Black & Blue

HIIIII!! I don’t even know where to start! Oh my gosh, I have missed you guys! Sorry for the lack of posts last week… I was running a hotel out of my apartment and had NYFW event after event after event, on top of work! I can’t complain… I had a truly FABULOUS week, but I did not have a single minute to myself, let alone to blog.

Let’s start with my outfit from the IFB Conference!

I was having a bit of a Carrie Bradshaw moment in this party skirt tutu! Big poofy skirts truly make you feel like some sort of princess!

Oh, and these shoes? Yes, they are fabulous. Yes, they were on sale. And yes, I took a three hour bus ride to New Jersey and back to get them. (Hi, my name is Jessica and I have a problem.)

Nordstrom Leather Collar & Cuff Blouse / Alyssa Nicole Skirt / Enzo Angiolini Shoes / Nordstrom Bib Necklace (similar)

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  1. 9.11.12
    Tiffany Elam commented:

    Fab outfit, Jessica!! It is very Carrie Bradshow & I couldn’t love it more!!


  2. 9.11.12
    Tiffany commented:

    This outfit is stunning! The black & blue go perfectly together and those heels are to die for. Completely worth the 3 hour bus ride in my opinion πŸ™‚

  3. 9.11.12
    Katie commented:

    You looked adorable in this outfit! I’m obsessed with that skirt! And the shirt and the shoes….ok I have a shopping problem too….

  4. 9.11.12
    Silver commented:

    You look so “New York” in that outfit! Gorgeous πŸ™‚

    Silver from A Silver Snapshot

  5. 9.11.12
    Rachelle commented:

    great outfit, love the skirt.

  6. 9.11.12
    Sara commented:

    I think we all agree that the three hour bus ride was worth it! You look amazing and this outfit is gorgeous!

  7. 9.11.12
    Rachel commented:

    Love this outfit! So feminine and love the touches of sparkle!

  8. 9.11.12
    Sam commented:

    Gorgeous, as always! Love the deep blue and black together, and those shoes were definitely worth the ride. Nordstrom?

  9. 9.11.12
    Agi commented:

    Missed you last week and you look gorgeous. I think its totally realistic to take a 3 hour bus ride for the shoes of your dreams. I wish i had time like that. Looking forward to more posts. I”m looking forward to my turtleneck arriving. Thanks again,


    ps i’m living vicariously through you re. NYFW

  10. 9.11.12
    Rachel commented:

    I love everything about this outfit- from the tutu-esque skirt to the color combo- you look great!

    Life Unsweetened

  11. 9.11.12


    LOVE that skirt & those shoes!

  12. 9.11.12
    Sarah commented:

    Love it!

  13. 9.11.12

    You looked SO fabulous and the shoes were totally worth the trip…amazing!! πŸ™‚

  14. 9.11.12
    Rachel commented:

    Such a chic ensemble, I love the navy blue and black together… and your heels! πŸ™‚

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  15. 9.11.12
    Federika commented:

    Amazing! Love the navy and black pairing!

  16. 9.11.12
    Amy commented:

    I love everything about this outfit! I wish I could wear it. Those shoes were definitely worth it πŸ™‚ can’t wait to see more pictures!

  17. 9.11.12
    Scarlett commented:

    That outfit is FABULOUS. Love every detail!

  18. 9.11.12
    Ashley commented:

    I love that you took a bus ride to get the shoes, I think we’ve all done something crazy like that for a great deal! They were well worth it! πŸ™‚


  19. 9.11.12
    Maria commented:

    LOVED this look! So gorgeous, as are you! xo

  20. 9.11.12
    Alicia commented:

    So great to finally meet you in person at IFB. Loved your outfit!

  21. 9.11.12
    Rachel commented:

    Loving the outfit! You look fabulous and the shoes were definitely worth it!!

  22. 9.11.12

    this outfit is so cute!

  23. 9.11.12

    Oh my goodness, you look STUNNING! I’m always apprehensive about blue on black, but this inspires me to rock it more often. How did I miss you this first day?! It was great meeting you for a milla-second at LuckyFABB haha…hopefully next time I’m in the city we can chat a little more.


  24. 9.11.12
    Stacey commented:

    You look fabulous and those shoes were worth the trip!


  25. 9.11.12
    Joanna commented:

    Bus ride= totally worth it! Love those shoes!!! πŸ™‚

  26. 9.11.12
    Erin commented:

    I love the Carrie vibe you’re bringing with this outfit, and all the sparkly details!


  27. 9.11.12
    AJ commented:

    I ADORE this outfit! You are too cute. And those shoes…totally worth a 3 hour bus ride. F-A-B!


  28. 9.11.12
    Jen commented:

    I am absolutely in LOVE with those shoes!!!!!

  29. 9.11.12

    Your 3 hour bus ride was so worth it – and I’m sheepishly admitting that your apartment turned hotel was for me.. You are the best for letting me crash!
    Can’t wait til you invade CT in a few weeks. xoxo

  30. 9.11.12

    love the skirt – and you’re right, it is so very carrie bradshaw! xo

  31. 9.11.12
    Giovanna commented:

    Such a cute look! Love your necklace and skirt!


  32. 9.11.12
    Zhanna commented:

    Love the look its very off the runway!!

  33. 9.12.12
    Allie commented:

    JESS! First off, SO happy to have met you at the NYFW Eve Eve party! You gave me SUCH confidence to screw work, pick up, & move to New York! Fingers crossed it happens soon.

    Also, I LOVE this outfit because it literally looks PRICEY. I just clicked on every link and was shocked to see everything reasonably priced! Love!

    Glad we connected. πŸ™‚

    Allie at

  34. 9.12.12

    Love the black & blue look – especially those adorable shoes.

    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  35. 9.13.12
    Jessica @ LittleMiss312 commented:

    So cute!! One of my favorite outfits of yours!

  36. 9.14.12
    Ashlyn Doty commented:

    You look so classy! In LOVE with this outfit on you!

  37. 9.23.12
    Bruna commented:

    You look so pretty!
    Love the outfit <33


  38. 12.25.13
    zoya commented:

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