Dots & Bows

My obsession with Milly dresses is out of this world. When I got invited to a Christmas party at the W this past Friday, I knew exactly which dress I would wear. This dress has my name written Shimmery Gold + Black + Polka Dots + Bows.

I liked this outfit so much more with bare legs, but it’s a little chilly for that! Oh how I love Chicago weather.

Don’t mind the ugly red Christmas tree skirt–my apartment was getting ready for a Tacky Holiday party the following night. Don’t you just love the holiday season?! Never a dull moment! 🙂

Dress: Milly (similar)
Tights: J.Crew
Pumps: Sam Edelman Lorna
Bracelets: J.Crew (in stores only), J.Crew

It was love at first sight when I saw these pumps. I bought them this past summer and knew I would find somewhere to wear them! This was the first time I wore them and holy-effing-crap did they hurt my feet! I couldn’t believe it! I have so many pairs Sam Edelman shoes that are comfortable, but these were the total opposite. I like to think I have a pretty high pain tolerance when it comes to heels, but these were b.a.d. OUCH. At least they’re pretty?! 🙂

(Photog: Megan H)

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  1. 12.19.11
    ppfgirl commented:

    That dress is adorable – definitely you! Super-cute holiday look!! 🙂

  2. 12.19.11
    fshnonmymind commented:

    I love Milly too and you look absolutely adorable in this dress. I really like the look of it with rights, but I totally understand liking it better without.

  3. 12.19.11
    Jessica Howells commented:

    I love that dress!!! And the shoes are amazing too (minus the whole hurt-like-hell thing, what a buzz kill!)

  4. 12.19.11
    Erica commented:

    You look lovely! That is a great party dress! Too bad the pumps hurt so bad :/

  5. 12.19.11
    lifevesting commented:

    Oh that dress is fabulous and so well tailored!

  6. 12.19.11
    Lindsay commented:

    This outfit is so you! You look great! I’ve had similar luck w/ Edelman’s too. Never comfy.

  7. 12.19.11
    Tiffany Elam commented:

    This dress is amazing- sucha great party look!!

  8. 12.20.11

    The SHOES! Love – that dress is perfect for NYE, too. Are you wearing it then?!

  9. 12.21.11
    Kate commented:

    This dress is gorgeous!! It’s so pretty on you! Love the metallic glittery top & bottom detail!

  10. 12.22.11

    You look gorgeous!! Such a shame those shoes hurt do badly, they’re do pretty. That’s usually how it goes though. The better they look, the more they hurt!

  11. 12.28.11
    Marisa commented:

    i have these same shoes! I got them at Nordstrom over the summer and wore them out to a club…worst mistake ever! I also have a very high tolerance for pain, and consider myself an expert when it comes to walking in heels…but these Sam Edelman’s killed me. Very unfortunate. I ended up returning them and got a great pair of black suede Sam Edelman wedges instead, so much more comfortable!

  12. 1.4.12
    Sherry Conrad commented: