Well guys, life is a funny thing. On Thursday, I was writing kind of an emotional post (I left it in tact below so you could get the full gist.) about missing home this weekend and I did one of the most fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants things I’ve done in a long time.. maybe ever. My post was all about how sad I was that I was missing a big football game back at home and I literally just got on and booked a flight home for the next morning. Like, 12 hours later. I was writing the following post at the end of the day on Thursday when I got the wild hair up my ass to just fly home on Friday to be a part of the things I was missing out on. Yes, I leave for Paris in five days. Yes, this was my weekend to get shit done before my trip. And yes, my flight was preettyyy expensive. But screw it, ya know? When else in my life will I be able to just pick up and go on a whim? Might as well embrace it!

The best part? I totally surprised my parents. I let my brother in on the secret because I needed a ride from the airport. But other than that, it was a total surprise. There were a few points where I almost blew it, but it somehow worked out!

5:05pm – Writing Saturday’s blog post. Texting best friend about how I was sad I wasn’t going to be there. Start kind of browsing flights. Wait, this could maybe work..

5:30pm – Call my boss. He’s cool with it. (Side note: he’s seriously the best.)

5:45pm – Book flight.

6:05pm – Head home to start packing suitcase.

6:10pm – Mom calls me. WTF. I immediately freak out and think that she knows, but I try to keep it cool on the phone. Kept it cool. Stressed how busy of a weekend I had in New York. Time to say goodbye before I blow this — “See you.. What? Sorry, that my super.” GET IT TOGETHER, JESSICA. I literally almost said, “See you tomorrow!” to my mom on the phone. Fail. Crisis averted. I vow to not talk to any of my family members again until I see them.

7:30pm – Soul Cycle. Desperately need to work out all of this exhilarating anxiety.

9:00pm – Dinner with Hallie, Ashley, & Bianca. PASS THE VINO.

4:00am – Wake Up. Maybe I should have had one less glass of wine. Holy headache.

5:00am – Alright, alright. I’m up for real. Good thing I set 15 alarms.

5:30am – Leave for airport. Doze off in cab, natch.

7:00am – Flight to Chicago.

7:30am – Just kidding. Flight is delayed due to air traffic control in Chicago. You are the worst, O’hare.

8:30am – Finally, it was wheels up. Seated in the very last row (no reclining for me), seated next to a kid with a chili bowl who loves to sing, and the TV at my seat doesn’t work. Oh, and there isn’t WiFi on my flight. It’s almost 2015.. How the heck does a plane not have WiFi?! Guess I’ll just sing along with the kid next to me.

10:00am – Layover. (I would do anything for there to be a direct flight from New York to Springfield, IL. Anything.)

11:00am – Flight to Springfield. Oh, wait. It’s delayed, too.

12:00pm – Brother was supposed to pick me up from the airport before he went to class, but now that’s not happening. Flight takes off at 12.

1:00pm — Finally get to Springfield. Cab to my brother’s school to get his car. And off to surprise my parents at their office! 🙂

orange and blue outfit tailgating

A Saturday in the fall can really only mean one thing… College Football. And today, especially, I am really missing being back in Illinois.

I’ve talked about my love for Illini football many times before (read this post if you’re new around here), but the game this weekend is super close to home. (Both literally and figuratively!) My best friend from high school’s ‘little’ brother play football and Purdue (#10) and her family always has a big tailgate for the Illinois-Purdue game. Not to mention, both the quarterback at Illinois (#12) and my friend’s brother were both QBs at my very small high school. And each of the boys were in the same grade as and good friends with my brothers growing up! Basically what I’m trying to say is that it’s a big friggen Rochester High School reunion in Champaign, Illinois this weekend and I’m missing out. (If you’re not already bored with my sports chatter, read this article about the matchup for a little insight into my little hometown in Illinois. 😉 ) With Paris being a short five days away, I knew I would have probably gone crazy had I planned a weekend trip just a few days before we left.

Needless to say, I’m rocking all orange and blue today in spirit and watching (and probably crying…) from my couch. Hope you have a great weekend! And Go Illini! 😉

orange and blue raybans

tailgating outfit

navy white striped sweatshirt boyfriend jeans converse sneakers orange leather quilted backpack

vera bradley backpack

orange and blue outfit

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  1. 10.4.14
    Maggie said:

    Super happy you were able to make it home for the weekend!

  2. 10.4.14
    Radha said:

    Hope you are having fun! I’ll bet your family was happy to see you. Loving your blog! XO

  3. 10.4.14
    Natali said:

    Such a beautiful, fun and exciting post! Well done girl, sometimes we should just live more, calculate less and just do things, esp. if they mean seeing your family and seeing/ doing things that we miss.

  4. 10.4.14
    Bets said:

    Love this post. We should all take note and not allow life to get in the way of missing the best moments.

  5. 10.4.14
    Heidi said:

    So awesome that you just did it! You only live once:)

    Heidi D.

  6. 10.4.14
    Monica said:

    Cool outfit! Love this necklace and striped top!:)

    Happy weekend!

  7. 10.4.14
    Alaina Shea said:

    So exciting that you were able to make it back! I’m from Illinois as well, and while it can be dull and awful, there’s no place like home!

  8. 10.4.14
    Sarah said:

    That’s so great that everything worked out for you! Your outfit is the perfect example of Sporty-glam!

  9. 10.4.14

    YOLO. haha. You make me want to be super spontaneous!

  10. 10.5.14
    Jeanne said:

    Stunning backpack!

  11. 10.5.14

    What a cute outfit!!

  12. 10.5.14

    I’m home from school this weekend because both my dad and grandpa celebrated big birthdays. Weekends at home are so needed, but it makes me miss family even more! Glad you could go home for the weekend, and I wish you the best of luck getting ready for your trip to Paris!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  13. 10.5.14

    Going home is always worth the hassle when you consider the opportunity to create lasting memories with loved ones 🙂

  14. 10.5.14
    Emily said:

    Illini pride 🙂 I went there too I think we’re the same year (graduated 2011). Love your blog & I totally understand being homesick for champaign, my younger brother is a senior there.

  15. 10.5.14

    Wow i love this look! so simple but so adorable! you rock it! please check out my blog if you get a chance! you are my fashion role model!!

  16. 10.5.14
    Lily said:

    Cool story, it’s good to just do whatever you want and not think too much about it.
    Btw, great outfit! love those Converse!

  17. 10.6.14
    Kayla said:

    That’s so great that your boss let you take a trip such short notice! Glad you were able to take some time for yourself and your family!

  18. 10.6.14
    IRENE said:

    love situations like that! what a scedule!hope you enjoyed it!


  19. 10.6.14

    Fall means one thing: FOOTBALL SEASON!!! Love your spontaneous little trip…sometimes you just need to be home with your family/friends and enjoy a game day outside!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  20. 10.6.14

    How fun! I hope you had an amazing trip home!

  21. 10.6.14
    Melissa said:

    Such a cute look Jess! Love the red backpack

  22. 10.6.14

    This made me tear up! I did this last fall and went home last minute to see friends in Alabama. Best decision ever. I hope you enjoyed your weekend and I totally get the emotion and love behind football! Let’s talk sports next time we catch up. XO

  23. 10.6.14

    I spent the weekend at home about two weeks ago and it was just what I needed!!! I was feeling totally homesick and decided to hit the road. So glad that you got to do that! Enjoy your week!!

  24. 10.7.14
    Stacey said:

    Love your outfit and it’s so sweet your surprised your parents!


    Five Minute Style 

  25. 10.7.14

    Hahaha I love this post!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  26. 10.7.14

    Whoa! I have been reading your blog for forever and I never realized that you were an Illini fan, let alone from Springfield! I must’ve missed a couple posts here and there! I live about 40 mins from there and am also a HUGE Illini fan/alum! My birthday was Saturday and usually lands on a home football game so we always throw a big Illini Birthday Tailgate! That’s so fun that you were there and were able to get home and celebrate the way us Illini fans know how to do! 😉


    xoxo, Hillary

  27. 10.7.14

    Haha i love your excerpt about going home and your thought process! you are hilarious!
    Great post! thanks for sharing!

  28. 10.7.14
    Laura said:

    As a fellow college football devotee and someone who live far away from school and family, so happy for you that you did this. Hope it was a great time and trust me – eventually you will catch up on the sleep. Xoxoxo

  29. 10.8.14
    Dr Dad said:

    Was G-R-E-A-T to get to see you this weekend Thanx for the surprise!! Sorry the ILLINI suck so badly !! Glad you had a great time and got to see a few people. Bad day for the Rockets- ACL and a broken leg- B1G CFB can be brutal. Maybe the roundballers will fare better on the NYC trip !! Have fun in Paris. Adios.

  30. 2.9.17
    nicole said:

    Do you know of anywhere I can find that backpack in the orange still?