Empire State of Mind

I’m off to NYC in a few hours.  I’ve never been so I am pretty excited!  I spent majority of the morning at the mall with my mom helping her pick out some new outfits for the trip.  It was difficult trying to get her out of her “orange and blue Ralph Lauren ribbed sweater” comfort zone, but I think I managed.  Jeggings, leggings, long sweaters and cardigans, layers, knee-high brown leather riding boots, and even a leopard print cardigan.  Hot mama.  Once we got home we realized that we accidentally forgot to buy a pair of the jeggings she tried on so we had to tweak her outfit plans, but it should still work.  Good thing I’m an obsessive planner and had my attire planned and bag packed days ago so I had the time to help her in her styling crisis.  I plan to take lots of pictures so expect a post when I return!

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