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If you’re anything like me, ‘back-to-school’ season is one of your absolute favorites! While I haven’t actually been heading back to school in a number of years now (#GettingOld), the fall still embodies a bit of a fresh start. I’m not as ready for the fall as I normally am this year (more on that here), but I’ve been trying to put my summertime sadness at bay and get into the spirit of a fun new season. And how am I doing that? Shopping, of course. Shopping makes everything a little bit better! ๐Ÿ˜‰

When I think of back to school season, I always start reminiscing about college. It was always such a fun time planning for the year ahead! New school supplies, new fall clothes, new decor for my dorm or apartment, new classes… Truly, a fresh start! (And now that I’m realizing how expensive all of this is… Thanks Mom & Dad, I owe ya!)

It wasn’t until college that I started getting into a fitness routine. I was a cheerleader in high school and didn’t do much working out beyond practices, games, etc. (We used to have to do push-ups every time we scored during a football game. And not just push-ups per points that were scored, our entire score. So when the score was in the 40’s? Yep, another set of 40 push-ups… In front of the entire crowd. My arms hurt just thinking about it! Wish I had that on tape somewhere, but that was pre-iPhone-era.)

Anyway, once I started college, I settled into a routine of going to the gym in-between or after classes, depending on my schedule. At my school, it was a little bit of a social activity. I would hit the gym with girls from my floor or from my sorority. It was great to have a buddy system and I actually still rely on that for a lot of my workouts to hold me accountable. Beyond the gym, my girlfriends and I experimented with spin classes, yoga, kick-boxing, etc. And I wanted all of the cute gear to match!

I remember always wanting fun, attention-grabbing shoes (oh hey boys!) and clearly not much has changed there. I love a good pair of flashy sneakers! Beyond that, I wanted a cute yoga mat to take to class, fun shorts for the elliptical (Must have been back when my thighs weren’t chafing together… TMI?), good workout tees, etc. Gotta build that workout wardrobe, ya know?

So in honor of this fresh new season we’re about to embark on, I’ve put together a little list, or gift guide, of my favorite must-have items for you or for any of those college-bound ladies in your life.

1. Good Sneakers — When you’re walking all over campus, supportive sneakers are a must! I remember buying the cutest pair of leopard flats for class my sophomore year and they ended up being a one-hit-wonder. Why, you ask? Because the backs of my heels were BLEEDING so badly that the calf hair was stained. True story. Do yourself a favor and buy a cute pair of sneakers instead! Plus, sporty chic is in right now, you lucky ladies. ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Versatile Tees — I wear my adidas tees well beyond workouts. They’re so perfect to lounge in, to run errands in, to workout in, and also to toss on over your tight tops when going to-and-from the gym.

3. Workout Tights — Yoga pants are a way of life in college.ย I was a major offender of the “wearing workout clothes, but I didn’t actually go to the gym” thing. (Not gonna lie, I actually still do this now on the weekends sometimes. Oops!) So if you’re looking for a gift for a college-bound lady in your life, get her a pair of great workout tights. Guarantee she won’t just be wearing them at the gym.

4. A Giant Bag — When you’re running to-and-from class, the library, the gym, the cafeteria, your dorm, work, etc., you’re going to need a big bag. One of my favorites now is the MZ Wallace Metro Tote. I also used a Vera Bradley tote and a Longchamp Tote during all four of my collegiate years.

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  1. 8.28.14
    becky said:

    This is great for back to school! I am loving that red bag!!

  2. 8.28.14
    Andrea said:

    You’re always rocking the best workout clothes! Love the bright sneakers!


  3. 8.28.14

    I love all of this! I am absolutely obsessed with bright sneakers too. However, that BAG is fantastic! Adore!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  4. 8.28.14

    Those neon sneakers are right up my alley and I love them!


  5. 8.28.14
    Joanne said:

    Those shoes are great! I’m also a massive fan of flashy trainers! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Joanne |

  6. 8.28.14
    Monica said:

    Gorgeous comfy look! Those neon sneakers are so cool!:)


  7. 8.28.14
    Meagan said:

    I live in yoga pants! Love this post!

  8. 8.28.14
    Alexandra said:

    This is some back to school shopping I can get behind – love love love the bag!

    Warm Regards,

  9. 8.28.14
    Eva said:

    Adidas clothes are great, but I’ve never tried their sneakers. I should give them a try. Thanks for sharing!

  10. 8.28.14
    Heidi said:

    Love your workout posts! You’re an inspiration to get back into a routine for the Fall!

    Heidi D.

  11. 8.28.14
    Melissa said:

    Love that red tote!

  12. 8.29.14
    Elizabeth said:

    Does growing up=chaffing? Because I’m right there with you sister.

    Loved how your personality came through in this post.