Wear White Jeans to the Work Place

White jeans tend to give off a causal, summery vibe, but when paired with a printed silk blouse, pumps, and a business-like blazer, they clean up for the office quite well. And don’t shy away from white denim just because Labor Day is quickly approaching. You can wear white after Labor Day! In fact, here are a few examples: one / two / three (Taking it back to 2011 with #3. So embarrassing!)

Bellatrix Blazer (from Nordstrom a few years ago, similar style here) | Ann Taylor Leopard Tank (last worn here)| Old Navy Jeans (on sale!) | Zara Heels | Prada Sunglasses | Zara Bag (similar) | Kate Spade Watch | Julie Vos Link Bracelet | Julie Vos Coin Bracelet | Essie ‘Blanc’

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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  1. 8.27.13
    stephanie commented:

    This is such a cute way to wear white jeans to work 🙂
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  2. 8.27.13
    Mary commented:

    OMG sooo jealous of the Pradas 🙂 I love those sunglasses 🙂 yay for you!

  3. 8.27.13
    Kimberly commented:

    Love this combination – you look so classy & polished!


  4. 8.27.13

    Kind of adorable!


  5. 8.27.13
    Jenna commented:

    I totally agree, I love white after labor day! I’m taking inspiration from this picture too for wearing white into the fall.

    Clothed in Confetti

  6. 8.27.13
    Heidi commented:

    This is a very professional white jeans look! Well done you! I love that cropped blazer.


  7. 8.27.13
    nicole commented:

    Love it ! I think I will try this before this weekend at work !



  8. 8.27.13
    Rachelle commented:

    Love these neutral colors, you look so sharp.


  9. 8.27.13
    Tiffany Elam commented:

    This outfit is amazing! My main issue with white denim is for some reason they’re always too tight (&& I HATE sizing up!). especially from ON. Normally I stray away from white denim, but after seeing your outfit, I may give them another chance.


    • 8.27.13
      Jessica Sturdy commented:

      I had to size up in these, too!

  10. 8.27.13
    Lauren commented:

    I am dying over that blazer! The beading is so gorgeous!

  11. 8.27.13
    Jessica commented:

    I really really love your style! I want to dress like you everyday!
    I don’t know where can I find so awesome outfits… I should probably go to NYC so you can teach me 😉
    I know you love sequins and leopard so I found this. Have a nice day!

  12. 8.27.13
    Kelly commented:

    I agree, this looks so classic and polished! I still wonder if this is something I could get away with at work. Maybe if I found a really tapered (less jean-looking) style, they could pass as a trouser?

    • 8.27.13
      Jessica Sturdy commented:

      I can’t wear denim during the week either at my current job. This was on a Friday! Luckily we have Casual Fridays 🙂

  13. 8.27.13

    love that tank. like a lot.
    may need to pin this and keep it for office outfit inspiration. so chic.

  14. 8.27.13
    Olivia commented:

    OBSESSED with everyone about this outfit! I grew up with my mom telling me not to wear white after Labor Day so I’ve slowly been trying to break that pattern. Leopard is such a great way to transition white into fall!

  15. 8.27.13
    Katie commented:

    You look so pretty here! And I really LOVE that top! So flattering and I love it paired with your white denim!


  16. 8.27.13
    Deanna commented:

    Your hair looks soooo long!!! & I still love that jacket 😀

    Because I’m Obsessed

  17. 8.27.13
    viv commented:
  18. 8.27.13
    Code Overdressed commented:

    Hello fabulous! That jacket is pretty amazing, and look so edgy chic paired with the leopard top!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  19. 8.27.13

    Very chic look – I like that it’s fun and bold, but still classic. Perfect for the office! <3

  20. 8.27.13
    Suzanne commented:

    I love white jeans! This is a great outfit and the jacket is tres chic!

  21. 8.27.13

    Chic bag from Zara – you make me regret not snagging it! ;o)

  22. 8.27.13
    Luci's Morsels commented:

    I love white denim – easily made professional and always chic. I have a bootcut pair that I know I would wear more with a straight leg cut. I’m hoping to take them to my tailor soon. Your outfit tells me I need to do this even sooner!

    Luci’s Morsels – fashion. food. frivolity.

  23. 8.27.13
    Danie Nordahl commented:

    This outfit is gorgeous! Just a really, really great look.



  24. 8.27.13
    Michelle commented:

    I’m pretty sure we have an equal level of leopard obsession… love it with the white denim!

  25. 8.27.13
    Lauren commented:

    Love this look girl!

  26. 8.27.13
    Kodi commented:

    I love white jeans all the time — all white looks in winter are one of my favorites! You look super cute here, love that blazer!
    grey et al

  27. 8.27.13
    Agi commented:

    Love this outfit Jessica!!!!!!!!! I need to get a pair of white skinny jeans. You look fabulous. Love that coat.



  28. 8.27.13
    Emily Brownell commented:

    This is a great look. Everyone thinks you can’t get away with white pants after labor day and I whole heartedly disagree. There is winter whites and paired with neutrals like this it can take you easily into fall. Love the charm bracelet!

    Here are some white pants for less than $100. http://thefrugalouslife.com/2013/08/08/fall-fashion-for-less-white-pant/

  29. 8.27.13
    Petite Hues commented:

    I love a good pair of white denim, they are so fresh makes every outfit so effortlessly chic

  30. 8.27.13
    Bree commented:

    Beautiful outfit, love the top & the white denim!

  31. 8.27.13
    Sheila commented:

    I have that jacket. It looks super cute with that top. I’ll have to get it. Thanks for all your inspiration!!!

  32. 8.27.13
    Hannah commented:

    Love how you paired the white pants with neutrals — definitely keeps it looking classy and professional!
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  33. 8.27.13
    Nikki commented:

    I think the white pants after labor day thing is ridiculous! This looks is fabulous. Love the darker on top with the white jeans.


  34. 8.27.13
    Stacey commented:

    You always have the cutest work outfits!


    Five Minute Style 

  35. 8.27.13
    anngelik commented:

    I absolutely love that jacket and top! Wearing the white pants definitely gives it a more summer feel!


  36. 8.27.13
    Mana Smith commented:

    I adore your bag, it’s so pretty. And this look is lovely for work. Makes me want to buy a pair of white jeans.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  37. 8.27.13
    Chelsea commented:

    I’m having such a hard time letting go of my white pieces! I love that you styled this pair of jeans for the office… super cute Jessica.

    Chelsea & The City

  38. 8.27.13
    KaLeena commented:

    This outfit is super cute and your hair looks awesome!


  39. 8.27.13

    love the white jeans in this look! firm non-believer of the “no white after labor day” rule as well! 🙂


  40. 8.27.13
    Olivia J. commented:

    Those sunnies look great on you! Love the look.

    Corporate Catwalk
    Facebook Page

  41. 8.27.13
    Dr. Dad commented:

    Are you carrying your cigs again in that 3rd photo? Ha-ha!! Are ya drinkin’ tea or diet pop?

  42. 8.28.13

    A great example of how to appropriately wear white jeans to work. So cute! I love how you paired the leopard top w/ it. And…if anyone is still subscribing to the “no white after Labor Day” rule is crazy I say…crazy! 😉

    xo, Stephanie 🙂

  43. 8.28.13
    AJ commented:

    Beautiful combo! Love the silk top. And I totally remember outfit #2, it was one of my favorites! I was thrilled when I bought that top and cannot wait to wear it again soon!!


  44. 9.6.13

    Great tips for wearing white jeans to work – can’t wait to give it a try!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca