Heat Wave

It is HOT and HUMID in Chicago this week. I’m talking sweltering heat and the kind of humidity that makes being outside absolutely miserable. Go figure that I had Monday and Tuesday off this week and my youngest brother had made plans to come up and visit. We weren’t going to let the weather ruin our plans though so we toughed (and sweated) it out.

Despite the stickiness, I had an amazing two days off work! My brother and I did lots of shopping on Michigan Avenue, ate delicious Chicago-land food (Lou Malnati’s and Portillo’s), and watched the Cubbies beat the Phillies at Wrigley Field! After he left Tuesday, I wandered around the loop and hit up Zara and the Chicago Sidewalk Sale before meeting up with Ellen, one of my best friends from college. Ellen and I went to Navy Pier (like tourists) and grabbed a bite to eat at Riva and had a drink while sitting by the water. Ellen snapped a picture of me so I could have something to blog about, but it isn’t pretty (consider yourself warned). I guess the heat will do that to you! There really isn’t much to my outfit because I was trying to stay cool and comfortable. I paired a bright orange dress with gold and orange jewelry, gold sandals, and a bright teal bag.

(Look at all of the fog over Lake Michigan! Crazy, right?)

Dress: H&M
Sandals: BC Footwear (Piperlime)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Earrings: Forever 21
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Express
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

I hope my brother had as great of a time as I did. Moving up to Chicago (which is 3.5 hours from home) has really made me realize how much I value spending time with my family because it doesn’t get to happen very often! I grew up in a small town where I knew everyone and their parents (and their dog’s name). I went to college in Champaign, IL and even though I was one of 40,000, I still felt like I knew pretty much everyone. Then I moved up to Chicago. Sometimes I like being one among 3,000,000, but there are definitely times where I feel like a small girl in a huge world (not in a good way). Getting to hang out with my brother was a very welcome change!

Do you live far from your family? Do you get homesick, too? Does it pass in time?

(Photog: Ellen)

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  1. 7.20.11
    Real Girl Glam commented:

    You look great!! I love this outfit. Sounds like you had a fun few days. I used to live far from my family and I missed them terribly, but now I’m blessed to live close by. I don’t know if the homesickness every passed but I guess I just got more used to it. At least your family is semi-close so hopefully they can come for visits often!

    • 7.25.11
      Jessica commented:

      Thanks Amber, you’re always so sweet!!

  2. 7.20.11
    Mae commented:

    I totally feel you on this one! Chicago was a 10 hour drive from home for me and I also grew up in a small town so it was quite a change. But it’s really a welcoming city. I think you’ll always have bits of being homesick but for the most part, it will eventually pass.
    Love your orange dress & that fog is crazy!
    I miss shopping on Michigan Ave! What’s the Chicago Sidewalk Sale? That must be new!

    • 7.25.11
      Jessica commented:

      Wow, so you were a lot farther away from home. I shouldn’t be complaining!

      The Chicago Sidewalk Sale was a two-day event in Daley Plaza showcasing local boutiques and designers… Very cool!

  3. 7.25.11
    Mandy commented:

    Your Rebecca bag is DARLING! I have an obsession with her bags! SHe is super nice too!

    • 7.26.11
      Jessica commented:

      I LOVE her bags! Have you met her?? If so, SO JEALOUS!

  4. 8.1.11
    Kayla commented:

    I’m sorry I don’t mean to be an internet lurker, but I came across your blog via the Rebecca Minkoff Facebook page and I have been looking through some of your posts – your outfit posts are great, both fashion forward and relateable!

    My question is, where(ish) are you from for your home to be 3 and a half hours (ish) from Chicago> Because my home is about 3 and a half hours (ish) from there too! Peoria, il

    • 8.1.11
      Jessica commented:

      Thank you! I’m glad you found my site!

      I’m from outside of Springfield… A few of my best friends from college are from the Peoria area… Small world!

      • 8.2.11
        Kayla commented:

        Very cool, I’m glad I found the site too! Keep up the great work!