MDW Staycation

As I mentioned in my last post, my Memorial Day Weekend was spent in the city. A little staycation, if you will. Sometimes when you’re going, going, going all the time, it feels so nice (albeit rather foreign) to take a break and just be. While I had a rather lengthy to-do list this past weekend, I didn’t get down on myself for not completing every single task. I let myself sleep if I was tired. (Hello, 2-hour nap on Sunday afternoon!) I only set an alarm in the mornings to ensure that I made it on time to my workout classes. As my schedule gets crazier and crazier each month, I’m realizing how important it is to take care of myself. While skimping on sleep, overdosing on caffeine, and powering through may seem like the only way, I know it’s crucial for me to take a step back and just relax. And that’s exactly what I did this weekend!

I’m not really sure why, but Bryant Park is one of my favorite spots in the city. When I first visited New York in 2010, my parents and I stayed pretty close to Bryant Park and I remember wandering through the Holiday Shops and picturing myself living here. I stopped at a jewelry booth and was chatting with the saleswoman and she was surprised when I said I didn’t live here. She said I just had “that way about me.” I remember thinking that was the ultimate compliment! And here we are… With any park in the city, I am always so fascinated by how serene a few blocks of grass feels, even though they’re surrounded by the hustle and bustle of New York. It’s so nice to pop into a park and just chill out a little bit. Feeling grass beneath your bare feet? That’s definitely something us New Yorkers don’t experience everyday!

I just replaced my Sperry Top-Sider flip flops that I’d had since college! My last pair was all tan leather so I opted for this metallic leather pair this time around. Sperry is my favorite brand for flip flops because they last for-ev-er! Seriously, my last pair is still going strong and it’s been at least 4-5 years. They’re so comfortable, too! They might take a wear or 2 to break in, just as any other leather shoe does, but I swear they mold to your foot after and it’s amazing. As far as sizing goes, I’m always an 8.5 in Sperry boat shoes, but I always order a 9 in their sandals for the perfect fit.

J.Crew Chambray Shirt | Gap Shorts c/o | Sperry Top-Sider Sandals c/o Zappos | Gap Striped Tote c/o | Barton Perreira Sunglasses | Michael Kors Watch | Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish

Lydia Hudgens Photography

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  1. 5.27.14
    Kayla said:

    I did the exact same thing this weekend.. tried to relax and not worry so much about my to-do list.. and it felt great!! : )


  2. 5.27.14
    Zoe said:

    I totally agree with you! I think we should never forget to take care of ourselves and take breaks if we needed to. This park in New York is a metaphor. As you’ve said, here, you can relax amid the hustle and bustle of New York. I really liked this post! xx


  3. 5.27.14
    MeaganRD said:

    Love this post and love this outfit!

  4. 5.27.14
    Andrea said:

    Long weekends are best spent at home IMO! That’s the only time the city isn’t crowed and traffic is a dream! 🙂


  5. 5.27.14
    Natali said:

    Lovely and relaxed outfit! Bryant park is def. one of my favourite NYC spots as it has this incredible energy which always makes me miss it when I’m not in NYC.

  6. 5.27.14

    Great casual outfit! Your hair is so perfect by the way, love it!

    X Sara

  7. 5.27.14

    Bryant Park is always a stop for us when we visit the city. Glad that you had a relaxing weekend and took some time to unwind! Outfit is perfect for a low key weekend.
    Oh Buoy Boston

  8. 5.27.14
    Rachel said:

    Cute! Love this whole outfit!

  9. 5.27.14

    Love the hint of metallic!

    Liz @

  10. 5.27.14
    Jennifer said:

    Are these the shorts that got ruined in the monsoon?! So cute!

    xo, Jenn

    • 5.27.14
      Jessica Sturdy said:

      Yes!! So sad 🙁 Hoping the cleaners can work some magic!

  11. 5.27.14
    Cheri said:

    What do you have on your lips, they look pretty! 🙂

  12. 5.27.14
    Stacey said:

    I love a good chambray shirt paired with white!! That striped tote is adorable too!

    Five Minute Style 

  13. 5.27.14
    Courtney said:

    I love their boat shoes, have not ever tried their sandals! They’re very cute though!


  14. 5.27.14
    Shalini said:

    Love this!

  15. 5.27.14
    Sam said:

    Totally agree about needing to stay put and recharge sometimes. Love this outfit and hope you got the R&R you needed this weekend!


  16. 5.28.14
    Dana said:

    Can’t go wrong with a day in Bryant Park!

    Pink Champagne Problems