Weekend Round-Up

pink dress bows on back

Remember how I’ve been slacking on Weekend Round-Up posts? Well, I found another list on my computer full of links that I meant to share with you all. Apologies (again) if some of these are a bit dated, but hopefully they’re still helpful!

This pretty pink bow dress just went on sale… $31!! How can you pass it up?! I’m wearing it for my birthday on Monday!

Instagram no longer requires images to be square! Crazy, right? Portrait and landscape photos, without the annoying white borders. YAAAS!

I read and re-read Mackenzie’s post over and over again when I moved.. 7 Lessons Learned From Moving Across The Country While I didn’t drive my own truck (Hallie’s & my parents wouldn’t allow it. We tried! haha), a lot of tips are helpful to keep in mind!

September issues by the numbers!

Have you seen this video of the new Vineyard Vines HQ? I seriously want to move in!

Hallie’s hair tutorial was so creative! Loving the GIFs.. And I need to get my hands on that Humidity Shield ASAP!

In my opinion, Emily Schuman really is the blogger-turned-business role-model of our generation. #GOALS, Am I right? I loved watching this video she did with Elite Daily!

Grace’s at-home blowout tutorial had me wanting to try to blow out my own hair! I can never seem to get the hang of using a round brush. Confession: I rarely ever spend my money on blowouts. I absolutely love scalp massages and having someone else blow-dry my hair, but I typically prefer the way I curl it. #TypeA Even though I always do my own hair, I rarely ever blow-dry my hair. Mostly because I’m too lazy and also in part to cut down on heat damage, I try to let it air dry if I can. When I do blow dry, I always just rough dry it. I don’t know what it is about the round brush that I can’t master. Maybe Grace’s sectioning trick will help!

Gushing over Carly’s photos from Cape Cod! I’ve never been and it was always on my list of places I wanted to visit while I lived on the East Coast, but I never got around to making it happen unfortunately. Just another excuse to visit, right?!

I also loved reading this post from Mackenzie! 10 Women on Moving In With Their Significant Other

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  1. 8.30.15

    Great links! Thanks for sharing!

    Her Heartland Soul

  2. 8.30.15

    thanks for linking to my post, jess! I love that pink dress. hope you had a great weekend… miss ya! xx

  3. 8.31.15
    Vivienne commented:

    Love the dress 🙂 Will have to track down something similar in London! xx

  4. 8.31.15
    Emily commented:

    Pumped Instagram finally is not making pics stay square! So fun!

    Also, I love Hallie hair GIF’s!


  5. 9.2.15
    Leigha commented:

    That dress is amazing! And you absolutely must visit Cape Cod at some point! xx