Snow & Sorels

A North Face puffy coat and snow boots. So stylish. (I kid.)

Finding cute snow boots is an oxy moron. I suppose these are pretty… for snow boots. But what the heck are we supposed to do for cute warm winter coats around here?! I’ve searched and searched, but I haven’t found the perfect coat that is warm and chic. Please, tell me your secrets for staying warm (and at least somewhat fashionable while doing so). I’m open to suggestions! (I’m sick of feeling like the Michelin man in this number.)

I wore this to Stanley’s for brunch last Sunday. I seriously should not be allowed to go to buffet-style all-you-can-eat situations. Holy overeating. I felt like I needed to be wheeled out of the place. (So if you can’t read between the lines… yes, brunch was delish.)

Coat: The North Face
Boots: Sorel
Blazer: J.Crew
Plaid Shirt: J.Crew
Jeans: Paige
Watch: Michael Kors (similar)
Bracelet: J.Crew
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Nails: Essie Smokin Hot

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  1. 1.19.12
    ppfgirl said:

    Yay – so glad I’m not the only one doing outfit posts in the snow wearing my puffy coat! As long as you look cute underneath…that’s what matters! Sometimes I put a belt on the outside of my coat to cinch it and add a little bit more style. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 1.19.12
    Erica said:

    The puffy coat isn’t so bad…but I agree, there has to be some stylish ones out there! Love your plaid shirt & blazer underneath!

  3. 1.19.12

    If you get an answer on how to look cute in Chicago’s weather….please clue ME in as well! I have been on the search for a seriously cute-fashionable winter coat for too long, obviously I have struck out because Im rocking the north-face coat as well!

    I have been accessorizing with colorful hats, scarves, gloves….thats about all I got!

  4. 1.19.12

    I love everything! The snow, puffy coat, boots, plaid, LV & sunnies. You look great!

  5. 1.19.12
    Rachel said:

    I know what you mean! I can’t believe Minneapolis hasn’t gotten hit with snow yet (I’m sure some is in store before spring/summer comes back)… but I have my big poofy black coat and furry gray snow boots to stay warm and comfy during the winter… and I’m always wondering how to look more chic during this weather! Love my pea coats, but they just aren’t as warm!

    But I think you look super cute and chic ๐Ÿ™‚ And I love the plaid with your blazer!!!!!

  6. 1.19.12

    I like your boots ๐Ÿ™‚ They go fantastically with that blazer! There are a lot of moon boots that look like you seriously mean it stylistically… Only problem is, they really really look like they mean it, too. With patent leather and all that. I don’t know about you, but I might have to reconsider my life to seriously wear those babies. They look best inside a helicopter over the Alps ^^

  7. 1.19.12

    I would’ve just hibernated. After living in the mountains that past 5yrs, I dislike snow. Glad you were able to suck it up, venture out & look cute while doing so.


  8. 1.19.12
    Kastles said:

    Love that plaid shirt with the blazer! They go great together! You look cozy but still stylish!
    <3 Kastles

  9. 1.19.12
    Jill said:

    I live in Minnesota, so I feel your pain. First of all, the WARMEST and cutest winter boots (Sorels are adorable, too) are Steger Mukluks (made in Ely, MN!). The Ojibwa Tall in Maple are SO cute…and they are as light as slippers. BEST investment you will ever make, I promise.

    For coats, Andrew Marc makes adorable coats. They are expensive, but I have found all of mine on RueLaLa and Hautelook for WAY less. I have this one and a black down one with a fur hood, too. LOVE them.

  10. 1.19.12

    i love this, it’s so put together!

  11. 1.19.12
    granny pantyhose trendsetter said:

    LAYER! North Face fleece + semi-cute, not-so-warm “parka.”
    This outfit is making me l o l, and you know why…

  12. 1.20.12
    Natalie said:

    Ok, ok! First visit to your blog and I don’t know where to start! You’re too cute! Loving this look, the blazer and plaid are fab! And I just bought the rose gold version of your watch! As for the boots I think they’re pretty cute. I’m a fan of Hunters, but you’d need to cozy up. We just got the first snow of the season and I ventured out in some old Uggs. Not my finest hour, but what can you do?! xx Natalie

  13. 1.23.12
    Ashley said:

    The boots are too cute! I’ve been loving my Hunters for years now — and can’t imagine giving them up — but these boots may be worth the trade!

  14. 1.23.12

    I recently discovered your blog and love your outfits! I really admire the way you put together what you wear everyday, right down to the nail polish.

    I am also sporting the Northface winter coat and yes I agree it may not be the most fashionable thing ever, but in Canadian winters it’s more of a necessity. Btw, love the way your boots go with your blazer!

  15. 1.24.12

    I can’t give any advice on cute jackets, but I do like the look underneath! The camel blazer looks great with the plaid shirt!

  16. 2.2.12
    Anna said:

    Ok… oxymoron, I agree! Here are a couple of attempts I made to stay fashionable in winter boots.

    This winter (got them in both colors, since they were different enough!):

    Last winter I purchased these and got a lot of compliments:

  17. 2.29.12
    Anne said:

    I swear by Jcrew’s long coats I have an off-white one that is the warmest thing I own like puffy coat warm!!! and they are all so stylish!!! and I love your Jcrew blazer very cute! I will take some cute photos of my winter jackets and put them on my blog this week!!! if that helps!!!!!

  18. 1.20.13
    Chel said:

    I love those Sorel boots with the LV purse! Cute outfit. ๐Ÿ™‚


  19. 1.7.14
    Ida said:

    I absolutely love those sorel boots… Anyway you could provide me with the exact kind? I’ve been looking everywhere for those exact ones but can’t find them.

    • 1.8.14
      Gwen said:

      I believe they are called Sorel Tofino boots in camel color!

  20. 3.24.21
    Courtney A. said:

    I love those Sorel’s. I’ve looked thru Sorel’s site and can’t find them. Which model are they?
    I want a pair.