Passport to Paris

Bonjour Mes Amis!

As my Tour Guide duties come to a close, I am all smiles to announce the best giveaway EVER! After not one, but two outfit posts full of fabulous accessories from the Passport to Style: World Tour 2012, now is your chance to win your own set of souvenirs from the journey! Kristin is giving away a Paris Collection Collection Souvenir Case — your own box of over $100 in jewelry from the limited edition Paris Collection!

To enter, visit the store and pick out some must-haves. Then all you have to do is leave a comment below with your favorite item(s)! You can also gain additional entries by following Kristin on Twitter and by signing up for your “passport.”

I’ll announce the winner of the Paris Collection Souvenir Case on Monday, April 23rd on Twitter.* Pieces from the collection are still available for purchase so shop now to avoid missing out!

Bonne Chance!

xo, Jessica

Thanks for everything, Kristin! It has been such a pleasure being the first blogger to represent the World Tour 2012 jewelry collections. I can’t wait to see where you guys are off to next! 🙂

*I will use to pick the winner at 11 a.m. cst on Monday, April 23rd. I’ll announce the winner via Twitter so be sure to follow along! Please note in your comment if you have additional entries.

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  1. 4.18.12

    I am seriously craving a wrist wrap watch right now. So of course that would be my must-have!

    Also, I followed Kristin on Twitter (I’m @looplooks).

  2. 4.18.12
    lezoemusings commented:

    Your giveaway is FAB! Hope you also enter + share my first ever fabulous giveaway! Best, Kellie

  3. 4.18.12
    rawveganincollege commented:

    My favorite items would have to be the Montmartre Necklace and the La Tour Eiffel Bangle Set. It’s so hard to choose because they’re all so beautiful! The La Tour Eiffel Bangle Set is gorgeous because it has so many different gold tones that complement each other! And the Montmartre Necklace is so pretty~ it would go with every outfit!

  4. 4.18.12
    rawveganincollege commented:

    I signed up for a “passport” lol and followed Kristin on Twitter! Thank you so so much! Victoria

  5. 4.18.12
    soanthro commented:

    These pieces are just stunning! I think my favorite has got to be the Paris Collection Wrist Wrap Watch, but I also love all those bangles!

  6. 4.18.12
    soanthro commented:

    I follow Kristin on twitter @emilygeaman and signed up for my passport! Thanks for offering this ladies!!

  7. 4.18.12
    Erica Burlew commented:

    What an adorable collection! I would love to wear the Louvre Leather Wrap Bracelet and the Gold Bastille Bracelet together – its a classy yet edgy combination! I am following Kristin on twitter (@jildorshoes and @ericabur)! Thanks!

  8. 4.18.12
    Emily commented:

    My must-haves from this collection would be the Louvre Leather Wrap (love the blush pink color!) and the Sacre Coeur Earrings…of course, the whole collection is fabulous, but those are my favorites 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win such a fabulous prize!

  9. 4.18.12
    Emily commented:

    I also signed up for a “passport” for a 2nd entry!

  10. 4.18.12

    Love the Sacre Coeur earrings; very Chanel. Thanks Kristin and Jessica!

  11. 4.18.12
    adrienne commented:

    I really like the Montmartre Necklace.

  12. 4.18.12
    Stephanie commented:

    I am loving the Bastille Bracelet and Louvre Leather Wrap! So pretty!!

  13. 4.18.12
    swapna commented:

    I am following Kristin and you on twitter (@swapna k) and signed up for my passport a while back! I love the La Tour Eiffel Bangle Set, Champs Elysees Bangle Set,Montmartre Necklace & Bastille Bracelet. Thanks Kristin and Jessica!

  14. 4.18.12
    G commented:

    I think the Sacre Coeur Earrings pair well with the Bastille Bracelet for a classic vintage look. Very beautiful pieces!

  15. 4.18.12
    Dominique commented:

    Such cute pieces!! Grammar check from a french girl: “Bon chance!” is supposed to be spelled “Bonne chance!” 😉

  16. 4.18.12
    Carolyn commented:

    I love the wrist wrap watch! Very cute.

  17. 4.18.12
    Shasie commented:

    Cool giveaway!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style
    Enter my Lia Sophia Giveaway

  18. 4.18.12
    Sarah commented:

    I love that bow necklace!

  19. 4.18.12
    Sarah commented:

    I signed up for my passport a week or so ago. So fun!

  20. 4.18.12
    Sarah commented:

    Now Following Kristin on twitter!

  21. 4.18.12
    Hotsy Malone commented:

    Champ Elysees Bangle Set, Bastele Bracelet and the gorgeous Louvre Leather Wrap (says sold out but maybe they will get more???)

    Also follow Kristin on Twitter via octmoonboutique so my fingers are crossed I hear that I’m the winner!!!!!


  22. 4.18.12
    hoosiersatheart commented:

    I LOVE combining my Paris Collection Wrist Wrap Watch (my fav!) with my Champs Elysees Bangles and of course the Sacre Coeur Earrings! I’ve gotten many compliments on the pieces 🙂

    I have signed up for my “Passport”

    Following Kristin via @kristinhassan

    Would love to win the giveaway & (almost) complete my Paris Collection!!

  23. 4.18.12
    Aimee commented:

    Wrist wrap watch FOR SURE 🙂

  24. 4.18.12
    Patti L commented:

    I love the Bastille Bracelet and the Sacre Coeur Earrings. Lovely! I have extra entries. @leblancpatti

  25. 4.18.12
    Patti L commented:

    I follow Kristen on twitter. @leblancpatti

  26. 4.18.12
    Patti L commented:

    I already signed up for the passport!

  27. 4.18.12
    Allison commented:

    I love love love the rose gold bangles! So pretty!! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  28. 4.18.12
    Barb commented:

    I would have to go with the Bastille Bracelet paired with the Louvre Leather Wrap (which I’d buy but its sold out!) I also follow Kristin on twitter (@BLagro) and signed up for the passport!

  29. 4.18.12
    sarah commented:

    I love the Montmartre Necklace. So cute!
    I also follow Kristin on Twitter, and I’ve signed up for the passport!

    Good luck to everyone else. 🙂

  30. 4.18.12
    Merideth Bonvino commented:

    I lovee the Tuileres ring and Bastille bracelet!! I’m also following Kristin on twitter. I’m Meri16deth

  31. 4.18.12
    Dominique commented:

    Totally forgot to say: Favorite piece from the collection is the Wrist Wrap Watch!! Also really like the Bastille Bracelet. 🙂

  32. 4.19.12
    Alana Galvin commented:

    I absolutely LOVE the Bastille bracelet, and would pair it with the Louvre leather wrap and the Montmartre necklace. These pieces are feminine, timeless, and chic!

  33. 4.19.12
    Sydney commented:

    I love the Montmartre Necklace! The bow is too cute.

  34. 4.19.12
    Brittany M. commented:

    Fantastic pieces! Love this watch in every color! . Also love this simple gold bracelet- A MUST HAVE! . Both great pieces and you could dress them up or down.

    I also followed Kristin on twitter- Brittanyrpos

  35. 4.19.12
    Yasmina commented:

    I adore the sacre coeur earrings, la tour eiffel bangles as well as the Bastille bracelet.

    Following Kristin (she’s so talented)

  36. 4.19.12
    Danielle Cook commented:

    I love the Louvre Leather Wrap, Paris Collection Wrist Wrap Watch and Tuileries Ring. I am following Kristin on twitter.

  37. 4.19.12
    Nicole commented:

    So many wonderful pieces! How to chose my favorites?!? I think I’d have to start with the Louvre Leather Wrap. I love pink, and think the light pink is such a great contrast with the studs. In keeping the pink theme the Monet Scarf is a definite must have – so light and flawy with such cute detail. Lastly I LOVE the Paris Collection Wrist Wrap Watch. It’s a classy version of the already great wrap watches from the designer.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win an amazing collection of gorgeous pieces :o)

  38. 4.19.12
    Elyse G. commented:

    I’m crushing on the Montmartre Necklace! (and I’m following Kristin on twitter)

  39. 4.19.12
    Ashlyn Doty commented:

    They are ALL gorgeous but I think my favorites are the Montmartre necklace (because just like you Jessica my two absolute FAVORITE things are bows and sequins), the leopard Triple wrist wrap, the Tuileries ring, the triple wrist wrap watch in the spring colors, and the shuriken ring.

  40. 4.19.12
    Holly commented:

    All of the pieces are lovely but I think if i had to pick my two favorites, it would be the Lourve Leather Wrap and the Sacre Coeur Earrings.

  41. 4.19.12
    Holly commented:

    I also follow Kristin on twitter

  42. 4.19.12
    Teri commented:

    Love this collection, especially the Montmartre Necklace.

  43. 4.19.12
    Teri commented:

    I already follow Kristin on twitter! @mucutiepie124

  44. 4.19.12
    Teri commented:

    I also have my passport through Kristin Hassan! Can;t wait to see the next collections!

  45. 4.20.12
    christine laporte commented:

    I love the gold necklace with the bow…it’s my favorite! I also follow Kristin on Twitter and have my passport to style. Thank you 🙂

  46. 4.21.12
    Rebecca commented:

    Love the Healey bracelet. Would be a great work to evening piece that could be completely dressed up or dressed down.

  47. 4.21.12
    Melissa Wright commented:

    My favorite item is the bastille bracelet!

  48. 4.21.12
    Melissa Wright commented:

    I follow Krisin on twitter (@sighgushgasp) and signed up for my passport!

  49. 4.22.12
    Danielle commented:

    I love the montemartre necklace:) It’s adorable!!

  50. 4.22.12
    Danielle commented:

    I also follow Kristin on twitter. (@danielle070806)

  51. 4.22.12
    Erica commented:

    I love the Montmarte necklace!

  52. 4.22.12
    Erica commented:

    I follow Kristin on Twitter @theprettyfactor

  53. 4.22.12
    Erica commented:

    I signed up for my passport as well!

  54. 4.23.12
    Jessica commented:

    Thank you all for entering!! 11 was the random #, so Emily is the winner! 🙂