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I vividly remember my childhood baby sitter calling me a “bag lady” at the ripe age of five. I used to insist on taking bags of my belongings every single place we went. Not much has changed. As much as I love a good clutch, I’m totes a tote girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

Michael Michael Kors – Hamilton Cotton-Canvas Tote Perfect tote to head to Starbucks with to do some work or to the beach this summer! (How sad is it that I’m already dreaming of Summer?!) PS-There are also some colors on sale at Zappos!

The Furla Candy Satchel is such a perfect Summer bag. I love the bright, punchy color! If you’re anything like me, this bag would give the world a front-row-seat to the messiest place in your life, your handbag. Hey, who said forced organization and tidiness was a bad thing?

I’m totally into the mixing of neons and neutrals this season and this tote from Banana Republic is perfect. Such a fabulous pop of color!

The J.Crew Tillary Tote. How do I love thee? Let me count thy ways. It’s the wallet-friendlier (I’m not going to say it’s budget-friendly, believe me.) version of the Celine bag we’ve ALL been obsessing over for months. And it’s J.Crew… what’s not to love?! I can’t decide which version I like better… The all-leather tote, the canvas tote, or the canvas stripe tote?

The all-leather Tillary tote is amazing because it’s the most identical to the Celine. The all-leather exterior makes it much easier to carry, and carry year-round for multiple years. It’s also $100 more. BUT paying $100 more to get the added longevity seems worth it.

The canvas and leather Tillary tote makes me swoon right off the bat because of the mixing of rich camel-colored leather and white canvas. It’s so gorgeous. BUT a white bag? on my arm? really, Jessica?! I’m kind of a klutz and I’m not sure if I’m careful enough to carry this guy.

Love love love the colors of the canvas stripe Tillary tote. I’m a huge sucker for navy and white… and the red is just an added bonus! But the canvas just screams summer so it would only be a 3-4 month bag, if it even stayed clean that long!

… I guess I just kind of made up my mind, huh? I think the J.Crew Leather Tillary Tote is probably the best bang for your buck!

What bags do you have your eyes on this Spring?! Are you a clutch girl, a cross-body girl, or are you constantly rocking the totes (like me)?!

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  1. 3.7.12
    ppfgirl said:

    Love all these, especially the Furla satchel! It’s so funny what you said about when you were younger, because my daughter (who’s 8) is the same way…always has to bring her bag with her everywhere we go!

  2. 3.7.12
    Sam said:

    I love the IDEA of a clutch, but could never carry one. Anytime I try, I just end up throwing it into a larger bag. I’ve been pining for the Tory Burch Robinson tote. It’s k-killing me!

  3. 3.7.12

    Oooh, I love the Tillary!! I just order a Kate Spade bag this morning, can’t wait for it to arrive.


  4. 3.7.12
    Sara said:

    I love totes because they are classic, plus they have enough room to hold just about everything you want. I’ve just found that crossbody bags are easier for me to use – keeps both hands and arms free, just enough room to keep the essentials!