Hill House Holiday

Jessica Sturdy wearing a plaid tartan Nap Dress at Christmas with Dave and Marley.

I seriously cannot believe the word I’m using the world “holiday,” but the days of the year seem to be dwindling down faster than I can keep up with!  As strange as it is to think the holidays are right around the corner, it would be remiss of me not to remind you that today is the Hill House Holiday drop.  Today’s the day for tartan, friends!  The collection launches at 12pm ET / 11am Central.

This is the only photo I have of me wearing my very first Nap Dress last Christmas with Dave and Marley. (We had only been dating a few months so I wasn’t quite comfortable saying “Can you take an outfit pic?!” yet. 😂 I bet Dave wishes that were still the case! 🤪) I styled my tartan nap dress with a black turtleneck and black tights and honestly plan to wear that uniform for the entire month of December this year. Effortlessly chic!

Hill House Holiday Nap Dress Styles

Call me crazy, but I’m planning to grab a new tartan Nap Dress this year!  Right around this time last year, I was logging on to order my very first Nap Dress when they dropped their holiday collection, and apparently there was a three minute glitch that caused inventory to be doubly sold.  So I actually didn’t get the original tartan, as they had to source a similar fabric and do another run of production that got delivered to me on December 23rd.  😂  Thankfully they’ve invested in a back end to keep up with their demand by now!

While the print I have is pretty similar, their classic navy tartan is just *chefs kiss!*

Hill House Holiday Fabrics

I’m currently trying to plan out the rest of my buy… It’s hard when you want literally everything.  Last night, I wrote down my list of “must haves” and when I got up to eight or nine things, I tore it up and vowed to revisit in the morning with a fresh set of eyes. 😂

Hill House Holiday Full Collection Linesheet

I’ve got double the order anxiety this morning because I’m actually placing a friend’s order for her since she’ll be on a plane with the collection drops!  😂

Hill House Holiday Velvet Nap Dress Styles

When it comes to clothing, there’s nothing I love more than a beautiful dark green!  Add velvet in the mix and I’m weak in the knees.  So I feel like I have to try to get one of the velvet styles, right?!

Hill House Holiday Black Nap Dress Styles

They’re also dropping more BLACK nap dresses!  These might be harder to get than the navy and I feel like it’s kind of a winter must have.

It’s also worth noting… This is their last Nap Dress drop until the spring!!  I know the last few have been about a month apart, which definitely does some damage to the ol’ credit card bill.  But it’s a bit more reassuring to know this is the last one for a while!  (But then also more stressful at the same time, haha. 😂)

PS: Don’t forget you can use my referral link to get 20% off your first order!

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  1. 10.20.21
    Meg said:

    Hoping I can score one! I’m very pregnant but haven’t wanted to invest in a ton of maternity clothes! Nap dresses are perfect!

    • 10.20.21
      Jessica said:

      1000%!!! They’re perfect for pregnancy and post-partum!

  2. 10.20.21
    Caroline said:

    The same double item issue happened this year again! Thankfully I got everything I wanted, but now I’m having a bit of FOMO with the red plaid since I missed it