Striped Shirt + Lace Skirt

striped tee, lace skirt, gucci soho disco bag with tassel

Another day, another outfit with this lace skirt. Are you surprised? This time, I styled it with a casual striped tee for a look that’s perfect for spring or fall. Take that, transitional weather. I’ve been at such a crossroads with what to wear lately… The crisp and cool temperatures in Chicago (Yep, 60’s in August. What have I gotten myself into?!) have me reaching for my typical fall attire (jeans and cozy sweaters), but the fact that it’s August and I’m not ready for summer to end has me holding on to summertime staples of lace, lots of white, and of course, stripes.

I’m telling you, I can’t get enough of this skirt. I actually ended up giving my regular-sized skirt that I wore earlier this summer to a friend, and buying the petite version for myself. I like how it hits just a little bit higher and doesn’t overwhelm my short-torso’d body as much. (And it was on sale, with an extra 40% off, so it was only like $25. Score!)

bauble bar necklace, striped shirt, lace skirt

gucci crossbody bag

Also, quick side note: As I was searching for a place where my bag is still available for purchase, I came across the Gucci Girls version. It’s a very similar style bag, $400 less than the ‘adult’ version, but I just can’t find the dimensions for the girls’ style… But I figured I’d put it on your radar just in case. If it’s a small little cross body, you might not be able to tell that it’s technically a “girls” style. Again, I haven’t seen it in person and can’t fid the dimensions, but just in case you’re out and about and see it, let us all know! Comes in Navy, Black, Gold, and Seafoam Blue. *UPDATE: When I wrote this post at 2am, I was only looking on the Neiman Marcus website. My half-asleep brain didn’t think to actually look on the Gucci website… DUH. (Thank you to a blog readerย for pointing this out!) So the regular-sized bag is 8″W x 6″H x 2.7″D. (My bag fits my phone, my full zip-around wallet, keys, and even a mophie phone charger, no problem. It’s pretty roomy for being small!) The kid’s bag is 6″W x 4.5″H x 2″D. It’s a few inches smaller from each direction, but if you’re not carrying much, it might be a good option! I don’t think it would actually look like a kids bag because, honestly, what kids are carrying Gucci?! But I’m still interested to check it out in person!

If you’re set on this style bag, though, check out this one that’s identical!

lace midi skirt outfit

lace midi skirt, striped tee shirt

Get the Look…

Lands End Tee
Ann Taylor Skirt
Zara Heels (old, similar here)
Gucci Bagย (similar here for less)
Bauble Bar Necklace
Coach Sunglasses
Michael Kors Watch
Lele Sadoughi Pearl Cuff

striped tee, lace skirt

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  1. 8.27.15

    so classy! love the skirt!

  2. 8.27.15

    I love your chic look here! And I love how you paired prints with textures creates!
    Red Reticule

  3. 8.27.15

    Love the pop of the outfit against that red background! How do you like the Land’s End shirt? I’ve been looking for a new navy/white stripe to replace my old worn out one.

  4. 8.27.15

    Gorgeous outfit, love it! That skirt is really beautiful and you have dressed it down a bit with the tee, love it!<3

  5. 8.27.15
    Natali said:

    Looking so classy and feminine in this outfit! Your skirt is fantastic!

  6. 8.27.15
    Julia said:

    If you go to Gucci’s website and look for the “Soho” kids bag, you’ll see the dimensions. It’s about 2 inches smaller than the adult.

  7. 8.27.15
    Emily said:

    Love this look! I have a few white skirts that I have worn out all summer and plan to wear through the fall!


  8. 8.27.15
    Emma said:

    Beautiful lace midi!

  9. 8.27.15
    bella B said:

    I love that lace skirt!

  10. 8.27.15

    What a pretty skirt on you!

    xo, Laura

  11. 8.27.15
    Meghan said:

    I would love to wear this whole outfit! #pleaseandthanks

  12. 8.27.15
    Elisabeth said:

    This outfit is very flattering. I love the lace skirt, feminine and so elegant.

    Diary of Elegance

  13. 8.27.15

    I love the skirt!

    Liz @

  14. 8.27.15
    Alexa said:

    The fact that there is a kids version of the disco bag is the best/funniest thing I’ve ever heard! I bet I start noticing little munchkins walking down Madison Ave, with them soon.



  15. 8.27.15

    I’m a huge, huge fan of the weather we’ve been having in Louisville the last few days. Not quite 60s yet, but I’ll take these 70 degree days for as long as mother nature feels like dishing them out.

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

  16. 8.27.15

    That skirt is stunning!

    Madison Martine

  17. 8.27.15
    Kate said:

    I love all the red architecture!

  18. 8.27.15

    I really love the stripe and lace combo! I am so ready for Fall though. Can’t take another 98 degree day!

  19. 8.27.15
    melissa said:

    So pretty!

  20. 8.27.15

    Great look Jess!
    Love the mix of stripes and lace.
    Sarah Lynn

  21. 8.29.15

    I’m in love with the skirt, it’s gorgeous! <3


  22. 9.1.15
    Jean said:

    Great combo! I’m a huge fan of white lace skirts, and always searching for new ways to wear them.

  23. 4.27.16

    LOVE this look! That lace skirt is gorgeous on you, and looks great with the striped shirt and sandals ๐Ÿ™‚