Converse x Missoni

Did you hear the news? Converse launched a line of sneakers with Missoni and there’s no shortage of zig zag goodness.

Here are my three favorite pairs. (one/two/three) Which pair do you like best? You can find them all here!

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  1. 8.12.14
    Chris said:

    Come on! How about a little zig-zag love for us guys?

    But for you, Jess… I say close your eyes and pick, because you can’t go wrong!

  2. 8.12.14
    Heidi said:

    Wow! Love these! Not like I need another pair of shoes but….

    Heidi D.

  3. 8.12.14
    Sarah said:

    These are so cute! I like the black and white ones the best.

    Sweet Spontaneity

  4. 8.12.14

    How cute!! I might have to go check them out!

  5. 8.12.14

    I love the pair in the picture!

    Liz @
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  6. 8.12.14
    Hannah said:

    The first is definitely my favorite! Love it!

  7. 8.12.14
    Katherine said:

    I’m not a fan of converse, but I love misssoni prints. Hmm, decisions, decisions.


    • 8.12.14
      Jessica Sturdy said:

      It’s funny because Converse aren’t my typical look, but I absolutely love them! I like how they give a little bit of edge and definitely juxtaposition to my usual outfits. For first starting out, I would go with one of the lower rises, like the “Dainty” or “Shoreline.” Let me know if you decide to try them out!

  8. 8.13.14
    Ella said:

    Oh my gosh YES. I love the black and white design!