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It’s not every day I find a drugstore beauty product I love, so I’m extra excited to share this new line of Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners with you! I’ve been using the new bio:renew collections exclusively for the last month or so and I can truly say that my hair feels totally different. I’ve always been one that plays with my hair — bad habit, I know — but I’ve caught myself doing it even more than usual because it’s so. dang. soft! I’ve always struggled with super dry hair (thanks to coloring and heat styling) and I swear I’ve tried every hydrating mask on the market. But before I get into that, let’s back up… What is bio:renew? Herbal Essences just launched a brand new line consisting of nine different bio:renew collections, each targeting a different hair type and need to leave you with healthy and gorgeous hair.

Bows & Sequins Blonde Hair

We all know Herbal Essences for the intoxicating scents that elevate your shower experience, but each shampoo and conditioner in the new collection also contains bio:renew, a revolutionary technology made up of a blend of natural ingredients to revive dull, lifeless hair with every wash. I’m all about the science behind beauty so I found this bit to be super fascinating… The core ingredient in bio:renew is the antioxidant called Histidine. Similar to how super-foods work in your body, bio:renew purifies and protects hair from the inside out. It traps, neutralizes, and removes the build-up of free radicals that distress your hair. Think, everyday factors like pollution, coloring, sun exposure, and even water! Cool, right? Each formula is free of parabens and colorings, so you’re getting a premium product at the most-accessible of price points.

Bows & Sequins Beauty Review: Herbal Essences bio:renew Hydrating Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the Hydrating Coconut Milk collection might be my top pick. The scent makes me think of a tropical paradise, and my hair has never felt so soft and silky for days after washing. I love how it’s not a quick fix, like most other products I’ve tried. The Passion Flower & Rice Milk is another favorite… I even packed it to take to Cabo last week! It’s one of those where you’ll catch yourself smelling your own hair the rest of the day… Consider yourself warned. And the scent of the Arabica Coffee Fruit collection… OMG. You just have to try it! Intoxicating is the first word that comes to mind…

Bows & Sequins Beauty Review: New Herbal Essences bio:renew Shampoo & Conditioner

Bows & Sequins Beauty Review: Herbal Essences bio:renew Naked Moisture Rosemary & Herb Shampoo & Conditioner

The Naked Moisture Rosemary & Herb is great, too! For this time of year when my hair has been through the ringer with winter weather, I need the heavier formulas like Coconut Milk and Passion Flower & Rice Milk. But when spring and summer finally roll around and my hair is more prone to feeling oily at the roots, I think I’ll be reaching for the Naked Moisture collection instead.

Bows & Sequins Beauty Review: Herbal Essences bio:renew Passion Flower & Rice Milk Shampoo & Conditioner

Bows & Sequins Beauty Review: Herbal Essences bio:renew Arabica Coffee Fruit Shampoo & Conditioner

Bows & Sequins Hair

You’ll definitely have to let me know if you pick up one of the new Herbal Essences bio:renew collections! I can’t wait to hear how much you love it.

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  1. 2.24.17

    Wow glad that they are paraben free, will totally try because I love their scents.

    • 6.6.17
      Jessica said:

      The BEST scents, hands down! Cant’ wait to hear what you think about the new bio:renew line.

  2. 2.25.17
    Daisy said:

    Ooooooh these look awesome! I can’t wait to try them out!!!

    • 6.6.17
      Jessica said:

      Keep me posted! xx

  3. 2.28.17
    Mary Kate said:

    I struggle with super dry hair from heat and bleach, so I’ll for sure give this a try!

    • 6.6.17
      Jessica said:

      Same here! Can’t wait to hear what you think.

    • 3.11.20
      Lanie said:

      Hi have you tried their white strawberry and mint scent? Does it feel the sane on your hair.Does the scent last long.Can you recommend a variant for humid weather.also I am 55 now with gray hair.Thank you

      • 3.12.20
        Jessica said:

        I haven’t!

  4. 3.14.17
    Lauren Wagner said:

    Do you have any suggestions for good salons in NYC for blondes? I moved here recently and am looking for a place to get my highlights done! Thanks!

    • 3.14.17
      Jessica said:

      Amber at Arrojo!

  5. 5.28.17
    Patricia Koszitzki said:

    I want the Tea-Lightfully shampoo back on the market here in San Diego, California. It was the best shampoo ever and I also used the Long Hair Pomegrante Conditioner along with it and they were both discontinued….WHY? These two products were sold off the shelve quickly. Please make these again.

  6. 6.5.17
    Erick Regalado said:

    This sounds wonderful.
    I myself would give it a try.
    Do you know what can I use for hair loss?

    • 6.6.17
      Jessica said:

      I don’t, sorry!

      • 6.20.17
        DottieG said:

        Have you had your thyroid levels checked?

  7. 6.17.17
    Susan said:

    Is it safe for color treated hair? Does it contain sulfate which dull color?

  8. 6.24.17
    Katherine Turpen said:

    These leave a nasty film on my hair and make it feel really gross in less than 24 hours. So made herbal essences discontinued my shampoo and conditioner for this crap.

  9. 6.26.17
    Brenda said:

    Can’t wait to try it…

  10. 4.1.19
    Richa said:

    Looks so good and been hearing good reviews uniformly, will try them for sure 🙂