Snow Boots That Don’t Suck


Sooo it’s currently snowing in Chicago. It started this morning and hasn’t really let up all day! I had to run some errands near my apartment this afternoon and slipping on my Hunter rain boots to slosh through the snow got me thinking about snow boots. Admittedly, I do own a pair (or maybe two..) of snow boots. (I picked up these last year!) But I have my heart set on a new style of boots this year… I’m obsessed with that old-school leather hiking boot look. Add some shearling and some bright laces and I’m sold!

J.Crew Nordic Winter Boots: The cutest shearling snow boots with red laces!

J.Crew released the *perfect* pair of boots, but they sold out in a week. (And naturally, I found them after my size sold out. I swear you have to look at their new arrivals on a daily basis to get your size in things before they sell out. Ugh!) So I’ve been on the hunt for a similar pair… I found an Italian brand, Montelliana, and I love their styles, too. But go figure, the style I like the most is completely sold out, too. 🙃 This Rag & Bone pair is pretty similar, but I wish they weren’t $700. So to my Dearest J.Crew, PLEASE restock those boots so I can stop hitting refresh on the product page every 30 minutes in hopes of someone returning a size 9. Much love, JRS

I feel like I’ve scoured the interwebs for hours searching for the best of the best when it comes to winter boots. (If you come across anything that looks like those J.Crew boots, please let me know!) I thought these were cute for the sportier girl… Great for going to/from the gym when the weather is crappy! Here’s a big round-up of some of my favorites…

PS: LL Bean Boots are always a great option, too! (I have a pair!) I did a whole post about those here.

Also, if you’re looking for regular booties that just happen to be waterproof (kind of a must if you live in Chicago or New York and are out walking around in the elements often!), I found a few of those when I was searching, too… Aquatalia and Blondo both have a few cute pairs!

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  1. 12.5.16
    Elle said:

    I’ll keep my eye on something similar for you! Hope J.Crew restocks them! They are so cute.
    xo elle //

  2. 12.5.16
    Meg said:

    Those are so cute!! Hope you find a pair in your size!

  3. 12.6.16
    Rachel said:

    Hopefully J.Crew restocks them!! I wonder if you could call stores in the area (or across the country) and have them shipped to you? I know LOFT does that, you just have to be in one of their stores to place the order

    • 12.6.16
      Jessica said:

      I actually used to work at J.Crew so that was the first thing I did! Unfortunately they’re 100% sold out in stores, too.

  4. 1.11.18
    Thais said:

    They JCrew boots are back in stock as of right now! 🙂

  5. 12.12.18
    bella said:

    Lovely. where is your amazing coat from? please let me know

    • 12.12.18
      Jessica said:

      Ha, that’s not me, that’s a J.Crew ad.

    • 1.8.19
      bella said:

      Hi. Where is that coat from?

      • 1.8.19
        Jessica said:


  6. 9.16.21
    Jillian said:

    Oooh, i have been trying to locate a very similar pair of boots for many years now and these are the absolute closest ones that I’ve been able to find! If you do ever find that these come back into stock – PLS do let me know!

    Thank you!