Badass Boots

These boots aren’t exactly adorned with glitter and bows, but I LOVE them. They just scream badass. (You’ll soon learn that I think I’m a total badass- I’m really not.) I want them in Stone AND Black. Shocking. (If I love something, I always buy it in multiple colors. Sue me.) $160 at Bloomingdales (Sorry, Nordstrom!!)

I had originally posted these boots on my Lust List (which I decided to do away with- I’m going to post my obsessions instead). I ended up getting this pair of show-stopping boots in Stone. I’ve worn them a couple times and I like them a lot. I decided to pair them with Jolt jeggings (via Nordstrom) and a floral top from Forever 21. This floral print isn’t too girly, especially with all of the black, so I think it balanced out the boots extremely well. The back of this top (Megan H and I were in a hurry to get to Firehaus and didn’t take very many photos) has an exposed zipper, which tones down the frilly-ness, too. I absolutely love the sheer three-quarter sleeves! I wore my stainless steel Coach watch, silver ring, and my Marc by Marc Jacobs black leather wristlet.  (Please excuse the pony-tail holder on my wrist.  I always forget when I have one on- bad habit.)

Also- if you are wondering, I do not live in a jail, my apartment complex just happens to resemble one. Every time my mom comes to my apartment she tells me that the atrium looks like a prison. I guess she’s kind of right.

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