Gift Guide: Dear Santa

Today marks the five-year anniversary for this little corner of the Internet! Half of a decade seems pretty crazy, but I feel like I’ve had this blog forever. I really don’t remember life without it, as odd as that sounds. But then again, I started it during my senior year of college so it’s been around for the entirety of my adult life.

Just as we celebrate our birthdays by reflecting on the past year and making plans for the next one, I do the same for my blog birthday. This past year has come with a lot of changes, so many up and downs, and a whole lot of amazing opportunities, too. I’m forever grateful for this community and all that it’s brought into my life! In natural Virgo fashion, I’m always planning for the next adventure, the next project, and the next “big thing.” (I guess Bows & Sequins would actually be a Scorpio, though. Hmm… I’ll have to think on that one.) I have lofty goals for the next year and I’m excited to look back next November and see how much has evolved, once again. Thank you for following along on my wild ride, I can’t even begin to put my gratitude into words! xo JRS


Navy Bow Clutch  |  Glitter Is My Favorite Color Phone Case  |  Silver Loafers  |  Pom-Pom  |  Nail Polish  |  Bow Tote  |  Hermes Watch  |  Polar Bear Ring  |  Tortoise Sunglasses  |  Plaid Pumps  |  Sequin Chanel Bag  |  Gold Cuff  |  Emoji Keychain  |  Skirted Puffer Coat  |  Polka Dot Backpack  |  Peony Pink Bag  |  New Sneakers  |  Bee Cuff

Now, let’s get down to business… I always kick off my holiday series this week, right around the blogiversary. What better day to celebrate than today? Twenty Five Days of Gift Guides … Get ready, 25 different gift guides to inspire your present picking this holiday season. (Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting all of my regular content, too. Think of these as bonus posts!) Look forward to fun themes, not just your average gift-giving personas. I know it seems kind of crazy to be thinking about holiday gifting already as we’re not even to Thanksgiving, but I want to give you plenty of time to browse, shop, and not have to do a mad dash in December and pay for rush shipping. I recently read an article about how shoppers are doing most of their holiday shopping in November, but if you don’t plan on starting your holiday shopping for a few weeks, I’m right there with ya. My suggestion? Pin the gift guides now and reference them later!

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, the hashtag to search my gift guides will be #BowsGG. And to keep it easy, I’ve included a link right at the top of the homepage of so you can always find them!

If you have any gifting questions this holiday season, tweet me or email me! I’m happy to help! Picking out the perfect gifts for friends and family is one of my favorite things to do.

To kick things off, I’m starting with my own personal wish list! Or maybe I should just call this gift guide “bags with bows?” It’s filled with many well-placed bows (natch), a little bit of glitz, a few bits of plaid, and a whole lot of pink. One of each, please, Santa!

While I of course love navy, olive, leather, and a whole lot of plaid, I’m gravitating towards a lot of lighter shades of pink right. Typically, I crave dark jewel tones in the fall, but you can tell from this collage that I’m not over my blush pink moment. If I had to guess, I think it has a lot to do with my bedroom. I’ve been choosing the perfectly blush pink pieces for the last few months and it’s basically the first color I see when I wake up and the last before I fall asleep. But seriously… This bag and this bag? I need them both!

There are few things I love more than a conversation-starting critter and this polar bear ring and this bee cuff are no exceptions. So, so cute!

Another honorable mention that didn’t make the collage? This weekender. Obsessed with that bedazzled bow! Also still loving this coat from last winter.

What’s on your wish list this holiday season?!

2015 // Twenty Five Days of Gift Guides

Day 1: Jessica’s Wish List

Check out The Shop, where you can filter gifts by both category and dollar amount! I’ve also made a Holiday Shop where you can find products from all of my gift guides in one easy place. If you need to reference back, you can always reference all of my gift guides here!

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  1. 11.12.15
    Meagan said:

    Cute list! Love your gift guides!

  2. 11.12.15

    These are such cute picks!

    Madison Martine

  3. 11.12.15

    Happy blogiversary, Bows! What a year. Can’t wait to see what No. Six brings…

    (In the interim, I imagine it will be a SH*TLOAD of caffeine since you’ve committed to 25 days of gift guides again. : ) Consider me right there with you! #LYFErs)

  4. 11.12.15

    Love those plaid pumps and the bee cuff! I have also been really into blush colors this season, even though I usually like jewel tones. More blush tones in my bedroom sounds so lovely!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  5. 12.5.15

    Omg 25 Days of Holiday Gift Guides! Woo Hoo. Plus I’m a Virgo as well. 🙂