Friday Finds || Vol. 3, Week 9

The Best Red Lipsticks

Happy, happy Friday, friends! It was a busy week over here and I’m really looking forward to stepping away from the computer this weekend. We’re celebrating one of my college bestie’s birthdays tonight and I’m so excited to catch up with those friends because it’s been about a month since we’ve all hung out together!

I submitted my podcast to iTunes on Wednesday and it normally takes anywhere from “two hours to a few days” so I definitely thought it would be live by now. Womp, womp. I’ll be sure to share a link on Instagram stories and make an announcement here on the blog once it’s live, hopefully sometime over the weekend, if not later today. Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend, loves. xoxo jrs

Here are this week’s finds…

I believe it’s the last weekend to submit a Sephora testimonial for me and it would honestly mean the world to me if you could take a minute to leave me a little love note if you enjoy my beauty content here on the blog! I submitted a lengthy application a few weeks ago, and reader testimonials are the second part of the application, and will help determine if I get selected for the #SephoraSquad this year. It honestly only takes about ~30 seconds to submit! 🥰 (It’s basically the dream to get to work with a brand I know and love like Sephora!)

If you read one thing this week, please let it be this beautifully writted article by my dear friend, Meghan. No matter your marital status, it’s a must read. And browse through the comments, too, if you have time… So many nuggets of wisdom from her incredible readers.

Turning Side Hobbies Into Hustles… Loved this one! And it’s so very true… Not every hobby needs to turn into a profitable business venture. Personally, I know I need to start doing more things “just for fun.”

If you know anyone in the market for a vintage Chanel bag, send them this link.

One of my best friends sent me this Ted talk this week when he knew I needed it most. I absolutely loved it and I was crying at the end! And wouldn’t you know it, Brene Brown’s talk on vulnerability (one of my all-time favorites) was next on the auto-play so I re-watched that and it was also very much needed!

I am head over heels with this rainbow number! On the topic of jewelry, I also think these lucite bangles are a must for spring.

If you grew up dining at Panera at least once a week, you’ll appreciate this one. DOUBLE BREAD BOWLS.

Don’t miss the big Shopbop Sale!! It ends Saturday night.

This reusable gingham tote is so cute and only $8… The perfect bag to carry around all the things to/from work, groceries, etc.

Speaking of gingham, also loving this dress and this open-front boyfriend blazer!

I always get so many questions about my black-on-black Cubs hat so I had to share. It’s back in stock!

I discovered Tourist this week and love his music! Check it out over the weekend.

My friends at Sweet & Spark opened a store! If you’ll be in San Francisco any time soon, be sure to give them a visit, it looks so cute.

Remember when I said I ordered those Target bathing suits a few weeks ago?! I ended up LOV-ING the fit, the bottoms especially! I took a Medium in the bottoms and they were perfect… I figured I’d be a small on top, but I couldn’t breath in the small (and I have a very flat chest) and returned to get Mediums on the top, too. So if you’re busty, I would definitely order up!! I ended up keeping the navy gingham and the leopard. So excited to get my swimsuit shopping out of the way for, like, $40 for two. (They’re currently buy one, get one 50% off!)

I want one of these iPhone cases SO BAD, but I’m afraid I’ll end up upgrading my phone in a few months (I still have an 8) and be bummed I won’t be able to use it any more.

I’ve been hearing *SO MUCH* about this ‘Sober Curious’ movement lately and I’m really intrigued… If you have any thoughts on the matter, I’d love to hear! (Here’s a book, here’s a Cosmo article, and here’s a Chicago Trib article with more info.)

I loved this post on Olivia’s blog: Confessions of a Workaholic

Having a mother that’s been diagnosed with MS, I was *sobbing* watching this video of Selma Blair on GMA. She’s so amazing for sharing her story during her flare-up and bringing so much awareness to such a confusing disease. (But truly, I’m assuming it’s just my close proximity to MS, but I was very upset during and after watching it. Maybe don’t watch this one at work if any of your loved ones have been diagnosed with the disease.)

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  1. 3.1.19
    Meg said:

    What a great round up. Looking forward to clicking through the links. Have a great weekend!

  2. 3.1.19
    Briana said:

    Happy Friday, babe! Love the blazer!


  3. 3.1.19
    Heather said:

    what is the lipstick you are applying in the picture?

  4. 3.1.19
    Heather said:

    what lipstick are you applying in the picture?

  5. 3.1.19
    Meghan said:

    Thank you sweet friend for including my post!! Means a lot to me <3