Summertime Simplicity

Last week we had a little taste of that awful humidity that New York is known for in the summer… And I did not like it one bit! (And judging from these photos, my hair wasn’t too keen on it either.) Isn’t it funny how you wait and wish and count down the days until the summer, but then b*tch and moan when it’s too hot? Oh wait, that’s just me? Oops.

If last week was any indication what’s in store for us come July & August, I’m going to be living in easy, breezy dresses. It’s the only way to get by! (And maybe by shaving my head if my hair continues to frizz and fall flat this badly…)

When I saw this dress, naturally I fell in love with the orange & blue stripes. (I mean, it’s perfect for Illinois games!) But then when I saw the price tag was less than $30, I knew it was a keeper! Can’t beat this kind of deal, especially when I  know I need to stockpile breathable dresses for the dog days of summer that are ahead of us.

When it comes to my summer wardrobe, simple starts to takeover. You know I’m a jewelry and accessories girl, but sometimes it’s just too dang hot. I love a printed dress that makes most of the statement, without having to add on too many extra layers.

Charming Charlie Dress c/o | Gap Belt | Old Navy Sandals | Bauble Bar Bracelet

Rebecca Dale Photography

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  1. 6.16.14
    Alexandra Aimee commented:

    This is super cute! I love to wear light dresses like this in the summer.

    — Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. 6.16.14

    Loving the stripes and your sandals!

    Liz @

  3. 6.17.14
    Natali commented:

    Very pretty outfit, just perfect for the Summer!

  4. 6.17.14
    Rebecca commented:

    It has been so humid here this week too! Dont worry, youre not alone with the frizzy hair department! Love the dress – the colors are so pretty!

  5. 6.17.14

    Nice dress!


  6. 6.17.14
    Christina Storm commented:

    Love that dress! Looks so pretty on you!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  7. 6.17.14
    Ella commented:

    Adorable! I’m definitely guilty of the heat bitching too… you’re not alone! 😉

  8. 6.17.14
    Meagan commented:

    Cute dress! It is so hot and humid in San Antonio too!

  9. 6.17.14
    Kayla commented:

    Ugh.. I had the same thing happen to my hair this weekend.. humidity is no one’s friend. You look super cute in your ILLINI stripes! 😉


  10. 6.17.14
    Sam commented:

    So cute! I had no idea Charming Charlie made dresses. Will definitely have to check them out. And, I’m with you on the humidity. I just pile my hair on the top of my head and hope for the best!


  11. 6.17.14
    OhBuoyBoston commented:

    The dress is so cute – and so necessary for summer in the city. May have to snag one in the same colors, expect root for Syracuse while wearing it!
    Oh Buoy Boston

  12. 6.17.14
    Jordan Walker commented:

    That dress is darling and you look adorable

  13. 6.17.14
    Jordan Walker commented:

    That dress is cute and you look adorable

  14. 6.17.14
    Stacey commented:

    Super cute! I totally agree on keep it simple when it’s super hot, my hands swell so much that lots of rings and bracelets become a no no!

    Five Minute Style 

  15. 6.17.14
    Olivia commented:

    I was in NYC this past weekend, and it was a killer on the hair! I feel bad for anyone who saw me in person because it was not pretty. I’m with you on keeping the jewelry to a minimum this time of year. Prints all the way!

  16. 6.17.14
    Sarah commented:

    Even with the humidity, you look so fresh-faced and adorable! Love this easy summer look!

  17. 6.18.14
    Andrea commented:

    There’s nothing more comfortable or easier to wear in the summer than a lightweight dress, and this one is so cute! Love the Old Navy sandals too, great deal!


  18. 6.18.14

    Love this great summer look! And I know how you feel about the humidity, my hair is also going crazy!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  19. 6.18.14
    Lindsay commented:

    Cute dress and love that bag!!

  20. 6.18.14
    Kacie's Kloset commented:

    I’m so happy I don’t live where it’s humid…my natural curly hair couldn’t handle it. lol. I’ve always wished for Spring to come and last until Fall and we could just skip Summer because summer is way too hot and miserable!

  21. 6.18.14
    Leah commented:

    Super cute!


  22. 6.18.14

    I complain when its too hot too, but breezy dresses like this make it better!! So cute!
    Lauren at

  23. 6.19.14
    Erin commented:

    I work at Charming Charlie and recognized your dress right away! So happy its in New York!!

  24. 6.19.14
    Agi commented:

    Very cute dress!!!!! I wish it was warm here. We’ve had nothing but rain the past week.


  25. 6.19.14
    Melissa commented:

    So cute Jess! Very pretty on you 🙂
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