Cocktail Hour

I’ve been having a blast checking things off of my Summer Bucket List over the past few weeks. I’ve been trying to document most things to share with you so expect lots of fun update posts over the next few months!

This past Saturday, I put on my hostess hat and had two of my girlfriends, Hallie & Bianca, over for a little cocktail hour in my backyard. I use the term backyard lightly… It’s just a small patio behind my building with a rickety picnic table and 3 mismatched lawn chairs. If it was my own space (it’s communal), you better believe I would have the chicest outdoor furniture. But, it’s not. I’ll take what I can get, though. Outdoor space in NYC is pretty hard to come by! If only I had roof access… One day, people. One day.

One of my favorite snacks to make in the summer is guacamole. Can’t get enough, especially when it’s homemade! I don’t have a special recipe, I just kind of eyeball it. I use 2-4 avocados, depending on how many people will be sharing. I add in diced tomato, minced garlic, and sometimes chopped onion, too. From there, I add salt and pepper to taste and sometimes a little bit of lime juice to make sure it doesn’t start to turn brown. Pretty basic, but oh-so-good!

I’m always a fan of a cool glass of wine in the summer, but I thought it would be fun to throw together some sort of summer cocktail for the occasion. I’m a total sucker for lemonade in the summer. I don’t know why, but as soon as the temperature starts to rise, I start ordering a lemonade with every single meal. Childhood nostalgia, maybe? Who knows!

I picked up a jug of raspberry lemonade, a few bottles of Smirnoff Ice, and some lemons and limes to garnish. Why Smirnoff Ice, you ask? There’s a few reasons. I wanted something with a little bit of fizz to mix with the sweet lemonade. Who doesn’t love a fizzy summer drink?

And for the other reason… Here’s a ‘funny’ story. When I had my housewarming party in Chicago a few years ago, I was manning the bar. We had frozen margaritas, mixed drinks, etc. Turns out, everyone was a tad bit over-served that night. A good portion of my friends don’t even remember going home. Whoops! What I learned that night (or next morning, rather) is that I tend to make a strong cocktail. And sometimes with those mixers, you can’t even tell by the taste. So since Hallie, Bianca, and I were headed out for dinner and drinks after my apartment, I figured it would be best that everyone would remember their night. 😉

A nice light cocktail and some snacks were just right! (Not pictured, the bag of Skinny Pop that we crushed. Oops. #addicted)

As for my flower arrangements, I accidentally broke majority of my vases when I moved a few weeks ago. (Blame that on my hasty packing job! I’m seriously the worst.) I was in a pinch so I just decided to use a few empty glass bottles. Gets the job done, right? I actually think they look kind of cute for a cocktail party!

C.Wonder Chevron Highball Glasses (on sale!) | Kate Spade Coasters | Pink Paper Straws | C.Wonder Ikat Bowls (other colors on sale!) | C.Wonder Cocktail Plates | Container Store Carafe | West Elm Tray | MW Coastal Goods Bottle Opener from Sail to Sable | J.Crew Linen Scarf used as a Table Cloth

Smirnoff Ice celebrates the absurdly awesome. | Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Smirnoff via Mode Media. As always, all opinions are my own! Thanks for supporting the brands and collaborations that make Bows & Sequins possible!

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  1. 7.2.14

    HAD SO MUCH FUN and can’t wait to do it again! Thanks for hosting us. ; ) xo

  2. 7.2.14
    Tori McKimm commented:

    So much fun!! I absolutely love the chevron glasses and touches of gold 🙂


  3. 7.2.14
    Meagan commented:

    Love those chevron glasses! So cute!

  4. 7.2.14
    Alyssa commented:

    Your personalized napkins are too cute!


  5. 7.2.14
    Natali commented:

    Guacamole is my obsession!! I’m all about it and could eat it with anything and on it’s own too 😛

  6. 7.2.14
    Andrea commented:

    Cute photos! You made your little “backyard” look pretty great!


  7. 7.2.14
    Molly Galler commented:

    This is so fun! Love all the gold and pink. Don’t you worry, I just ordered two sets of the gold chevron glasses for my next awards show party. Thank you for the inspiration! Where did you get those adorable custom napkins?

    • 7.2.14
      Jessica Sturdy commented:

      You will love the glasses! I honestly have no idea where I ordered the napkins way back when.. (Ordered them in 2012 for this party: It was just somewhere cheap online that I probably found from Google-ing “cheap personalized cocktail napkins!” haha

  8. 7.2.14

    Great ideas – may have to steal for this weekend!

    Liz @
    Weekly Style Me Wednesday link-up

  9. 7.2.14
    Chelsea commented:

    A pink and gold color scheme, fruity mixed drinks, and guacamole?! That’s my kind of cocktail hour! Love!

  10. 7.2.14
    Ella commented:

    I love how the flowers look in those jars! Sometimes basic/rustic is just better 🙂

  11. 7.2.14
    Sylvia commented:

    Lovely 🙂 I was wondering where your ‘bows and sequins’ cute pink paper napkins were from? 🙂


    Sylvia 🙂

  12. 7.2.14
    Bianca commented:

    Loved this party! Can we do it again please?!?

  13. 7.2.14
    Dana Kay commented:

    Your cups and straws are so cute! thanks for sharing.
    Dana Kay

  14. 7.2.14
    Sam commented:

    I am obsessed with those C. Wonder gold chevron glasses. They are seriously too cute. And Skinny Pop really is just the best. Such an adorable party!

  15. 7.2.14
    Katherine commented:

    That looks amazing! And I’ll drink anything if you add some Smirnoff in it.


  16. 7.2.14
    Heidi D. commented:

    Love this whole spread! Those glasses are GORGEOUS! My kind of party, Jessica.

    Heidi D.

  17. 7.3.14
    Victoria Grace commented:

    Loving the decorative bowls! Definitely need to find some like that 🙂

  18. 7.3.14
    IRENE commented:

    lovely idea! great presentation!


  19. 7.3.14
    Christina Storm commented:

    Such a gorgeous set up! Love it!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  20. 7.3.14
    Kayla commented:

    What a cute little set up! Love it! And yes.. one day.. roof access! : )


  21. 7.3.14
    Melissa commented:

    These photos are amazing! Umm personalized napkins…yes please! Have a happy fourth Jess!

  22. 7.4.14
    Vera Sawicki commented:

    Beautiful photos!!

  23. 7.4.14
    Agi commented:

    Looks like a lot of fun. Great decorations!!!!!


  24. 7.6.14
    ediot commented:

    looks so nice
    adore the decoration

  25. 7.7.14
    Chelsea commented:

    I adore this entire setting! Those napkins are SO cute!

    Xo Chelsea