, or a silver necklace. On nights and days out however, occasion depending, I’ll go full out glitz and glamour. Adore the bracelets from there, especially the one with the starfish ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. 6.19.12
    Minela said:

    I love jewlery because its like shoes…undiscriminating. Even trends pieces don’t really go out of style and you don’t have to ‘recycle’ them. I tend to wear less jewlery now b/c I’m a little older and have put on a TON of weight so I’m not comfortable being too flashy, but I feeel naked without anything on. I just found your blog and think the bows & sequin theme is adorable and I like that you’re not just trying to be as weird as possible like so many other bloggers. I like the weird stuff, obviously, but I want a break sometimes. You are refreshing.

  52. 6.19.12
    Denise said:

    ‘Liked’ them and also following on Twitter ๐Ÿ˜€ Those bangles are adorable. I checked out their website and want all of the ‘Bali’ collection, so cute! When it comes to jewelry I love piling on bracelets. Before reading your blog I think my jewelry style was more toned down, but you have convinced me to try some bright, bold pieces, and I love it!

  53. 6.19.12
    marilee said:

    liked & followed! i’m a more is more girl especially with bracelets. i love to wear a gold or silver watch and match my bracelets and rings accordingly. i do have days when a watch and a single bangle do the trick as well. as for necklaces, i like simple pieces — long and short.

  54. 6.19.12
    Katie said:

    Liked & Followed! I love chucky for sure! But I do have my classic go to pieces that I keep in rotation and I do always love to add in a new bold colorful piece!

  55. 6.19.12
    Barb said:

    Liked them.
    I’m one extreme or the other with jewelry. Sometimes I’ll wear 6 bracelet or none. Seldom something in between.

  56. 6.19.12
    Yasmina (@yasminaser) said:

    Following! Besides my staples, a watch and pearl earrings, I usually do either an arm-full of bangles or a statement necklace.

  57. 6.19.12
    Jessie said:

    Liked them!
    I love layering jewelry, especially bracelets. I usually go for one statement piece within the layers. Would love one of the bright coral enamel bracelets to layer with skinny gold bangles!

  58. 6.20.12
    Chelsea said:

    When it comes to jewelry, I’m more of the type to mix more expensive, designer pieces with less expensives, sometimes trendy, sometimes street sale finds. Like clothing, I feel like you should have a mix of old and new in your jewelry. I also like to display my jewelry on a stand like you would find at a boutique. It makes me feel like I am shopping my closet each time I get ready!

  59. 6.20.12
    Lexi Di said:

    Hey Jessica! I liked and followed Sequin on fb and twitter! I’ve always noticed them in Nordstrom, too, but for some reason I never picked them up! When I’m going out with girlfriends or just running around I’m totally an arm party girl, love to stack. On date nights with my love I try to keep it more simple and refined. I feel like this pieces are so versatile, though, that even for a date I could use one of the thinner bangles and then for those arm party days this combination is perfect! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Lexi Di

  60. 6.20.12
    Rafaella said:

    I’ve always been a necklace girl since I was very little (even all my class pictures show me wearing a necklace starting age 9). I just love how versatile they are. You can have that small charm necklace that goes with everything, something like a background character in your fashion story. Or you can have the statement necklace that takes over your entire outfit and draws your eyes from 15 feet away. And then theres everything in between. Plus what a great place for a woman’s body, right near her decolletage!

  61. 6.20.12
    emily anne-maire said:

    love sequin, and this store! like them on fb! i always feel more is more better! the brighter, the sparklier, the better! i’d love to add these to my growing collection of arm party arsenal!

  62. 6.21.12
    Stephanie said:

    Hi! I liked and followed on Facebook! I’m slowly getting into the trend of wearing more jewelry. I tend to wear one piece at a time and always seem to be wearing my MK watch. A classy piece that’d always hold true. I’d love to add to my collection of jewelry though because as of right now, it’s very very minimal! ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. 8.17.12
    Jillian said:

    Like and love following both sequins and jessica!! I’m being inspired to try more is more and my favorite is the arm party style with bangles, braclets, and a watch! Love the starfish and turquoise theme in the three bangles above!!