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Happy Sunday! As you’re wrapping up the weekend and getting ready for another week, here are a few things I’ve been loving these past few days… xoxo
  • Can’t get enough of this look from Hallie!
  • My mom is in town this weekend and we’re having a little stay-cation in Brooklyn. Follow along on Instagram for updates!
  • Can’t wait to try these three popcorn recipes from Mackenzie!
  • 7 Bad Habits With Long-Term Consequences — I am guilty of almost all of these. (All of them except the smoking.)
  • Obsessed with this relaxed look on Grace!
  • The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Here are my picks.. Have you shopped yet?!
  • Loved seeing my girl Ashley on Refinery 29! I feel so lucky to have so many kick-ass friends in my life.
  • As for getting up each hour in the Bad Habits article, I recently started using the Jawbone Up24 band and am LOVING it. I have the settings set so it vibrates if I haven’t taken a step in an hour. I’m trying to drink a lot more water so I’ve started making it a goal to finish my bottle of water and the vibrate is a gentle reminder to get up and re-fill my bottle. (And as a result, take an hourly bathroom break. #TMI)
    • Jawbone Up24 — Here’s a little bit more on it… I just started using this wristband a week ago and I’m totally obsessed with it! It’s the second generation of the Jawbone Up. I waited and waited to get one of these but finally caved and I’m glad that I did. The ’24’ denotes the fact that the wristband is always syncing with the app on your phone through bluetooth. I like how the new version comes in more colors and sizes, too. (I have the Medium in Navy. My wrist is on the smaller side, but I found that the Small was just too tight. I wanted the band to be able to move around a bit, especially with always wearing a watch and bracelets. If you have really small wrists, go for the Small.) I sound like a salesman here, but I purchased my band at Best Buy and am in no way being compensated to say this. I did my research before buying so just letting y’all know what I found out. (All of the sizes & colors here!)
  • I was trying to watch a video on YouTube when this ad started playing. Instead of skipping the ad after a few seconds, it picqued my interested for some reason. It was the Always #LikeAGirl campaign and I ended up watching all 3 minutes of the video.. Have you seen it? Great messaging!
  • This blazer + shorts look on Carly is too cute! Still kicking myself for not buying that shirt.
  • Another killer post from Hallie. I’m in the process of building out my ‘Guide to NYC’ and this post has a ton of my favorites! (Figures, right? I mean, Hallie and I spend pretty much every waking second together. So much so that we’ve actually wondered out loud if we should get a joint checking account to make it easier since we’re always splitting the check. And if we should just make it official to get the tax breaks of having a S/O.) Oh, and another fun fact: Hallie shared one of my most humiliating ‘over-served’ moments in the post. #PaybackisaBiatch 😉

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  1. 7.27.14
    Valerie said:

    Just got my Jawbone UP24 this past week too and I am loving it! So motivating!

  2. 7.27.14
    Jamie G said:

    I’m documenting my progress with my UP in my #100days of “Get Moving” post on the blog.. I wish I had read your note about the sizing prior, I purchased a small on Amazon since I have tiny wrists, but the medium would have given me a little more movement!!
    Jamie @ SnapGinger Blog

  3. 7.27.14
    Ella said:

    That Jawbone thing sounds awesome! I’m definitely guilty of sitting in one place just trying to get stuff DONE for way too long sometimes. That LikeAGirl campaign had the same effect on me, I couldn’t stop watching. It’s a really powerful deep message. Thanks for the links, Jess, have a great Sunday!

  4. 7.27.14
    Kayla said:

    I have a fitbit, and i loveee it! Basically the same thing as a jawbone, but that hourly synch and vibrate sounds so cool!

  5. 7.27.14
    Jeanne said:

    Uber cool outfit! You look amazing!
    Beautiful backdrop too!

  6. 7.27.14

    Thanks for including me pretty lady! Hope the staycation was a blast. xx

  7. 7.28.14

    Love this look!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  8. 7.28.14

    Thanks for the link love, my love.

    The Narcissa story will always be a night to remember. Or, you know, not.

    Andddd FO REAL on that joint checking account… #taxbenefits

  9. 7.28.14
    Agi said:

    Cute outfit!!!!!



  10. 7.28.14
    Allie said:

    Beautiful outfit! <3

    Sweet Madame Blue