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Fashion blogger Jessica Sturdy at a fitting at Kate Halfpenny in London

Styled by JRS was born out of the belief that there’s a definite whitespace when it comes to clothing advice. Yes, you can look to Instagram, blogs, and Pinterest for outfit ideas, but they’re not tailored to you, your closet, your lifestyle, or your body type. And yes, you can meet with stylists at your favorite stores, but that always comes with the feeling of having to spend, and it doesn’t take into consideration your existing wardrobe and what you’ve already got in your closet at home. All scenarios usually end up at the same place…
A closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear.

Personal Styling

The Outfit Look Book

A 3-4 hour in-home outfit styling session to maximize your existing wardrobe and build outfits from what you already have. Together, we will shop your closet and identify pieces that you would like to wear more, wear differently, or can’t quite figure out how to wear. Our goal will be to create a month’s worth of outfits that fit into your lifestyle, while remaining true to your personal taste.

W a r d r o b e  C o n s u l t i n g

The Wardrobe Review

A 3-4 hour in-home wardrobe assessment. This appointment is best for clients who want to get both benefits of meeting with a wardrobe consultant – a closet purge and a shopping strategy. I come to your home and together, we’ll review your entire seasonal wardrobe (spring/summer or fall/winter clothes). Some things you’ll need to try on, some things you won’t. Based on your definition of your personal style, I’ll give you respectful feedback to help you understand which clothes work for you and your lifestyle, which don’t, and why. I’ll help you make decisions about what you need to keep, donate, and consign.

Organize & Overhaul

An optional 2-3 hour add-on service that takes care of the organizational details! After going through your closet, this is an opportunity to make your wardrobe more accessible and easier to work with. I’ll organize your closet by season, specific category, style, and color. This will change the way you get dressed by making it so much easier and much more fun. I’ll also handle the donation drop-offs, and help coordinate consigning.

The Quick Closet Consult

This appointment is best for clients short on time or with a limited wardrobe. I will come to your home and review a few of your favorite items in your closet in order to identify your style and create your customized shopping strategy.

The Style Conversation

A 45-minute meeting at a location of your choice in downtown Chicago. This appointment is best for clients starting from scratch to create an entirely new wardrobe, who don’t want to build upon the clothes they already have. I’ll meet with you to hear about your specific style goals so I’m able to create a personalized shopping strategy. This is also a great option for out-of-town clients who’d like help with their wardrobe, but can’t bring their closet to Chicago!

P e r s o n a l  S h o p p i n g

in-store or at-home

I’ll propose a game plan that makes shopping time-efficient, focused, and successful. Based on my broad knowledge of the retail landscape, we will only shop in stores that satisfy your lifestyle and fit needs, and fall within your shopping budget. I’m never trying to sell you clothes, and I’ll never be making a commission from your purchases in stores. I work for you, and my recommendations are based on your individual needs. We’ll discuss your shopping strategy before any shopping to ensure complete alignment of goals and expected outcome. I offer two options for shopping services: You can choose to shop with me to get real-time feedback, or I can shop for you and bring the clothing to your home!

Bows & Sequins sharing a winter travel outfit.

T r a v e l  I n  S t y l e

I’ve traveled more than my fair share over the last decade, and I know just how time-consuming shopping, outfit planning, and packing can be. Here, I’ve modified and combined my wardrobe consulting, personal shopping, and personal styling services to be more travel-centric. No matter if you’re traveling for a business trip, taking a family vacation, going on a girl trip, or planning and packing for your honeymoon, I’ve got you covered.

tips & tricks for packing

This service is perfect for travelers who want to transform haphazard packing into an organized travel wardrobe! We’ll go over packing best-practices, how to maximize your wardrobe while traveling, and tips for staying stylish on-the-go.

shopping for the occasion

We can shop in-store together, or I can shop ahead of time and bring the clothes to you to try on! I’ll have you pull some initial inspiration images to get a feel for your style, and we’ll start with a consultation — it can be on the phone if you’re short on time!

the travel lookbook

We’ll take your itinerary and plan out every single one of your outfits for your trip, including accessories! I’ll compile your looks into an e-booklet to take with you to reference while you’re traveling.


A consultation about your trip and what you’re working with, shopping for anything you may need, styling your outfits together from your home, putting together your personal look book, and we’ll make sure it all fits in your luggage, too. Plus, you’ll learn all of my tips and tricks along the way!

Bows & Sequins packing a pink hard shell suitcase.

V i r t u a l  S t y l i n g

If you live outside of the Chicagoland area, but are still interested in working together, I offer personal e-consulting to help you shop online for the perfect outfit for a special occasion, or simply updating your closet for the season ahead. We’ll chat through your needs over the phone or email, and I will email you a list of shopping suggestions within 2-3 business days.

G i f t i n g

Need help with gifts? No matter the time of year, we’re happy to help. While the men flock to this service for the ladies in their lives, we know you’ve got a busy schedule, too! Send us your gifting list and budget, and we’ll send you a gift list personalized to your loved ones’ preferences. Happy to handle the ordering if you prefer!


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I’d love to hear from you to learn about your styling needs and answer any questions you may have! Please email or use the contact form below and we’ll chat soon. xx jrs

Jessica Sturdy of Bows & Sequins, a fashion-focused lifestyle blog, shares a little black dress that's great for a special occasion, such as a bachelorette party, in New York City.