J.Crew Love Affair

I’m sure you’ve realized this by now, but there’s an on-going love affair with J.Crew on Bows & Sequins. Considering I actually told my coworker “I just want to make babies with J.Crew” as I was browsing the new arrivals this morning, I figured I should share my current lust list.

Current Faves

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  1. 10.18.12

    you and i share that obsession! i put aside all my other to-do’s when i saw the new catalog in my mail box.

    polka dots + sequins. Yes please!


  2. 10.18.12
    Roxy said:

    Love it! I can’t get enough of their sequins!!!!!

    :: Roxy
    roxys girl time

  3. 10.18.12
    Nikki said:

    OH I was just looking at the new arrivals on the website at lunch! My obsession with J.Crew is slightly out of control. I generally have something J.Crew on most days. I am madly in love with the short sleeved polka dot sequin top and the sleeveless sequin top! And they have so many new cute sweaters! And of course I want all of the new shoes!

  4. 10.18.12
    Sarah said:

    I was just telling my sister that I have become a J.crew shopaholic! They have so many stunning pieces!

  5. 10.18.12
    Agi said:

    I absolutely love the polka dot black and white sweater. Its absolutely stunning. I just made 2 purchases from J Crew on line. Hope the sweater and skirt fit me. Loving J Crew.



  6. 10.18.12
    sarah said:

    I clearly have a serious problem when I can walk into any of the five locations within a thirty mile radius and the lovely employees say “Hey Sarah, we haven’t gotten in anything new this week.” Good Lord… Have you seen the new J.Crew Collection items? For the love of everything that is holy, someone needs to block me from that website!

  7. 10.19.12
    amy said:

    I 100% support this addition, because its wonderful!

  8. 10.19.12
    Carly said:
  9. 10.19.12
    Carly said:
  10. 10.19.12
    Kristin said:

    I JUST got the Jcrew catalog in the mail last night and lusted over everything for a good hour or so!

  11. 10.19.12

    i love j. crew so much too! this reminded me of when kids say if you love something so much you should marry it..so, “if you love j. crew so much why don’t you just marry it?!” hehe. xo.


    p.s. the quilted vest is SO perfect. need that in my closet.

  12. 10.19.12
    Jocelyn said:

    I thought for sure you’d want the green cords with the navy bows:) I do.
    You made some great picks!

  13. 10.19.12
    Heather said:

    My heart has a love affair with jcrew but my pocket book cant keep up! lol

  14. 10.20.12

    hahaha I too want to make babies with J. Crew!!! Love the dog sweater the most!