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Our Christmas tree was the perfect decor addition to finish out the last corner of our living room, which is probably why we left it up until February 8th this year. 😅 But since it’s come down, we’ve been extra excited to get a piece of furniture to fill that space! And after scouring the internet for tall black arched cabinets, I finally decided on this Tolle Cabinet in Matte Black Drifted Oak.

Thankfully, we were combining two apartments worth of furniture and decor when we moved into our condo this past summer. We didn’t need to purchase that much big furniture, as we actually had to get rid of a TON in the move… my coffee table, lamps, my old desk, Dave’s dining table and dining chairs, a portion of his sectional sofa, my counter stools, his old nightstands and dressers, a bar cart, rugs, the list goes on.

However, it felt like we were bleeding cash and having to make big purchases left and right once we moved in. The security system, a handful of repairs, getting the internet and cable set up, etc. We also had to invest a lot in outdoor furniture and gardening since we went from Dave’s tiny ~20 sq ft patio to a 1,000 ft roof deck PLUS a very spacious ~75 sq ft patio.

And then there were the replacement items… New TVs, a bigger bookcase, rugs that better fit our spaces, new nightstands that matched the height of the bed, different pieces of art, and all of the smaller things like decor accents, towels, organizational systems, etc.

Wowza! 🥵 Now that we’ve had some time to recover from all of those, we’re ready to cross the next big item off of our list… A beautiful cabinet for our living room!

Living Room Mockups

I’m constantly creating room mockups in Photoshop… I’m such a visual person and I need to see things in the space before hitting purchase. It’s kind of like when you think an outfit will look good in your head, but then you get it on and it’s all wrong?? You might like a piece of furniture, and it may even match your decor, but it just might not fit the space once you measure or it just feels off in the room.

Modern Living Room Decor: Four Hands Tolle Cabinet Matte Black Oak

Tolle Cabinet by Four Hands

I feel like our living room is very angular… A sectional with square lines, rectangular side tables, a rectangular coffee table and media console, square windows, etc. Most hutches and curio cabinets I found were flat on the top, but I felt very strongly that we needed an arched cabinet to soften up all of the sharp angles.

And then there’s the height… We have 11 ft ceilings and everything looks tiny in our house. (The TV you’re looking at in these photos is 65 inches, which seems huge, but it looks pretty normally sized on the main wall in our living room.) So I knew we needed a cabinet that could hold it’s own in that corner. The Tolle Cabinet is one of the tallest cabinets I could find… It’s seven feet tall (84″).

Modern Living Room Decor: Four Hands Tolle Cabinet Solid Black Oak Panel Doors

Tolle Panel Door Cabinet in Drifted Matte Black

I was grappling with the glass door vs the oak panel door for weeks. Had I just ordered the Tolle Cabinet with the glass door back in September when we originally discussed it, I wouldn’t have had this debacle, as the Tolle Cabinet with solid oak panel doors is brand new.

But, of course, once I came around to loving the idea of having a totally covered storage cabinet (you can read more about that here), that cabinet is now back-ordered everywhere until late June or July. After making Dave wait through my decision-making for the last seven or eight months, waiting another four seemed like a big ask.

Thus, we’re going with the in-stock option with matte black shelves and glass doors. (The first picture above!) I really love the warmth of the cabinet with oak shelves (pictured below), especially since it matches our Modern Teak TV Frame. But since we’ll be using it for storage, not just styling pretty things, I think the black shelves will look a bit cleaner with more objects on them.

Modern Living Room Decor: Four Hands Tolle Cabinet Glass Door with Oak Shelves

Tolle Cabinet with Drifted Oak Shelves

Styling a Glass Curio Cabinet

Besides displaying favorite books and decor pieces, we’ll need to find a way to store things stylishly. Since everything will be on display, I’ve been doing a lot of browsing for chic storage solutions that marry aesthetics and functionality.

Here are a few that I’ve bookmarked…

Black Wood + Natural Rattan Storage Boxes

Mother of Pearl Striped Hinged Box Set

Brass Metal Boxes

Black Rattan Lidded Boxes

Decorative Gold Storage Box

I’ll probably take the same design direction as the rest of the room… Lots of tonal textures!

I was talking about the cabinet with a girlfriend the other day and she asked what I needed to store in it. I technically don’t need to store anything inside, as everything currently has a home. BUT I think our kitchen storage will flow a lot better when a few things are out of the way. Namely, a lot of our glassware and most of our liquor. I’m planning to store those in said cabinet, and maybe even some extra wine, too. (Not to mention, our closets in this condo are pretty limited, so any extra storage space is always welcomed.)

Barn Door Living Room Divider

The Layout of the Space

Dave’s office is right off of our living room, just to the left of the sliding barn door you can see in some of the photos here. Save for replacing the current lighting, his office is pretty much done! As soon as we get his new fixture installed, I’ll share a lot more photos of the space.

My dream is to replace the barn door with black iron/steel and glass doors that mimic our large windows, but who knows if that will ever happen while we live here. The space is technically our third bedroom, but from the original listing and photos I’ve found, it seems like the developers thought of the space as more of a dining room since it’s off the living room and kitchen. We have to use the space as an office, but thinking of the resale value, no matter if it’s an office or a dining room, I think the black glass doors would be more sought after.

Where to Shop the Tolle Cabinet

France & Son | McGee & Co | Scout & Nimble | Gracious Style | Pottery Barn | Layla Grace

I’ve linked all of the reputable retailers where I’ve found the Four Hands Tolle Cabinet! You never know who will be doing a sale, offering free shipping, etc.

Tolle Cabinet Dupes

The Four Hands cabinet is made from steel, solid oak, and antique brass handles. (Not to mention the beautifully shaped cabinetry with the arched top!) As a result, it’s quite pricey! If you can sacrifice some inches in height, there are a number of similar cabinets that are a bit more affordable.

Here are a few that I found…

$660: Valju Dining Cabinet

$850: Lenston Cabinet

$1699: Mason Storage Cabinet

$1700: Albany Bookcase

$2000: Allie Cabinet

$2700: Fern Storage Cabinet

I can’t wait to finish this space (for now! 😅) and share more photos and videos with you! Stay tuned for the afters. xx

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