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Meet Javi, another one of Sam Edelman’s children. The wedge with the teeniest cutout is to die for. Obsessed!

Can you tell I’ve had quite the shoe fetish lately? I didn’t think it was humanly possible, but working in retail has made me even more of a shopaholic. The good news is that I’ve been lusting after more edgy pairs, which goes against my usual play-it-safe mentality. That was a mold that definitely needed to be broken! The one downfall is that I don’t have as many places to wear these shoes! I cannot imagine being on my feet for 8 hours in a pair of 4″ heels. OUCH! My feet ache just thinking about it so I always wear flats to work. I may start bringing a pair of heels and a pair of flats to work to alternate throughout the day because I want my fun shoes to get the exposure they deserve!

I can’t decide which color I like better. Rust or black? Which do you prefer? It’s a tough decision because they are both SO versatile.

The black pair is only $136 at Lori’s, but they don’t have the rust color. Both the rust and black are $149.95 at Nordstrom.

(Photo Credit – Nordstrom)

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  1. 7.12.11

    Simple but SO cute! I like the rust!

    • 7.13.11
      Jessica said:

      I ended up getting the black.. Love the rust though!