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Happy Friday! I’m not going to get into the specifics of my week, but OMG, I have never been so ready for the weekend!

Anywho, I’m looking for a pair of wear-with-anything summer sandals and I always love a good pair of Sam Edelmans. These two styles are so similar, but I can’t decide which one I like better. Your thoughts would be much appreciated! 🙂

Sophie or Trina?

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  1. 7.12.13
    Kayla commented:


    Happy Friday friend! : )


  2. 7.12.13
    ky commented:

    I have 2 pairs of the Trina and they are literally the most comfortable sandals EVER. I bought the tan ones and then just recently purchased the white/tan and seriously wear them nearly every day! They go with everything and I like that the heel isn’t incredibly high but enough to give a little lift. I recommend them to everyone! They’re amazing!

    • 7.12.13
      Jessica Sturdy commented:

      I already have the Whiskey color in the Trina and LOVE THEM!

  3. 7.12.13
    Chelsea commented:

    I think I like the Trina best!

    Chelsea & The City

  4. 7.12.13
    Jaclyn commented:


  5. 7.12.13
    diane commented:

    Both so cute, but I’d definitely go for the Sophie!

  6. 7.12.13
    Samantha Mabey commented:

    Definitely the wedge! I personally I’m not anywhere close to being able to embrace a block heel just yet (no matter how low or high). My friend also has the wedge and wears the ALL THE TIME 🙂

  7. 7.12.13
    Emily commented:

    Sophie for sure

  8. 7.12.13
    Agi commented:

    I like the Sophie!!!!

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  9. 7.12.13
    Brittany commented:

    The Sophie’s are my favorite. I want them in the black/camel combo!! Hope you have a great weekend and recover the ridiculous week!

  10. 7.12.13
    Mana Smith commented:

    I love the way the Sophie Sandals look, they’re so cute!

    Fashion and Happy Things

  11. 7.12.13
    elizabeth commented:

    I do like the Sophie, but the Trina looks far more comfortable. Since they are both adorable, I would go with the most comfortable.

  12. 7.12.13
    Laura Kingery commented:

    Sophie!! That little wedge is perfect!!

  13. 7.12.13
    michelle commented:

    since i know you already have a pair of trinas, i say the sophie.

  14. 7.12.13
    Wendy X. commented:

    Trina! They’ve been on my wishlist forever!

  15. 7.12.13
    Marta commented:

    Sophie by far! Those are a classic.


  16. 7.12.13
    Rachelle commented:

    Trina, I need to get a pair.


  17. 7.12.13
    Briggs commented:

    Sophie for sure!! Love the wedge!

  18. 7.12.13
    Sarah commented:

    I really love the Sophie. I just love the metallic touch on the wedge!

  19. 7.12.13
    Rose commented:

    I have 2 colors in the Trina and it the most comfortable sandal ever! I think the Sophie has a little more edge to it and can be worn with truly everything. I think the Trina is perfect for any casual chic outfit but is limited for anything a little dressier. Use your whiskey color Trina sandals for when you need comfort. I recommend getting the Sophie sandal for your where- with- everything! I think you’ll be so happy with those!

  20. 7.12.13
    KaLeena commented:

    The Sophie wedge heel is so cute, and the nude color on the ankle rather than the white is more flattering (in my opinion). Both are so cute!


  21. 7.12.13
    Kelly commented:

    Not sure if this helps, but I LOVE these shoes:

    I got them after falling in love with the Sam Edelmans… They just pinched my ankles a bit. I love these, though, and they’re a bit cheaper! 🙂

    Happy hunting! 🙂



  22. 7.12.13
    Alex commented:

    Sophie definitely!

    XO Alex

  23. 7.13.13
    Bailee commented:

    Definitely the Sophie!

  24. 7.13.13
    anngelik commented:

    Sophie!! They are gorgeous.


  25. 7.13.13
    Lara commented:

    I love them both! But the ones on the left are definitely getting my vote 🙂

    xox Lara

  26. 7.15.13
    Your Blog Wife commented:

    I like both, but my vote goes to Trina. 🙂

  27. 7.15.13
    Holly commented:

    Definitely the Trina! I’m actually looking to purchase a pair myself 🙂

  28. 7.15.13
    Jessica commented:

    Personally, I like the wedge more than the one with the block heel. I think you’d get more use out of them next summer.

  29. 7.15.13
    Chris commented:

    Obviously from the other comments, you won’t go wrong with either, but I’d vote for the Sophie’s. They’d be more apt to catch my eye.

  30. 7.15.13
    Megan commented:

    I like the Sophie!!

  31. 7.15.13
    karen w. commented:


  32. 7.15.13
    Stella C. commented:

    I happened to write about the Trina on my blog at the very same time! I was looking at the red/animal print combo myself! Obviously, I am on Team Trina!


  33. 7.16.13
    AJ commented:

    I personally vote for Sophie but Trina seems more your style. Neither one would be a bad choice!


  34. 7.16.13
    Jacqueline commented:

    I vote the ones on the left!!


  35. 7.18.13
    Sherry O commented:

    I have both sandals and Sophie is my most worn of the two. If you want to view on my Instagram: sjolmstead, I have Sophie on with two outfits. If you’ve already purchased the Trina, you want be disappointed, it’s also a great sandal:). I love your blog!

    • 7.18.13
      Jessica Sturdy commented:

      Those Sophie sandals look great on you!!