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Gucci Navy & White Gingham Princetown Loafers

I bought my first pair of Gucci Princetown loafers in the spring of 2016. I’d been wanting a pair for months and when I saw the limited edition navy and white gingham print, I had to have them and decided to splurge after a big work milestone! I’m pretty sure they were ‘only’ $650 back then, but the prices have slowly crept up over the last few years. They’ll currently run you $750 + tax for a fabric pair, and $790 for a leather pair.

Gucci Navy & White Gingham Princetown Loafers

I’ve really, really wanted a leather pair ever since, but could never justify buying another pair that I can’t wear year round in Chicago. Sure, I could go for the Jordan loafers with a back instead, but the Princetowns slides have always had my heart.

Gucci-Inspired Princetown Loafers on Amazon

This past spring, I came across a pair of slides with a horsebit on Amazon that looked incredibly similar to the real Gucci pair so I decided to grab a few pairs to compare. At just $50, you don’t have to choose just one!

Gucci-Inspired Princetown Loafers on Amazon

In person, you can see that they are almost identical. The bit is a bit thicker on the Amazon pair, but you have to be looking at them side by side to tell. I’ve never been one for ‘dupes’ or fakes so I grappled with the idea of keeping them or even sharing this blog post. I ended up just keeping the white pair, as I would never have the guts to buy a white pair of $800 leather loafers.

I appreciate that they don’t actually say Gucci so they feel more like an “inspired by” style, versus a true counterfeit product.

Authentic Gucci loafers with Amazon dupes comparison

Authentic Gucci loafers with Amazon dupes comparison

Authentic Gucci loafers with Amazon dupes comparison

Authentic Gucci loafers with Amazon dupes comparison


I’m a true size 8.5, but for whatever reason I wear a 40 in Gucci loafers. Maybe it’s because my foot is on the wider side? In these dupes, I ordered a size 9 and they fit perfectly.

I will say, my authentic Gucci pair is much more comfortable! Never once have they given me a blister, or even come close to being uncomfortable. But if I’m walking a while in the white Amazon pair, they do start to rub on the top part of my foot a bit.


Pictured here are the White, Apricot, and Black. Not pictured, but I also love the look of the Beige and Brown!

Gucci-Inspired Loafers

Over on Instagram, a few people asked about regular loafers with a back. Although I have not tried these myself, the same brand does carry a pair of horsebit loafers. They’re available in a ton of colors, too!

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  1. 8.4.21
    AC commented:

    What a great find – thanks for sharing! Would love to see how you style the white ones

  2. 8.15.21
    Noelle Langmack commented:

    I love this find! People will only know the difference if they are horse people (Gucci has an egg-but snaffle and the pair you found has a loose-ring snaffle), but they look identical otherwise!

  3. 9.20.21
    John commented:

    Sometimes I also face this size issue so I order .5 size to my actual size.