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I am over the moon to tell you guys about my newest collaboration with Kristin Hassan! I’m beyond excited to partner with Kristin because she is 1. a fellow Chicagoan, 2. a female entrepreneur, and 3. her jewelry is kind of amazing! It has been SO hard not to spill any details to you guys sooner, ESPECIALLY after I found out my city and got my package of jewelry!!

Kristin Hassan is launching her newest set of collections — Passport to Style: KH World Tour 2012! The KH Passport to Style is a fresh and exciting experience that will be bringing you almost a dozen different jewelry collections via a virtual trip around the world! And it launches in less than two weeks — Wednesday, April 4th!

Here’s how it works:
First things first — Make sure you sign up for yourpassport!” This ensures you’ll be receiving all of the important information regarding each collection!

Next, follow along! Every three weeks a new city and corresponding collection will be revealed. Kristin is launching 11 collections in all, and each collection will take you to a different part of the world, with a different tour guide! KH has partnered with 11 different bloggers to lead you on your stylish journey! I cannot be more excited to be the first blogger to take you to the first city! ๐Ÿ™‚

Not only will you be falling in love with jewels and baubles inspired from all around the world, but KH has planned all sorts of surprises along the way! Us bloggers are literally armed with exciting photos, stories, contests, giveaways… all for you!

Each collection will be available for sale for three weeks only! Styles have been produced in limited quantities, so be sure to grab your souvenirs from each city ASAP! And to easily keep track of your worldly collection, you’ll want to check out the Frequent Traveler Program — a program that rewards you for your purchases with free jewelry and gift cards!

Seriously, you will die when you see the first collection. For starters, Kristin couldn’t have picked a better city for me. The pieces have my name written all over them! The entire collection is fabulous and it has been the biggest challenge not to give you any sneak peeks because I’ve been wearing the pieces religiously since I got them! Honestly, I’ve had to take pieces off for outfit pictures so I didn’t spoil any surprises. I’m sure the following 10 collections will be just as major, but I haven’t gotten to see them yet. I was basically begging Kristin to tell me the other cities, but she wouldn’t budge. Top Secret. So I’ll be anxiously awaiting the collections with you guys!

Sign up now! The first collection is arriving April 4th! Happy Travels! ๐Ÿ™‚

oh, and ps — the wrist up in the KH picture may or may not be mine… and those may or may not be a few of the pieces from the first collection… just sayin!

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  1. 3.23.12

    Ah, what a tease, can’t wait to see it! What a cool idea too!

  2. 3.27.12

    Oooh, sounds interesting! Can’t wait to see more!